Mobile Application Development options and new trends


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Mobile Application Development options and new trends

  1. 1. Mobile Application Development: Options and New TrendsThe sway that mobile devices hold over the whole industry provides a stirringopportunity for website owners and web developers. They are gnawing theirapplications into these gadgets while cross-platform mobile applications andwebsite interfaces are set to fire their salvo into this vibrant sphere.Whether it is for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android a compatible application isevery website’s gateway to exposure. In creating applications a list of HTML5frameworks for mobile development provides a starting block- Ripple helps totest and debug the application on multiple platforms like JavaScript.An impressive built-in Geolocation module enables testing of geolocation-relatedapplications.LungoJS which is supplied with full features of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript canimplement essential features such as Geolocation, History, Device Orientationand WebSQL.This framework does not require any web server support.Joshfire is an open source mobile development framework that supports HTML5and JavaScript. This framework will run on iPad, iPhone, Android and even onTVs and connected objects.Sencha fully supports HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Our applications can beequipped with HTML audio and video components, local storage element andCSS3 styling effects. They can be adapted to iOS, Blackberry and Androiddevices.Jo creates applications compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry drawing thecream of CSS technology to solve design and animation issues.Kendo UI is a set of HTML5 controls released late last year is quite akin to thoughit claims non-compliance with jQuery but when we try to use it, a lot of jQuery-style codes appear enmeshed.In developing a web-based application it is necessary to ensure that ourapplication is compatible with browsers in use today. Much less of a problem forthe mobile world because of the rampant purchase of new devices and theadvancement in technology incorporated in them. But our site needs to be testedwith intended user devices.New trends have emerged in the form of writing Ruby instead of Objective C. Itwas released in May this year in the form of Ruby Motion to develop and testnative applications for Ipad and Iphone. For those accustomed to Ruby languagethis is quite an amazing make-over.
  2. 2. Before we set foot on the development phase let us decide whether to useAndroid, Apple or Blackberry models. A recent Forrester survey of 4000information workers in 17 different countries found usages were in equal measurewith Blackberry taking a light jab.Mobile Development Platform helps low-power handheld devices such as mobilephones and digital assistants handle pre-installed applications duringmanufacture of these gadgets. But with the proliferation of Smartphone’s, tabletsand mobiles it is necessary to take a relook at preinstalled software. Needless tomention, we cannot waste precious time developing new applications for eachand every device.Cross-platform framework has now emerged as a solution to this problem. Ahybrid mixture of HTML5, JavaScript along with extra libraries providesenhanced access to the device over a pure HTML5 web application. Local Storagein excess of 5 MB, photos upload, background services run are all possible.Leading this field is the PhoneGap framework- now donated to Apache SoftwareFoundation as an open source project and renamed Apache Cordova. It providesa platform-specific wrapper for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone,and exposes a platform-independent API to code against in JavaScript.The final hitch is how we build the platform. For instance iOS requires Mac,Windows Phone calls for a Windows PC and the others come with a price tag.Today Mobile Development with options and new trends has come to stay andthe web developers are now all over the platform scouting for an entry on themobile bandwagon.Anil BhatCell : +91 – 9911720780Email : sanganaktechnologies@gmail.comUrl :