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How to Become an Account-Based Marketing Superhero


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In this presentation, learn how to become an account-based marketing (ABM) superhero. Gain insights from ABM Superhero, Jenny Coupe, about how she runs her account-based campaigns.

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How to Become an Account-Based Marketing Superhero

  1. 1. Live Broadcast How to Become an ABM Superhero
  2. 2. Presenters SANGRAM VAJRE Co-Founder and CMO at Terminus @SangramVajre Tweet to win! Use #ABM for a copy of Account-Based Marketing for Dummies @TonniBennett @JennyCoupe @SangramVajre #ABM TONNI BENNETT VP, Sales Terminus @TonniBennett JENNY COUPE VP, Customer Acquisition SOASTA @JennyCoupe
  3. 3. #ABM  Superhero  @TonniBennett @JennyCoupe @SangramVajre #ABM Agenda 1. ABM/Terminus Overview 2. Defining Qualities of ABM Superheroes 3. ABM Superhero Case Study 4. Resources to Make You a Hero!
  4. 4. @sangramvajre @dgaugler#ABM@Terminus #ABM  Superhero  @SangramVajre #ABM Terminus is on a mission to build the best-in-class ABM platform and community that empowers B2B marketers to be heroes in their organizations.
  5. 5. @sangramvajre @dgaugler#ABM@Terminus #ABM  Superhero   How do you become an ABM Superhero? @SangramVajre #ABM
  6. 6. 7 ABM Superpowers @SangramVajre #ABM
  7. 7. JENNY  COUPE VP,  Customer  Acquisition SOASTA
  8. 8. @sangramvajre @dgaugler#ABM@Terminus #ABM  Superhero  @JennyCoupe #ABM What is Account-Based Marketing? “Account-­based  marketing  (ABM)  is  a  strategic  approach  marketers   use  to  support  a  defined  universe  of  accounts,  including  strategic   accounts  and  named  accounts.  It  also  includes  support  for  the  post-­ sale  customer  lifecycle  using  marketing’s  toolkit  to  contribute  to  the   overall  customer  experience.”  -­ SiriusDecisions
  9. 9. @sangramvajre @dgaugler#ABM@Terminus #ABM  Superhero  @JennyCoupe #ABM Jenny’s Definition of ABM • A  B2B  strategy  that  aligns  sales  and  marketing  to  focus  on  target   accounts  rather  than  individuals • Identifying  as  many  contacts  as  possible  at  a  target  accounts  and   marketing  to  them  with  a  tailored  message  to  address  their  pain  points • Goals  are  generally  tied  to  booked  business/new  revenue  from  the   identified  target  accounts • Benefits  include  faster  account  penetration,  better  alignment  with   marketing,  more  relevant  content
  10. 10. @sangramvajre @dgaugler#ABM@Terminus #ABM  Superhero   Assembling an ABM Team of Avengers @JennyCoupe #ABM • Marketing  =  “Army  of  One”  thanks  to   self-­service  technology  with  Terminus • Collaborated  with  sales  team  on  ABM   and  target  account  strategy
  11. 11. @sangramvajre @dgaugler#ABM@Terminus #ABM  Superhero  @JennyCoupe #ABM Gaining ABM Clairvoyance • Identified  market  verticals • Defined  top  1,000  targets  accounts • Examined  CRM  for  contacts  in  target  accounts • Appended  accounts  with  additional  contact  data • Segmented  data  into  meaningful  audiences • Expand  reach  into  accounts  through  ads
  12. 12. @sangramvajre @dgaugler#ABM@Terminus #ABM  Superhero   Build an ABM Bat Cave @JennyCoupe #ABM • Terminus  was  the  first  tool  added  to   MarTech  stack  for  doing  ABM  at  scale • It  is  so important  for  any  tool  to  have  the   person  that  can  do  the  “care  and  feeding”   • Integrated  with  Salesforce  for  campaign   alignment,  no  need  to  recreate  campaigns  
  13. 13. @sangramvajre @dgaugler#ABM@Terminus #ABM  Superhero   Up, Up & Away with ABM @JennyCoupe #ABM • Running  multiple  campaigns:  persona-­based,   industry-­specific,  pipeline  velocity,  wake  the  dead   • Doing  A/B  tests,  easily  add/remove  accounts   and  switch  out  creative  and  tactics   • “MQL  acceleration”  tiering accounts  based  on   activity/persona,  using  Terminus  to  accelerate
  14. 14. @sangramvajre @dgaugler#ABM@Terminus #ABM  Superhero   Show ABM Results of Steel @JennyCoupe #ABM • Went  from  delivering  40%  of  closed/won,  marketing   sourced  deals  from  digital to  about  70% • Decreased  the  sales  cycle  for  digitally  sourced  deals   from  95  days  to  57  days • Marketing  went  from  contributing  to  35%  of   closed/won  revenue  to  55%  of  new  business • By  leveraging  Terminus,  witnessing  faster   acceleration  with  accounts  in  opportunity  stages
  15. 15. @sangramvajre @dgaugler#ABM@Terminus #ABM  Superhero  @JennyCoupe #ABM ABM Campaign Example Combination  of  direct  product  offers  +  personalized  content  
  16. 16. JENNY  COUPE @JennyCoupe
  17. 17. Target best- fit accounts Easiest and fastest way to do ABM at scale Engage more stakeholders Accelerate marketing & sales pipeline @TonniBennett #ABM
  18. 18. Difficult to reach entire buying committee #ABM  Superhero  @TonniBennett #ABM
  19. 19. Proactively engage all key stakeholders with Terminus @TonniBennett #ABM
  20. 20. @sangramvajre @dgaugler#ABM@Terminus@TonniBennett #ABM Terminus Platform
  21. 21. B U Y E R ’ S J O U R N E Y Demand Gen Pipeline Velocity Stages Prospect Opportunity Customer Adoption Upsell/Cross-Sell Land & Expand “Always On” Air Cover Goal Leads to Qualified Accounts MQA to Opportunity Opportunity to Customers Customers to Advocates Winning New Business Winning More Business Keeping Top of Mind Strategies • Events/Webinars • Campaigns • Inbound • Outbound • MQA to SQA • SQA to Opportunity • Lost/Dead to Opportunity • New Opportunity to Evaluation • Evaluation to Negotiation/Review • Negotiation to Closed-Won • Workshops & Training • Webinars/Events • Customer Reviews • New Product • Features • Upgrades • Outbound • New Departments • Personalized Messaging • Outbound • Partners • Analysts • Influencers • Investors Recommended Content • Blog Post • eBook • Infographic • Whitepaper • Video Testimonial • Case Studies • Webinar • Video Testimonial • Case Study • “How To” Content • ROI • Competitive Analysis • Implementation Guide • Tutorials • “How To” Resources • Product Webinar • Case Study • ROI • Case Study • ROI • Video Testimonial • Quarterly Reports • Thought Leadership • Newsletters Stakeholders Marketing, CMO, Demand Generation Marketing, Sales, Sales Development Marketing, Sales, Sales Development, CMO, CSO Marketing, Customer Success Marketing, Customer Success, Sales Marketing, Customer Success, Sales CEO, CMO, CSO ABM Success Measure Increase In: MQLs Contact Activities Audience ↑Executive Awareness Number of Appts. Increase In: Opportunities Engagement in Accounts Marketing-Sourced Pipeline Pipeline Velocity Increase In: Closed/Won Deals ↑Engagement in Opportunities Sales Velocity Deal size New logos Increase In: Usage Retention Churn Increase In: New Business Deal Size Revenue per Acct ↑Engagement in Accounts Increase In: New Business Deal Size Current Customer Revenue Engagement in Accounts Increase In: Awareness (more impressions) Engagement (traffic to site) The Account-Based Marketing F R A M E W O R K C U S T O M E R ’ S J O U R N E Y @sangramvajre @dgaugler#ABM@TonniBennett @JennyCoupe @SangramVajre #ABM
  22. 22. Terminus ABM Stack Grader @TonniBennett @JennyCoupe @SangramVajre #ABM
  23. 23. Download full Blueprint to ABM ebook 60+ pages of content, 10 worksheets @TonniBennett @JennyCoupe @SangramVajre #ABM
  24. 24. Questions? Tweet to us! @tonnibennett @jennycoupe @sangramvajre #ABM@Terminus #ABM SANGRAM VAJRE Co-Founder and CMO at Terminus @SangramVajre TONNI BENNETT VP, Sales Terminus @TonniBennett JENNY COUPE VP, Customer Acquisition SOASTA @JennyCoupe For more info, visit