Fiber Composite Solutions


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Fiber Composites for High Specs Light weight parts

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Fiber Composite Solutions

  2. 2. PROCESSES FIBER COMPOSITE SOLUTIONS Material properties Part and process specifications Cost PORTFOLIO factors pe nt/ ure g y ns ity/ sin etr em sista rat ion me ex abil es om el tin e re roc olu lev l st ty /Ge pa ali nv ab ld p y at erm na era ur on ilit ity gt qu orm Op erat tio Th sio ati y sab lex cap mo al ilit PROCESSES ONE PARTNER – MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS ce uc tom en e/F mp mp st- rfa es od Dim Str Siz Po Au Co Su Pr TeProcesses IM-SGF Injection molding, Page 6 WHATEVER YOUR CHALLENGE, PROCESS EXPERTISE AND ENGINEERING short fiber reinforcement WE HAVE A SOLUTION KNOW-HOW Four main factors determine the properties of a Our wide experience is at your service throughout molded part. They also limit the manufacturing your product development project – from the first IM-LGF Injection molding, Page 6 processes that can be used: idea through prototyping to mass production. long fiber reinforcement – Reinforcing fibers, type and length This close cooperation and harmonizing of pro- – Plastic matrix duct and process is a guarantee of successful – Part geometry outcomes. IMC – Production volume Injection Molding Page 8 Compounder Our engineers have unique know-how across all MANUFACTURING EXPERTISE aspects of plastics processing. We supply not IN FIBER COMPOSITES only machinery and processes, but also molds FiberForm KraussMaffei has worked for many years on pro- and tooling, as well as systems for post-mold Shaping and encapsulating Page 10 organic sheet cesses for manufacturing parts made of fiber-re- processing and product testing. With this wide inforced plastic (FRP). The new processes evolved product and service portfolio, KraussMaffei is from traditional injection molding or polyurethane your ideal partner for your entire development Polyset BMC/SMC (PU) molding. Today our process portfolio ranges and implementation process. Injection molding Page 12 from injection molding resin with short glassfiber polyester BMC/SMC reinforcement to high-strength, lightweight parts CHECK OUT WHAT KRAUSSMAFFEI with a complex fabric structure in a reactive matrix. CAN OFFER YOU! R-RIM Paging through this brochure will give you some Reinforced Reaction Page 14 We set the highest priority on manufacturing pro- idea of the scope of our machinery, processes Injection Molding cesses that are automation-capable. and services. Consult us about your next project; it’s a challenge we will welcome! And you can be FCS sure of our support from start to finish. Fiber Composite Page 16 Spraying LFI Long Fiber Page 18 Injection SCS Structural Component Page 20 Spraying HP-RTM High-Pressure Resin Page 22 Transfer MoldingOptions CellForm (MuCellTM) Page 24 IMP In Mold Page 25 Painting Excellent very good Good
  3. 3. PORTFOLIO MACHINE OvERvIEWPORTFOLIOONE EXPERT PARTNER FOR YOURENTIRE VALUE-ADDING PROJECT MACHINE OVERVIEW Twin-screw extruders, Processors compounding their own formulations have a choice of two extruder series, each with 13 output categories The ZE-UTX/UT series screws and barrels of the two ZE series (ZE-A and ZE-R) have been engineered with identical axis distances for full inter- Twin-screw extruders, ZE-UTX/UT series Whatever you aim to achieve in plastics or changeability to simplify upgrading for new production tasks. Modular engineering means that the screws can be configured Compounding rubber processing, KraussMaffei is your and reconfigured to process different formulations on one and the same extruder. partner. We are the only company with All-electric injection Our AX series covers a broad product spectrum and application range. The AX series gives you flexibility, stable processes intensive expertise across the three main All-electric injection molding machines molding machines (50 to and the assurance of low unit manufacturing costs. engineering fields. And we have a strong 350 t), AX series (50 to 350 t), AX series track record in integrating this expertise to Injection molding develop new processes and systems. All-electric injection EX machines have been engineered uncompromisingly on the principle of direct transfer of force. The Z-toggle clamp and All-electric injection molding machines READY FOR ANY CHALLENGE molding machines (50 to the direct-drive injection unit exemplify the strengths of all EX machines – outstanding precision, ultra-fast responses and 240 t), EX series absolute cleanliness. The high-performance, high-precision EX machines turn in the fastest dry cycle times in the industry. (50 to 240 t), EX series KraussMaffei’s Injection Molding Machi- Injection molding nery Division engineers and supplies sys- tems, including automation solutions, for CX modular platform The CX series of hydraulic injection molding machines feature a 2-platen clamp design. The ultimate in modular engineering, The CX modular platform – hydraulic standard applications and for almost all - hydraulic and hybrid in- the CX series offers over 100 clamp/injection unit combinations and over 500 options, making it possible to configure efficient, jection molding machines application-specific, high-performance machines. CX machines are the perfect starting point for today’s technology variants – from and hybrid (35 to 650 t) processing variants. Our main markets - 35 to 650 t processing thermosets to multicomponent molding to foam processes. Injection molding are in the automotive, packaging, electri- cal, electronics, medical technology and Big, all-hydraulic injection MX machines are engineered to deliver sustained performance under demanding conditions. For all their size, they are Big, all-hydraulic injection molding machines consumer goods industries. molding machines (850 to compact, high-performance production systems, featuring fast responses, fast cycles and high productivity. versatile and 4000 t), MX series modular, they offer a wide range of solutions, especially for large-format parts. (850 to 4000 t), MX series Injection molding In reaction process machinery, we engi- neer and supply machines and systems LRX and IR series of We offer machine-specific automation solutions using LRX or IR series robots for all our machine ranges. Robots are supplied with for processing polyurethanes and other LRX and IR series of linear and industri- linear and industrial fully integrated or stand-alone control systems. Integrating standard components, such as conveyor belts and safety gating, we are in al robots reactive materials. Tooling Technologies robots a position to supply cost-competitive, CE-compliant manufacturing cells with very short order lead times. Our product portfolio also includes specialties, such as tandem robots for linear robot applications or a 7th axis for industrial robots. Production automation supplies a complete range of molds and tooling, cutters and routers. Our cus- Global players – the The RimStar MiniDos, Compact and Modular series offer optimal mixing and metering solutions for every type of PU proces- tomer base is wide, with a focus on the RimStar series sing. Modular engineering and flexible machine configurations mean that RimStar covers the whole spectrum of PU proces- Global players – the RimStar series automotive, construction and the white ses. The RimStar Thermo version is engineered to process epoxy resins and serve as a metering unit for RTM processes. Polyurethane processing – wet side appliances industries. Metering filled multiple- Comet is a range of piston metering machines engineered to meter PU components with abrasive fillers, such as glass fibers The Extrusion Division supplies machine- Metering filled multiple-component reactive component reactive or wollastonite. The machines have metering pistons instead of pumps. The abrasive fillers can be added to both the polyol ry and systems for compounding, and for systems with the Comet and the isocyanate component. systems with the Comet series pipe, profile, film and sheet extrusion, for series Polyurethane processing – wet side physical foaming, and for the production High-pressure mixing The mixing head is the heart of a polyurethane processing system. High shot rates, good product quality and highest produc- of technical rubber products and inter- heads for all PU proces- tivity are a direct outcome of our many decades of experience and our commitment to continuous improvement of the whole High-pressure mixing heads for mediates for tire production. Products sing applications range of KraussMaffei mixing heads. Our mixing head portfolio ranges from linear mixing heads to multicolor, transfer and all PU processing applications from the company’s range – from single filler mixing heads. extruders to complete extrusion lines – are used in industries as diverse as che- Mold carriers – from Based on standardized modules, KraussMaffei supplies mold carriers with optimal mold closing for almost any application. standard to special A range of drive and closing concepts deliver the optimal combination of dynamics and efficiency. In addition to a choice of Mold carriers – from standard to special micals and automotive, pharmaceuticals, standard formats, KraussMaffei is also a successful project partner for complex custom solutions. Polyurethane processing – dry side construction, furniture and packaging. Expertise in foam, RIM, KraussMaffei supplies molds and tooling for all processes, including casting, foaming and back foaming. Each molds is a Expertise in foam, RIM, CCM, LFI and CCM, LFI and special custom design, application-specific and optimized for the specific production process. We supply steel, aluminum and resin molds molds, together with post processing equipment, such as milling machines and punches. special molds Routers and punches Complete downstream Our complete portfolio of PU processing machinery includes fully- and semi-automated processing cells for trimming, Complete downstream and system solutions and system solutions punching and routing PU moldings. Our profound, wide-ranging expertise in tooling enables us to supply complete manufac- turing lines engineered for fast processing, reduced waste and optimized swarf removal. Routing and punching systems including tooling
  4. 4. 2 FIBER COMPOSITE SOLUTIONS CONTENTS 3 CORE COMPETENCE MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS FOR LIGHTWEIGHT FIBER COMPOSITES – OUR CORE COMPETENCE CONTENTS PAGE In many sectors, such as automotive and PROCESSES IN OVERVIEW ��������������������������������������������������� Front cover commercial vehicle manufacturing, compo- APPLICATIONS ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4 nent specifications have escalated in recent INJECTION MOLDING WITH SHORT- OR LONG-FIBER-REINFORCED PELLETS ������������������������������������������� 6 years. Typical demands are for higher me- IMC – INJECTION MOLDING COMPOuNDER ��������������������������������������� 8 chanical strength and lighter weight. FIBERFORM – THERMOFORMING ORGANIC SHEET PLuS INJECTION MOLDING �������������������������������������������������� 10 We have the machine portfolio, the wide POLYSET – INJECTION MOLDING POLYESTER MOLDING COMPOuNDS ������������������������������������������������������������������� 12 process know-how and the inherent grasp of R-RIM – REINFORCED REACTION INJECTION MOLDING ������������������ 14 potential along the value-adding chain which FCS – FIBER COMPOSITE SPRAYING ������������������������������������������������ 16 enable us to supply efficient, highly automated, LFI – LONG FIBER INJECTION MOLDING multiprocess solutions for manufacturing fiber WITH REACTIVE Pu �������������������������������������������������������������������������� 18 composite parts. SCS – STRuCTuRAL COMPONENT SPRAYING WITH REACTIVE Pu �������������������������������������������������������������������������� 20 HP-RTM – HIGH-PRESSuRE You’ll find that KraussMaffei is, in fact, uniquely RESIN TRANSFER MOLDING ������������������������������������������������������������ 22 positioned to deliver the very best match CELLFORM (MuCELL TM) ��������������������������������������������������������������������� 24 between manufacturing technology and your IMP – IN MOLD PAINTING ����������������������������������������������������������������� 25 part specifications and target volumes. We are CONSuLTING – TESTING – IMPLEMENTATION ��������������������������������� 26 your expert partners at all times – from your TECHCENTER FOR INJECTION AND REACTION MOLDING ��������������� 27 product idea through to a successful manufac- Pu TOOLING TECHNOLOGIES ����������������������������������������������������������� 28 turing solution. DEVELOPMENT SuPPORT ���������������������������������������������������������������� 29 SERVICE WORLDWIDE ��������������������������������������������������������������������� 30 MACHINE OVERVIEW ����������������������������������������������������������� Back cover
  5. 5. 4 FIBER COMPOSITE SOLUTIONS APPLICATIONS MOBILITY, ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT, LIGHTWEIGHT – WITH PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS FROM KRAUSSMAFFEI AVIATION IM-S GF Fib er Fo rm LF I HP -R TM SPORTS GF IM-S F -LG SHIP BUILDING RAIL TRANSPORT IM m r GF Fo IM-S er TM IMC b Fi rm FC S -R Fibe HP lFo rFo I LF rm Cel M Po lys -RT SC et BM CAR MAKING HP S C/S MC IM-SGF HP WIND POWER GF -R IM-L TM FCS IMC rm M Fo -RT er C HP Fib SM C/ M BM RI I LF et R- S lys SC RTM Po CellForm AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY HP- IM-SGF GF IM-L IMC COMMERCIAL VEHICLES r m Fo IM-SGF er C Fib SM C/ IM-L M GF BM RI S t IMC R- FC se LFI ly SCS Fib HP-RTM CellForm Po er Po Fo lys rm et R- BM RI FC C/ M SM LF S SCS C HP-RT CellForm I M MANY USES FOR FIBER COMPOSITES ENDLESS POTENTIAL BREAKTHROUGH WITH AUTOMATED PROCESSES Components made of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) play The length and orientation of the reinforcing fibers to- Producing successful products on an industrial scale ment industrial-scale production solutions for fiber composite an essential role in many aspects of modern life. Fiber gether with the chosen resin matrix are responsible for the demands more than just good product properties� The keys products� We supply automated solutions which take account composites are a fast-growing field because they offer an property profile of the finished part. We offer a wide range to success are automated and repeatable manufacturing not only of product quality but also production volumes� This unsurpassed mix of benefits, chief among them are high of engineering solutions and processes to manufacture fi- processes� With our intensive know-how in machinery, meets the basic requirement for the growing use of FRP in mechanical strength and very low weight. ber composite parts, the final choice will depend on factors processes and tooling for reaction processes and injection volume models in the automotive industry� such as part size and specifications. molding, KraussMaffei has the tools to engineer and imple-
  6. 6. 6 FIBER COMPOSITE SOLuTIONS PROCESSES INJECTION MOLDING SHORT- AND LONGFIBER-REINFORCED THERMOPLASTICS 7 INJECTION MOLDING SHORT- AND LONGFIBER-REINFORCED THERMOPLASTICS A NEW APPROACH TO A FAMILIAR, STANDARD PROCESS INJECTION MOLDING WITH SHORT-FIBER IMPACT-RESISTANT COMPONENTS WITH LFT PROCESSES INJECTION MOLDING SHORT- AND LONGFIBER-REINFORCED THERMOPLASTICSIM-SGF ZE uTX REINFORCEMENT (IM-SGF) Adding short glass fibers to a resin matrix produces parts Thermoplastics are often reinforced with short fibers, usu- with high rigidity, strong enough to take higher loads� The Description Many thermoplastics can be reinforced with short glassfibers� The ready-compounded pel- ally glass fibers, to increase the stiffness and strength of same result can be achieved by adding longer fibers, but lets normally have a fiber content of 15 to 50 percent by weight� They are processed in stan- the molded part� The ready-compounded pellets normally because fewer fibers are needed the parts are lighter� LFT dard injection molding machines where the plasticizing unit has additional wear protection� AX seriesIM-LGF have a fiber content of 15 to 50 percent by weight� Materials with higher fiber content is typically used for non-visible By contrast, LFT with fiber/pellet lengths of 12-25 mm needs to be processed in machines used in series production of technical parts often have a semi-structural components, such as frontends and instru- with specially adapted screw geometries and usually also with an injection compounding fiber content of 60 percent and more� ment panels carriers� These components need high impact process that avoids damaging the long fibers� resistance in order to function despite impacts and vibra- EX seriesIMC The highly abrasive ends of the glass fibers stick out of the tions� LFT components inevitably have less oriented fibers, half-melted pellets and aggravate the wear on the plasti- because the long fibers tend to block each other� Features 1� Fully-automated standard injection molding machine, slightly modified cizing unit� KraussMaffei plasticizing units have a level of 2� Familiar processing method CX modular platform wear protection to match the application� This ensures that MULTIDISCIPLINARY KNOW-HOW FOR 3� Wide choice of materials from many different suppliersFiberForm process parameters remain constant over a longer service life� FIBER-REINFORCED PELLETS Pluspoints 1� Short cycle times and fully automated large-volume production We link up our know-how in material preparation and 2� Improved mechanical properties and high stiffness compared PROCESSING LONG-FIBER-REINFORCED PELLETS compounding plastics with our many years’ experience with unfilled resinsPolyset BMC/SMC (IM-LGF) in injection molding to deliver highly productive complete 3� Can be combined with almost any other injection molding variant MX series The use of thermoplastic pellets reinforced with long fibers solutions� To supply customers with solutions for the whole results in a significant improvement in the mechanical process chain we apply our extensive knowledge of pro- Typical applications Seat shells, instrument panel carriers, door modules, technical under-hood parts properties of the parts� The fiber length is matched to the cesses and applications and advanced engineering skills� Typical annual volumes 300,000 to 600,000 items length of the pellets, ie, it is 12 or 25 mm long� LFT pellets KraussMaffei solutions are the best possible match for cus- LRX/IR seriesR-RIM cost much more to manufacture than short-fiber pellets, tomers’ production requirements and for the formulations so it’s important that their length advantage and better they plan to process� Our colleagues in the extrusion divi- reinforcing performance are not destroyed by over-vigorous sion are experts in machinery for compounding resin with processing� reinforcing material and fillers, such as glassfiber, talcum, RimStar seriesFCS carbon fibers, calcium carbonate and barium sulfate� SPECIAL SCREWS AND COMPRESSION MOLDING During plasticizing, specially designed screws reduce the PRODUCTS FROM KRAUSSMAFFEI MACHINES unavoidable shear effects to avoid fibers snapping off and Comet series prevent excessive wear� Injection compression molding andLFI skillfully engineered mold geometry, especially for ribs, radii and hot runners, reduces damage to fibers during mold filling and pressure holding� Pu mixing headsSCSHP-RTM Pu dryside Part Transmission element BMW Part Door module and interior trim Mini Material PA 66 with 50 percent short glassfiber Material Decor: TPO film with flexible foam Substrate: PP with 10 percent long glassfiber Technology Standard injection molding with wear-protected Pu tooling plasticizing unit Technology Injection molding with fiber protecting screwCellForm Single-stage process (DecoForm), as TPO film is Benefits – Withstands high and oscillating mechanical loads; directly backfoamed highly temperature resistant – Wider design scope than with metal; acoustic Benefits – Highly cost-competitive, because it combines visi- damping ble parts and multifunctional parts with enhanced Pu trimming – Weighs 50 percent less than an equivalent metal part mechanical specificationsIMP
  7. 7. 8 FIBER COMPOSITE SOLuTIONS PROCESSES IMC – INJECTION MOLDING COMPOuNDER 9 IMC – INJECTION MOLDING COMPOUNDER IMC = COMPOUNDING + INJECTION MOLDING BIG COST SAVINGS IN MASS PRODUCTION ONE MACHINE TO MIX THE MATERIALS processed once (instead of cooling, storage and remelting, if PROCESSES DIRECT COMPOUNDING WITH THE IMC (D-LFT-IM)IM-SGF ZE UTX AND MOLD THE PART pellets are used) and they are fed into the melt in the direction The polymer matrix is first plasticized and mixed with addi- of processing� Description The IMC – Injection Molding Compounder – combines continuous compounding, typical of tives in a corotating twin-screw extruder� The reinforcing extrusion systems, with injection molding, which is a discontinuous process� It’s a cheaper fibers are fed into the extruder, wetted with the molten AUTOMATED AND FLEXIBLE FOR BIG SERIES method than using pellets for making longfiber-reinforced thermoplastic (LFT) parts and AX seriesIM-LGF thermoplastic, which naturally shortens them, and trans- The IMC process can be highly automated� Together with part properties are better� ferred to an injection piston� During the brief injection and other key benefits, this makes direct compounding the holding pressure phase, the compound, which is produced process of choice for producing big runs of fiber composite Features 1� Highly automated process continuously, is collected in a melt buffer� The continuous parts� The integrated control ensures that the formulation 2� Flexible adaptation to changing requirements EX seriesIMC melt process guarantees constant good material quality� and the material quality are constant and that the process 3� Compounding using low-cost standard raw materials is fully documented� Changes to the formulation are sim- Pluspoints 1� Short cycle times and fully automated large-volume production LOWER UNIT MANUFACTURING COSTS AND ple, so that the process can be adapted flexibly to meet 2� Long fibers for better material properties and high stiffness CX modular platform BETTER PRODUCT PROPERTIES different part specifications� The IMC system is just oneFiberForm 3� Lower material costs Direct compounding/injection with the IMC saves energy example of productive interdisciplinary collaboration at and material costs (0�3 to 1�0 €/kg cheaper than processing KraussMaffei – it successfully merges injection molding Typical applications Frontend carriers, transmission elements, front partitions, battery wells LFT pellets)� In consequence, it has widely replaced LFT in know-how with expertise in compounding and extrusion� Typical annual volumes 300,000 to 600,000 itemsPolyset BMC/SMC manufacturing semi-structural components� The mechanical MX series properties of the finished part are also better, because the process is less destructive of the fibers� The fibers are only LRX/IR seriesR-RIM RimStar seriesFCS PRODUCTS FROM KRAUSSMAFFEI MACHINES Melt buffer Weighing, metering and feed systems Comet seriesLFI Pu mixing headsSCSHP-RTM Transfer valve Pu dryside Part Carrier (frontend) Volkswagen Part Acoustic damping mats Shut-off nozzle Material PP-GF30, long fiber reinforcement Material PP EPDM filled with barium sulfate Technology IMC direct compounding with metal insert in up- Technology IMC direct compounding with filler Pu tooling per belt for energy distribution in an offset frontal Followed by application of Pu acoustic flexible foamCellForm collision Benefits – Low part weight through acoustic-defined wall Twin-screw extruder Benefits – As module carrier, multifunctional part; good thickness reduction energy absorption, esp� oscillation – Higher filler content and good homogeneity – Good impact resistance due to long fiber – No trimming waste Pu trimming reinforcementIMP – Very cost-competitive process for big series, as no intermediate cooling and remelting Shot pot injection unit
  8. 8. 10 FIBER COMPOSITE SOLuTIONS PROCESSES FIBERFORM – THERMOFORMING ORGANIC SHEET PLuS INJECTION MOLDING 11 FIBERFORM – THERMOFORMING ORGANIC SHEET PLUS INJECTION MOLDING THERMOFORMING ORGANIC SHEET PLUS INJECTION MOLDING FIBERFORM – MULTIFUNCTIONAL PROCESS HIGHLY-AUTOMATED MANUFACTURING CELLS PROCESSES FIBERFORM – THERMOFORMING AND BACK INJECTION OF ORGANIC SHEETIM-SGF ZE uTX To further improve the strength of fiber-composite injected Like standard injection molding, FiberForm can be easily parts, KraussMaffei combines injection molding with ther- automated� The outcome is compact, fully-automated Description Thermoforming of organic sheet and back injection with filled thermoplastic resin moforming organic sheet� Fabric made of endless fiber in manufacturing cells� a thermoplastic matrix is heated, shaped in the injection Features 1� Thermoplastic molded parts with endless fiber reinforcement AX seriesIM-LGF mold and then back injected� This process can be used to VERSATILE PROCESS 2� Highly automated and reproducible manufacturing process add ribs for extra stiffness and to integrate other functions� Like injection molding, FiberForm can be combined with 3� High functional integration as part of the injection molding process almost all special manufacturing processes� This opens up Pluspoints 1� No post-mold processing – final part contours in injection molding process FAST AND HIGHLY AUTOMATED infinite potential for functional integration and part design� 2� Short cycle times, typical of injection molding processes EX seriesIMC Cycle times are similar to typical values for injection mol- 3� Fully automated process ding (around 60 seconds) and are chiefly determined by the cooling time in the mold� The process can be seamlessly Typical applications Seat shells and backs, instrument panel carriers, box covers, side impact protection, CX modular platform integrated into an injection molding operation� In other words, technical under-hood components, semi-structural partsFiberForm FiberForm is ideal for manufacturing lightweight structural Typical annual volumes 250,000 to 400,000 items parts in big series�Polyset BMC/SMC MX series LRX/IR seriesR-RIM RimStar seriesFCS PRODUCTS FROM KRAUSSMAFFEI MACHINES 1. 2. Comet seriesLFI Pu mixing headsSCS 6. 3. 1� Pick up insert 2� Preheat insertHP-RTM 3� Transfer to mold Pu dryside 4� Thermoforming 5� Back injection Part Predevelopment project: door impact bar Audi A4 Part Predevelopment project: crossmember Audi A4 6� Remove from mold Material PA 6 GF60 + PA-GF 50-50 organic sheet Material PA 6 GF60 + PA-GF 50-50 organic sheet Technology FiberForm + formed bolt holes Technology FiberForm Pu toolingCellForm Benefits – High mechanical strength Benefits – Organic sheet is highly shapeable – Assembly-ready – Cost-competitive for big series – Short cycle times – High mechanical strength Pu trimmingIMP 5. 4.