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Royal Enfield


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Royal Enfield and it's Biography

Published in: Automotive
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Royal Enfield

  1. 1. By: S. Hemanth
  2. 2. There aren’t too many motorcycle manufacturers to deserve to be considered Royalty. But with more than a century and its belt and still moving strong, Royal Enfield is a unique motorcycle company
  3. 3. History In 1890 Albert Eadie and R.W.Smith started company by name “The Enfield Manufacturing Company Limited” At Redditch, Worcestershire, England
  4. 4. Enfield Bicycles  First they used to produce Bicycles  They also manufactured precision rifle parts and supplied to Royal Small Arms factory
  5. 5. Evolution of Royal Enfield  The word ‘Royal’ was taken from ‘The Royal Small Arms Company’  Using this word Royal, “Royal Enfield”(RE) was born in 1893 with the trademark ‘Made Like a Gun’
  6. 6. First Vehicle  In 1898 the company made a first motorized vehicle, a ‘Quadricycle’  By 1899 Tricycles, Quadricycles powered by Die Dion engines are launched
  7. 7. First Motorized Bicycle  In 1901 the RE produced first Motorized Bicycle  The engine is mounted on front wheels and drive the rear wheels through a belt
  8. 8. Recast  In 1904 the engine is moved inside the frame  This became the standard configuration for bikes
  9. 9. Enfield Autocar  The car manufacturing arm of Enfield Company was established in 1906 in Redditch  By 1907 Alldays and Onions Company acquired cars wing of Enfield
  10. 10. Own Engines  In 1913 RE starts using its own engines- a 225cc 2-stroke single engine and a 425cc V-Twin engine
  11. 11. Rise of Bullet  In 1932 first Bullet is made  It comes with a 4-valve single cylinder, inclined engine with an exposed valve gear
  12. 12. Service to Royal Army  By 1939 WD/C 350cc single cylinder motorcycles were given for service of Royal Army
  13. 13. Flyin Flea  ‘Flyin Flea’ or the ‘Airbone’ was a ultra-light RE motorcycle that was para-dropped along with the troop during the World War-II
  14. 14. RE enters India  In 1953 RE entered India  Indian Army ordered 800 350cc Bullets  To fullfill such a large deal RE made a contract with Madras motors  RE used to send all the parts of the bike and Madras motors used to assemble them
  15. 15. Enfield India Ltd  By 1955 Madras Motors got license to make Bullets and RE India Ltd was established
  16. 16. RE Interceptor RE GT RE Crusader RE Clipper
  17. 17. Eicher acquires RE  In 1990 RE nearly went bankrupt  In 1994 Eicher group purchased RE  From then RE brought its motorcycles to the top of the motorcycle world  Different models with different colour varients have been launched
  18. 18. RE Bullet RE Bullet Electra RE Classic RE Classic
  19. 19. RE Thunderbird RE Classic Battle Green RE Classic Desert
  20. 20. RE Continental GT  In 2014 RE brought entirely new chasi design in the name of Continental GT
  21. 21. Fair Conclusions  Good Design  Many colour variants  Creates a good attitude towards it  Gives good mileage  Enjoyable rides  Reasonable prices
  22. 22. Thank You