Layour of Housekeeping Department


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Layour of Housekeeping Department

  1. 1. LAYOUT OF HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT Presented ByDr. Shyam N. Singh
  2. 2. Housekeeper’s Office •It is the main administration centre of housekeeping. •It must independent cabin for silence and privacy. •It is glass paneled so as to give the Housekeeper view of what happening outside. •The office is preceded by cabin for the secretary who would control movement into the Housekeeper office.
  3. 3. House Keeping Department Layout Linen Tailor Shop Linen & Uniform Store Laundry Room Corridor Employee Exchange HK/Laundry Counter Exchange Counter HK Control HK Store Upholstery Flower Executive Room and Furniture Room HK Room Secretary
  4. 4. CONTROL DESK ROOM It is the main communication centre where relevant housekeeping information sent and received. It is the main centre for co-ordination with the front office. The room has a desk, chair, more than one telephone, computer terminal for information storage and control. It should have a large notice board to display essential. It is the point where all staff report for duty and check out at the end of duty. It adjoins the Housekeeping office.
  5. 5. Housekeeping StoreThe store stocks materials for linen and uniforms. The main features of the store: The room should be cool and dry. It is provided shelves to stock the linen and materials. It has only one entry/exit door for security.
  6. 6. The Linen Room This is place where current linen is stored for issue and receipt. Its main features are: The room must be lit, large and airy, free from heat and humidity. It has adequate shelves to stock linen and secure it from pilferage. The linen room has a counter for exchange linen. The linen room should adjoin the in -house laundry for smooth and speedy exchange of fresh and soiled linen. It is accessible only to authorised person. It must have only one entry and exit door for security.
  7. 7. The Uniform Room This room stocks the uniform in current circulation. It is possible that in small hotel this room combined with linen room.The features of Uniform Room• Hanging racks as most uniforms are best maintained when hung.• Shelves for regular hardy uniforms like chef jackets.• Cupboards for small accessories like gloves, bows, caps, etc.• Exchange counter for the employees who come to collect and deposit their uniforms.• Exchange counter with the in-house laundry.• It has only single entry and exit point due to security reason.
  8. 8. Tailor RoomThis room for full time in-house tailor, who mend damaged linen and uniform. Its features are: The room has sewing machines at station. It has shelves and cupboard to store materials. It is accessible only for tailors and tailor room personnel. It is a clean and dry place.
  9. 9. LaundryIt is responsible for washing the tons of soiled linen and that are generated daily. This is nerve for housekeeping. It is equipped with shelves and cupboard for fresh linen storage. In this room effective climate control is necessary. Adequate storage for stocks.
  10. 10. Upholstery and furniture Yard This is a space provide to store damaged upholstered furniture. Flower RoomThis room is used by in house florist who prepares flowerarrangements for display at various parts of hotel. Flower beautifyroom and public areas. They are supplied to restaurant for tableand buffet displays The room is air-conditioned to keep the flower fresh. It has work table to assemble the flower arrangements It has a tap with running water and a sink.
  11. 11. Thank you