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Saner Tanju Atis_ Material Management System Industrial


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Saner Tanju Atis_ Material Management System Industrial

  2. 2.   AGE NDA 1 -W hat is the Strategic M aterial M anagement System at Site? 2 -W is it important? hy 3 -Strategic M S analysis at Site M 4 -Principles of W arehouse design 5 -E ssentials Symbols for handling and storage 6 -Receipt and Incoming Stages Inspection F low Inspection of Incoming P rocess- IIP W hat constitute a material deviation ? 7 -Objectives of the M C – M T aterial T Certificates est 8 -Storage – a P illar of Category P rocess 9 -In-W arehouse P reservation – Improving the work M ethods 10-P roven Issue methods – L ID Cycle B 11-Question / Closing CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 2
  3. 3.  What is the Strategic Material Management System at Site?  Scientific technique, Concerned with planing, Organizing & Control of flow of .. ... Good Overview, Comprehensive view of Inventory ...A well- organized design on effective stores layout ...E nhance performance to support operations...... ...T consolidate and efficiently handling process... o ...Safety, K nowledge and Data transfer... ...Quality control is integral to the continuing of operation..    Ability to anticipate needs, forecast conditions, set goals and standarts, plan and schedule work and measure results. CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 3
  4. 4. Why is MMS important at site?  Support us organisation’s strategic and complimantary planing at site  Increase ability of workforce to utilize operations bases  Creates and enable a learning , sharing and focus an practical application  Quality and technical skills improvement.  Improved internal teamwork and communication  Streamlined our work for better time and business process  F ocuses on making changes to simplify and become more efficiency CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 4
  5. 5. STRATEGIC MMS ANALYSIS at Site Strategic Action View Strategic  Look-ahead  View T ransportation Selection Criteria H andling P lan - Review - Needs -Time Period - Knowledge Transfers - Detect lists - Classify - Indivudual materials group - Internal & Exter. Communications - Storage objective - Storage strategies P lanning Observed Shipment Data Observed P acking Analysis Organ.Chart - People/ Positions - Seperate disciplines M anagement P lan - Procedures Action P lan - Analysis Prioritize - Instructions - Review plan - Training - Workforce Planing SUCCESS - Execution plan Planing P lanning Observed Data Analysis CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 5
  6. 6. Principles Of Warehouse design Sco pe o f Wo rk ; Storage instructions based on materials specifications and manufacturers instruction .......T ake over facilities for warehouse and site store ......... T ype, condition,number of facilities  T emporary site facilities arrangement ..... location of quarantine store, clear separation  T echnical specification for warehousing .... .M aterials handling details,organizing principals ........Organize storage areas in compliance with storage instructions ...........Designation of storage areas by categories(open air, covered,with air-conditioning, etc)  Install computer hardware and software  CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 6
  7. 7. The factors elements CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 7
  8. 8. - T ype Of Storage (T OS)=A + B + C + D A=The Scope of items Supplied Piping, Electrical, Equipments, Steel Structures B=Material Specifications Instructions Specified by Manufacturers C=Order Volume Project Material Orders (Acc.. BOQ) D=Safety Measures Detrimental Conditions (by moisture,rain, snow,sandstorm,insects),dirt(by bird droppings,dust,tar), static and dynamics load. T OS Closed Area Lockable, Air condioned, Dry Open With Fence, Area Without Fence, Roofed CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 8
  9. 9. 1.3 Features of Database System 9
  10. 10. 1.4 Subgroup of Database • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1-Define Storage Location.... Store / storage place 2-Material Receipt .... Against part shipment no, PO no, by item. 2.1- Material Arrival ..... Delivery Editor for pt., PO, material. 2.2- Material Receiving Report .... Ordered qty,arrived qty,Order status per parts no. 3-Material Planning 3.1- Filter Setting...... Tracebility and range of data 3.2- Piping Material Reservation.... Scheduling- reserve 3.3- Reservation Cancellation.... Cancellation existing reserve 4- Material Issue.... 4.1- MIF Filter Setting .... Piping, E+I, Eqp... 4.2- Piping Material Issue.... Issue list Editor, Individual form 4.3- Non-piping Material Issue...E+I and EQP issues Editor 5- Material Take Back....Store transaction,Takeback 6- Material Ordering .....Ordering Editor,Type of Pack 6.1- Ordering Additional Material ....New PO 6.2- Ordering Missing BoM Material ..Bulk order editor,QTY missing part 7- Additional Store Transactions .... Storege list editor a- Stock Adjustment b- Stock Movement c- Block and unblock material 8- Certificate Management ..... Store / Material certificate, HEAT no 10
  11. 11. 1.5 Material Handling Process ISTANBUL BuL & MTO via e-mail Data Feedback SITE         BUL=Order and delivery record MIF=Material Issue Form 
  12. 12. 1.1 Logistic Organization Delivery System M aterial T racking • Goods to be ordered........... • • • • - equipment (pumps, vessels,..) - piping (valves,pipe,elbows,..) - electrical (motors,cabinets,..) - instrumentation (transmitter,cables,..) 1 Material Purchase Order data supplier adresses 2 Types,Quantities,etc. Ordering System 2 Record of Orders (RO) P.O 2 Part Shipment Supplier/ Manufacturer Labels 3 Arrival of goods on Site 6 4 (loose Part) Goods 5* Packing & Loose Parts Package Transport Agent part shipment 5 Loose parts package information part shipment information LOADS 5,8 Info, When and What kind of material is expected at site and feedback RO Loose Part: Smallest individually labelled item AT SI T E Goods Received Computerized System 7 Material Management System 2* *=data transfer via filetransfer
  13. 13. 1.2 DATA Flow and Sources of Information Quantities received / reserved / issued Delivery Work Progress Controller data Quantities supplied PO data Quantities Ordered Material Receving system (Loose Part Level) SMS Material Management • Materials inventory control (ord./rec./iss./arrived) • Parts list management (scheduled/current requirement) • Piping prefab./construction plann. Construction Cost Estimation. Construction costs/Scope
  14. 14. 3.3 Implementation of Material Work Flow at Qatar WAREHOUSE Document E- System
  15. 15. Essentials Symbols for handling and storage The Symbols for handling storage marked on the packages and equipment items in accordance with EN ISO 780 should be observed. Symbols for the handling of equipment • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1 = This is up 2 = Fragile, handle with care 3 = Keep dry 4 = Keep away from heat 1 5 = Use no hooks 6 = Centre of gravity 7 = Sling here 8 = No hand truck here 9 = Clamp here 6 10 = Do not use fork lift truck here 11 = Roofed storage 12 =Storage in closed rooms 13 =Storage at ambient temperature of >0 14 =Storage in air condition 11 2 3 7 4 8 12 CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 9 13 5 10 14 15
  16. 16. Lifting and Slinging gear CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 16
  17. 17. Receipt and Incoming Stages • Tasks  Inspect incoming materials, check for damage, completeness and compliance with delivery documents and speciation’ s as well as data transferred  Mark any damaged materials, transfer to quarantine store  Prompt and coordinate corrective action, e.g. inspections by transport insurance company, repair work Content Any damage, incomplete delivery, variance from delivery specification Type of damage, planned measures if any Detailed description of damage, detailed description of planned repair work, etc.  Quarantine store status  Inspection log, repair procedure, repeat order  Implement storage instructions correctly  Database stroge list, special instructions   Prompt any additional preservation or special measures and document in accordance with regulations (e.g. continuous inerting, turning of shafts, etc.) Specification of storage location and characteristics, measures in case of emergency (failure of HVAC) What measures when and how often – times, duration, tests  Preservation and special measures log     CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS  Result Notification of receipt of material, damage report, NCR, certificate filing 17
  18. 18. Inspection Flow Project site Port Transport Agent Checking the packing for damage during the Ship Loaded On Truck LOT Receipt Of Package Unpacked Reports Checking the outside packing for damage during transport to site Checking the packing lists against the number of packages received, Checking the outside packing for damage, Checking the inside packing (e.g. welded plastic sheets) for damage, Checking damaged packages for completeness and damage to the contents, Checking any protective inert-gas fillings. Essential Reports (MRR,etc..) Checking the contents for completeness, Checking the outer condition of the indivudual components. (e.g. corrosion protection, preservation), Checking the technical details CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 18
  19. 19. Inspection of Incoming Process IIP – Specific Projects Materials Equipment & Steel Structures Piping Materials IIP • • checking for damage in transit, checking for damage in transit, • • checking the accessories (gaskets, bolts, etc.) supplied checking the accessories (gaskets, bolts, etc.) supplied for completeness and correctness for completeness and correctness • • checking the material for completeness, checking the material for completeness, • • checking the material for being undamaged (damage in checking the material for being undamaged (damage in transit), transit), • • visual inspection for compliance with the technical visual inspection for compliance with the technical specification (e.g. sealing faces, supporting surfaces of specification (e.g. sealing faces, supporting surfaces of bolts, welding edges, etc.), bolts, welding edges, etc.), • • checking for correct stamping, coding, batch number and checking for correct stamping, coding, batch number and compliance with certificate, compliance with certificate, • • checking the marking of valves, checking the marking of valves, • • dimensional checking (mating dimensions, wall dimensional checking (mating dimensions, wall thickness, weld edge preparation, thickness of flanges, bolt thickness, weld edge preparation, thickness of flanges, bolt holes, roundness), holes, roundness), Electrical & Instrumentation • • checking the name plate data for compliance with the checking the name plate data for compliance with the purchase order specification, purchase order specification, • • comparing the characteristic data of the material supplied comparing the characteristic data of the material supplied with the data sheets, with the data sheets, • • checking the material for being undamaged (damage in checking the material for being undamaged (damage in transit), transit), • • checking for completeness, especially the accessories. checking for completeness, especially the accessories. Fragile, Others • • Sensitive Materials Sensitive Materials • • checking the package properly checking the package properly CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 19
  20. 20. What Constitutes a material Deviation ? Deviations Overage Shortage Damage Hold Rejection Deficiency Report Dimensional Technical Specification Elimination of Defects Faulty Assembly CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 20
  21. 21. Objectives of the Material Test Certificates     Tasks Create filing system for certificate management   Check incoming certificates for correctness and completeness and completeness, and enter in  Database Initiate and expedite corrective measures  Put material with no or incorrect / incomplete certificates in quarantine store Content Classification, structure  Result Certificate management in Database Checklist based on check criteria  Updates incoming materials log Type of corrective action, critical deadlines  Correspondence Reason why certificates are  not O.K., name of material  CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS Quarantine store status Correspondence 21
  22. 22. Face the Fact    A control necessary to meet the control objectives is available or... Identified material and Match with Test Certificates to ensure.. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS),Chemical and Hazardous Materials .... Work place safety .... Physical and chemical datas ..... Storage and handling informations Item Code (P art No) AST Standart M H eat Number Dimension 90 Degree E lbow CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 22
  23. 23. CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 23
  24. 24. Storage – a Pillar of Category Process ...............Technical Specification The individual groups of components must be characterized by boards, marked with part number, dimension and material. Technical International Standarts. Stored in accordance with the technical specification ...................Im plem Instruction (Vendor) ent In accordance with the manufacturer’ s instructions either outdoors,indoors, in cooled or in dry rooms. Material Data Sheet instruction to be followed. ......................Safetyand SecurityR egulations Safety regulations for chemicals and dangerous materials should be applied. The products which would be damaged through exposure from sunlight should be protected by adequate covers or stored indoors. Adequately protected and guarded against theft, pilferage,fire. ........................Segregation (Storage P rofiles and Lay outs) External and internal storage areas (aisles,bin,section,yard plots etc.) should be clearly defined and identified with appropriate storage location sign as per material storage plan. Designated Area in the basis of Unit Process. ............................Traceability Identify Locations data transfer to material Tracking system. Completeness of the information for every step in a process. Refers to the capability to gain materials in the timely manner. Monitor and issued “first come-first go” basis.. CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 24
  25. 25. Storage – Creating a Plan to achieve your goals !     Anticipation to deliveries schedule for priority plan Make a adequate reserve place of estimated capacity for materials Knowledge sharing with team,information, Skills, or expertise Build and Organize , motive your team to get to do deliveries and storage conditions CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 25
  26. 26. Open area (Laydown) CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 26
  27. 27. Storage – Individual Stock Piping components Pipes, spools, fittings, elbows, flanges and valves. stored outdoors on timber baulks of approx. 150 mm thickness or on timber pallets. Flange faces shall not be damaged. Pipes may be stacked to a height of approx. 1.5 m if properly secured. In the case of pipes . DN 500, only two pipes should be stacked one upon the other. Equipment & Vessels, Steel Structures dcsSteel structures, vessels, machinery, and the like should be stored outdoors on timber baulks of approx. 150 mm thickness. Placing the equipment on unprotected, bare, or machined surfaces as well as on flanges is not permitted. Care shall be taken not to damage nozzles, shaft ends, or other protruding parts. Electrical & Instrumentation Transformers for outdoor service, cable supports, cable drums and sectional steel for fixtures may be stored outdoors. Other electrical, measuring and control equipment should be stored in dry and well ventilated rooms on timber pallets or on shelves. Instruments shall be stored on shelves. The original packing shall only be removed at the place of installation. CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 27
  28. 28. Storage – Individual Stock . Rubber-lined equipment and plastic equipment shall be stored with special care.The temperature within rubber-lined equipment should not drop below -10oC if the hardness of the rubber lining is > 75 Shore D and not below -20oC if the hardness of the rubber lining is < 75 Shore D Coating materials shall be stored at temperatures between 5 C and 30 C in dry and well ventilated rooms. Bricks (for refractory linings), Polyester resins Solvents, fuels, lubricants, and corrosive chemicals Oils and insulating fluids CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 28
  29. 29. Matrix for Storing Facilities and Locations SN Item Inside the warehouse Air Condition No Air Condition 1 Steel Plates, Shapes, Fittings, etc 2 Materials with Machined Parts 3 Valves 4 Gaskets, O-rings, bolts and nuts    5 Out Side the warehouse < 4” Fitting > 4” <4” Remaining <4” >5” Welding Wires and Electrodes    6 Paints and adhesives As per MSDS NA 7 Insulation and Refractory 8 Machinery and Equipments 9 Civil Materials sands, Mortars, Cement Aggregating 10 Architectural Material 11 Anchor Bolts 12 Electrical and Instrumentation       As per MSDS          As per instruction Measuring Equipment,Switch Transformer, cable,Supports,Cable Board,Distrubution board,Contol Drum and steel structure Panel,Instrument Tubes CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 29
  30. 30. In-W arehouse P reservation – Improving the work M ethods          Create a preservation communication and application plan Make an Assessment, Classified group of materials, safety regulations Establish priorities, Designated Storage areas,P reservation team for tasks.. Identified needed resources, vendor specific documents,M anufacturers Instructions Identify short and long term activities, storage and maintenance duration Develop a strategy to increase preservation, enhance performance result of implementation Application of preservation agents instructions ( e.g. Table.1..),recommendations Tracibility of Preservation Matrix, Requirements, Interval, Referance documents,Storage areas Execution at site, L abeling – J Card and Recording ob CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 30
  31. 31. In-W arehouse P reservation – P reservation R ecommendation CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 31
  32. 32. In-W arehouse P reservation – R egular Checking P eriod CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 32
  33. 33. KEEP ME CLEAN Before After CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 33
  34. 34. Proven issue Methods  Issue starts and an ongoing with engaged the project time schedule  Compliance of essential circumstances to issue  Indivudal groups materials  Return, Take back to Store  LBID Cycle – J ourney to M ovement ........ From our initial engagement with all movements to the end of Material journey to adhere to the stipulated time for Individual Projects. CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 34
  35. 35. Proven issue Methods - LBID CYCLE Le an B akthro ug h re ASSURE Piping – Prefabrication Inspection Isometric -Reservation AUTHENTICATED Pipes, Fittings.... MTC- MSDS Equipment REALIZE Electrical Availablity Delivery + Order Piping - Erection Isometric -Reservation Commissioning Valves, Bolts,Gaskets... Piping - Erection Equipment, Others Equipment, Others E+I E+I De cisive Recy cling CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS I ncre me ntal 35
  36. 36. Proven issue Methods – Variable Rates 1 % 55 Piping > % 20 Eqp. + % 15 Elec. 2 3 % 58 % 75 E+I > Piping E+I > Eqp % 55 Eqp > % 30 Piping + % 20 E+I % 40 Eqp > Piping % 65 E+I > % 25 Eqp. + % 15 Piping CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 36
  37. 37. % Proven issue Methods - Progress Zone Coordinates Eqp. P E+I Z2 65 55 50 . 30 25 20 15 . Initial Line .. . 12 . . End Line . . Z1 Z1 > Z2 3 CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS Zone 37
  38. 38. Sample - Cycle of Project Materials Required Piping 2950000 Delivered Issued 1416707 1042755 Equipment 15000000 15500000 10500000 6570000 E+I 10500000 7560000 5470000 3260000 1500000 1650000 1100000 950000 Others 2800000 Ordered Kg Kg CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 38
  39. 39. MIF- Material Issue Form CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 39
  40. 40. MMS – Closing ......Facilitate having good inventory improve the efficiency organization .........Organizational goal settings .............Additional strategic planning initiatives .................Evaluation of correct performance indicators      Development of additional internal and external performance measures for the Organization B uilding an integrated Warehousing system It is an integrated process that demands integrated processes and databases to become truly effective. The need for sharing processes and databases throughout the entire organization Additional education and employee empowerment lead to increased job satisfaction and personal performance CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 40
  41. 41. M S – Closing M Open Discussion Questions Saner T anju AT IS CONFIDENTIAL – Saner Tanju ATIS 41