Computer network lesson plan


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Computer network lesson plan

  1. 1. Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust (R) S J B INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY BGS Health & Education City, Kengeri, Bangalore – 60. DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING LESSON PLANAcademic Year 2010– 2011Semester VISection BSubject Code 06CS63Subject Title COMPUTER NETWORKS IIFaculty In-charge/Desgn./Dept. Sangamesh V Sajjan/ Lecturer / CSESubject objectives: Day Unit & Topic of Discussion Topic objectives UNIT I PACKET-SWITCHING NETWORKS – 1 Introduction about the Computer Day 1 Introduction networks concepts Network services and internal Day 2 Packet-Switching Networks network operations Day 3 Packet-Switching Networks packet network topology; Day 4 Structure of Switch/Router, Data grams and virtual circuits Connectionless Packet Switching, Virtual-Circuit Packet Switching Day 5 Routing Algorithm Classification, Routing Tables, Hierarchical Routing in packet networks Routing in packet networks Routing, Link State versus Distance Vector Routing Day 6 The Bellman-Ford Algorithm, Shortest-path routing Dijkstras Algorithm, Other Routing Approaches Day 7 ATM networks Basics of ATM Networks UNIT II PACKET-SWITCHING NETWORKS – 2, TCP / IP - 1 Day 8 Introduction Introduction to Traffic Management and control Day 9 Traffic management at the packet level FIFO and Priority Queues Day 10 Traffic management at the flow level; Fair Queuing Day 11 Open-Loop Control, Closed-Loop Traffic management at the flow-aggregate level. Control Day 12 The TCP / IP architecture Basic architecture of TCP/IP Day 13 IP Packet, IP Addressing, Subnet Addressing, IP Routing, Classless The Internet protocol Interdomain Routing (CIDR) Day 14 The Internet protocol Address Resolution, Reverse Address Resolution Fragmentation and Reassembly,
  2. 2. ICMP: Error and Control Messages UNIT III TCP / IP - 2Day 15 Header Format, Network IPv6 Addressing, Extension HeadersDay 16 User datagram protocol UDP FormatDay 17 TCP Reliable Stream Service, TCP Transmission control protocol Operation, TCP ProtocolDay 18 Routing Information Protocol, Open Shortest Path First, Border Gateway Internet routing protocols ProtocolDay 19 Reverse-Path Broadcasting, Internet Group Management Protocol, Multicast routing Reverse-Path Multicasting Distance-Vector Multicast Routing ProtocolDay 20 Dynamic Host Configuration DHCP, NAT, and Mobile IP Protocol, Mobile IPDay 21 Dynamic Host Configuration DHCP, NAT, and Mobile IP Protocol, Mobile IPDay 22 Solution to problems For varied ranges of problems UNIT - 4 ATM NETWORKSDay 23 Introduction Why ATM? BISDN reference modelDay 24 ATM Cell Header, Virtual ATM layer Connections, QoS Parameters, Traf®c DescriptorsDay 25 ATM Service Categories, Traf®c Contracts, Connection Admission ATM layer contd Control, and Traf®c ManagementDay 26 ATM adaptation layer; AAL1, AAL2, AAL3/4, AAL5Day 27 ATM Addressing, UNI Signaling, PNNI ATM signaling SignalingDay 28 PNNI routing PNNI routingDay 29 Introduction to how we can use the Classical IP over ATM IP over ATMDay 30 Different problems related to ATM Solution to problems Networks UNIT - 5 NETWORK MANAGEMENT, SECURITYDay 31 Network Management Overview Introduction to Network management principalsDay 32 Explanation about Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), SNMP Remote network monitoring.Day 33 A Basic structure of Management Structure of Management information; MIB informationDay 34 Applications of Cryptography to Security and cryptographic algorithms Security Key DistributionDay 35 Security protocols Application ScenariosDay 36 Cryptographic algorithms DES,RSA Algorithms
  3. 3. UNIT - 6 QoS, Resource Allocation, VPNs, Tunneling, Overlay Networks Day 37 Overview of QOS Basic overview of Quality of service Day 38 Traffic Shaping, Token-Bucket integrated services QoS Traffic Shaping, Admission Control Day 39 Differentiated services QoS Per-Hop Behavior (PHB) Day 40 Classification of Resource-Allocation Resource allocation.Virtual Private Networks Schemes, Fairness in Resource Allocation Day 41 Fundamentals of Labels, Label Stack, VC Merging Multiprotocol Label switching Label Distribution Protocol Day 42 Overlay networks. Classical IP Over ATM, LANE Day43 Solution to problems UNIT - 7 COMPRESSION OF DIGITAL VOICE AND VIDEO, VOIP, MULTIMEDIA NETWORKING Day 44 Introduction Overview of Data Compression Day 45 Signal Sampling, Quantization and Digital Voice and Compression Distortion, Optimal Quantizes Day 46 Still images and JPEG compression; Moving images and Raw-Image Sampling and DCT, MP3 MPEG compression; Limits of compression with loss; and Streaming Audio Day 47 Compression methods without loss; Case Study: FAX Run-Length Encoding, Fax Process compression for transmission. Algorithm a case study Day 48 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Overview of IP telephony; VoIP signaling protocols; Real- Content Distribution Networks Time media transport protocols (CDNs) Day 49 Providing QoS to Streaming, SCTP Distributed multimedia networking; SCTP. Packet Structure UNIT - 8 MOBILE AD-HOC NETWORKS, WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS: Day 51 Overview of wireless adhoc networks; Routing in Overview, Classification of Routing adhoc networks; Protocols Day 52 Destination-Sequenced Distance Vector (DSDV) Protocol, Cluster- Routing protocols for adhoc networks; security of Head Gateway Switch Routing adhoc networks. Protocol, Wireless Routing Protocol (WRP) Day 53 Sensor networks and protocol structures; Clustering in Sensor Networks, Communication energy model; Clustering protocols; Protocol Stack Day 54 outing protocols; Zigbee technology and IEEE Intracluster Routing Protocols, 802.15.4 Intercluster Routing ProtocolsFaculty in Charge HOD[sangamesh.v.sajjan]
  4. 4. Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust (R) S J B INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY BGS Health & Education City, Kengeri, Bangalore – 60. DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE& ENGINEERING LESSON PLAN - BibliographyAcademic Year 2010– 2011Semester VISection BSubject Code 06C64Subject Title COMPUTER NETWORK IIFaculty In-charge/Desgn./Dept. SANGAMESH V SAJJAN / Lecturer / CSESl. Name of Book Author Name PublicationNo. Communication Networks – Alberto Leon-Garcia and 2nd Edition, Tata McGraw- 1 Prescribed Books Fundamental Concepts Indra Widjaja Hill, 2004. and Key architectures Computer and 2 Communication Nader F. Mir Pearson Education, 2007. Networks 1 Data Communications 4th Edition, Tata McGraw- Behrouz A. Forouzan 2 and Networking Hill, 2006. Data and Computer 8th Edition, Pearson William Stallings Communication Education, 2007. Reference Books 3 Introduction to Data Communications and Wayne Tomasi earson Education, 2005. Networking Faculty in Charge HOD[sangamesh.v.sajjan]