E Learning Modules


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E Learning Modules

  1. 1. ELearning Modules - Making learning easyLike all field in today’s time, learning things has also been changed. In this era ofnew technologies learning has also become Elearning that is one can learnanything he/she wants online through the web or electronically. It includes anyform of teaching or learning that is done electronically. It means transfer ofknowledge or skill through a computer and a network for the transfer.Elearning modules are a medium that help in Elearning. They are released ondifferent courses to educate the readers about the topic on which they arewritten. Five things that should be kept in mind while creating an E-learningmodule is – • Objectives should be made clear – The module should have a defined objective and scope as it will help in organization of the module in a proper way and if the module is designed good then the reader will be able to connect with the module and they will be able to go on with the flow of the module. The good organization will also make the E- learning module interesting and therefore reader would be more interesting in reading the module and would then definitely understand the module more than they would have understood it on the other hand. • Relevant content which is comprehensive – The designer should know and understand the context in which the reader would be taking up the course. Also, the designer of the course should not always think about what clients need, as this will limit the thoughts and creativity of the author. Moreover, the module would not come up as informative if it is written only keeping in mind the needs of the client. • Good interface – One can understand more clearly only when he/she takes interest in it. If the module is flooded only with text then the reader is definitely not going to take interest in the module and the very purpose of the module would fail. Graphics and images are also very important part of every module after all that is what grabs the interest of the reader. Graphics help in good presentation of the module and that is what first catches the eye of the reader. If it is not good graphically then definitely reader would think it to be waste of time. • Module should be interactive – The world is of vocational education today. People like to learn things that they can apply; similarly do they prefer to learn things by doing rather than going the other way round. Therefore, the module should stimulate some real life things in their course that would help to hold on the interest of the reader and make them believe the practicality of the course. • Assessment should be well designed – An assessment should be present at the end of every course. It should facilitate the reader to clear all of his/her doubts and should also provide the opportunity to learn something more about the topic. Feedback should also be
  2. 2. provided quickly so that the reader comes to know how much he/she has understood the course.Cell : +91 – 9911720780Email : sanganaktechnologies@gmail.comUrl : www.sanganaktechnologies.com