Women in politics


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Women in politics

  1. 1. By Sarah Angermeyer
  2. 2.  Over the course of this year we have learned about the world and its history. As a part of our studying we have also discussed the effects that women had on a certain country or time period. As a feminist I decided to research women today, and I found an alarming deficit in the amount of women elected today.
  3. 3.  There are only 10 women presidents and 8 women prime ministers in the world today. 18 countries out of 195 have women in charge. Germany, Argentina , and Denmark all have women in charge. There are roughly only 19 percent of women holding seats on a parliament.
  4. 4.  Recently, Rwanda passed a quota for the percent of women holding offices in government. It is believed that because of this new quota Rwanda was able to pass Switzerland in the percent of women elected in government.
  5. 5.  Because of the increase in the amount of women participating in Rwanda’s government, the UN has asked that quotas start becoming the norm. “I encourage countries to use quotas to expand women’s participation in parliament. It is also good to open public debate about the right of women to take part in government and to hold public office. Democracy grows stronger with the full and equal participation of women,” said Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director of the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.
  6. 6.  You might possibly be thinking “What does this have to do with me? I’m a US citizen and Women have been voting since 1920.” Well the US has never had a woman president. The first woman in Congress was Jeanette Rankin, 1917. Since Jeanette there has only been 277 women representatives in the US. Compared to the amount of men, this is laughable. Jeanette Rankin
  7. 7.  Of the seats in Congress only 16 percent are women. The US is ranked at 78 for the total amount of women serving terms. Considering all that women have accomplished in America you would assume that it would be higher. Women in other countries have advanced farther.
  8. 8.  Angela Merkel is the chancellor of Germany (2005- ) She has been in politics since 1990, when she became the minister for Women and Youth under Helmut Kohl. Merkel became the head of her party in 2000. She ran in 2002, but lost. Merkel ran again in 2005, and won. She was the first woman to become chancellor since Germany became a modern nation in 1871.
  9. 9.  To learn more go to : http://www.globalfundforwomen.org/what- we-do/civic-a-political- participation?gclid=CKOMqNXpqLACFcJxOg odL0ftVQ Or : http://www.ipu.org/wmn-e/classif.htm
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