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Los altosgateways final may 15


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Los altosgateways final may 15

  1. 1. Gateway Analysis Toolkit What are community gateways?Primary entry points to the City or business district. …and can be much more.
  2. 2. Discussion: Public vs. Private GatewaysWhat’s the difference between a gateway onprivate property and one on public property?Should the public have more input andcontrol over a gateway on publicly ownedproperty?Can we expect more public benefits from aGateway project on public property?Who pays for the public benefits?
  3. 3. First and Main Project◦ On this public property, the City has… “…an obligation to promote sound development, to promote a high level of design which will enhance the City’s downtown area, and to provide an environment for the social, economic and psychological growth and well-being of the citizens of the City.” -Los Altos City Option Agreement with the developer for First and Main Gateway Project How do we interpret this obligation?
  4. 4. Proposed Site Plan for Firstand Main Gateway Project
  5. 5. Proposed Elevations for First and Main Gateway Project
  6. 6. Proposed Elevations for First and Main Gateway Project
  7. 7. Proposed Elevations for First and Main Gateway Project
  8. 8. Foothill & Main Sketch Up
  9. 9. 2nd & Main28’ wide side walk and planter area
  10. 10. 2nd & Main14’ wide seating area and 10’ x 6’ side walk beyond outdoor seating
  11. 11. 2nd & Main25’ wide sidewalk and planting area
  12. 12. 2nd & Main25’ wide sidewalk and planting area
  13. 13. Lulu’s on Main Street 24’ wide sidewalk
  14. 14. Citibank at State & Main 24’ wide sidewalk
  15. 15. Mini Park at State & Main Triangle is approximately 100’ x 100’ x 150’
  16. 16. Main Street lookingtowards 1st and Main 12’ wide sidewalk
  17. 17. 1st & Main 24’ wide sidewalk
  18. 18. 1st & Main 24’ wide sidewalk
  19. 19. 1st Street 18’ wide sidewalk
  20. 20. Views to 1st & Main – Gateway Entry
  21. 21. Views to 1st & Main – Gateway Entry
  22. 22. Proposed Site Plan for Firstand Main Gateway Project
  23. 23. Group #1 Option
  24. 24. Group #2 Option
  25. 25. Group #3 Option
  26. 26. Next Steps: How the process works• First, it’s not too late for you as individuals to get involved in the process because the public review process is just starting now.• The developer is expected to receive and incorporate public community input into his final design.• The developers contract with the City does not exempt him from public input and due public process.• Let’s review the design review process from an architect’s point of view.
  27. 27. Next Steps: How to stay involved the process• Attend Architectural Site Control process meeting• Attend planning commission meeting• Attend city council meetings• Get your friends and neighbors involved• Email and/or write your council members; one or two days before their scheduled meeting. BEFORE YOU LEAVE:Please write the 10 important issues you wouldlike to share with City or Council Members.
  28. 28. A Few Friendly Reminders• If you wish to speak at a public meeting, you must fill out and turn in a speakers card at the meeting, prior to the agenda item.• You are usually limited to 3 minutes for discussion. It is wise not to repeat what a fellow community member stated but focus on your specific additional helpful comments.• Our purpose is not to delay the project, but rather give constructive input to create a more comprehensively designed project.• If you are not comfortable in public speaking, email each committee/commission and city council with your thoughts in a timely manner.
  29. 29. Final Comments and QuestionsOpen forum for discussion
  30. 30. City Council ContactsVal Carpentervcarpenter@losaltosca.govJarrett Fishpawjfishpaw@losaltosca.govDavid Casasdcasas@losaltosca.govRon Packardrdpackard@losaltosca.govMegan
  31. 31. Planning Commission and A&S Committee Member ContactsMichael M. Abrams: Michael@Abrams4.comRonit A. Bodner: ronitlaw@hotmail.comJerry E. Moison: jerrymoison@moison.comMalika Z. Junaid (A&S):malikajunaid@mdesignsarchitects.comJeannie L. Bruins (A&S): jeannie@bruinsfamily.netJonathan C. Baer: baerjc@earthlink.netKenneth Lorell (A&S): 650-424-2748 (B)