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La gateways final ppt #1


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La gateways final ppt #1

  1. 1. Gateway Analysis Toolkit What are community gateways?Primary entry points to the City or business district. …and can be much more.
  2. 2. What is importance of agateway to the community?Help create◦ sense of arrival or arrival zone.◦ sense of image◦ sense of identity.◦ sense of atmosphere.◦ sense of culture◦ sense of belonging to a community.Help provide marketing, advertising icons and/orbrand recognition
  3. 3. Where are the gateways for Downtown Los Altos?Foothill / First and EdithSan Antonio / Main and EdithFoothill / San Antonio and FirstFoothill / First and Main
  4. 4. Gateway Locations
  5. 5. Foothill / First and Edith
  6. 6. Foothill / First and Edith
  7. 7. San Antonio / Main and Edith
  8. 8. San Antonio / Main and Edith
  9. 9. San Antonio / Main and Edith
  10. 10. Foothill / San Antonio and First
  11. 11. Foothill / San Antonio and First
  12. 12. Foothill / San Antonio and First
  13. 13. Foothill / San Antonio and First
  14. 14. Foothill / First and Main
  15. 15. Foothill / First and Main
  16. 16. Foothill / First and Main
  17. 17. Now, back to gatewaysGateway Analysis Toolkit: A set of common, agreed upon criteria or standards for evaluating gateways. Can be used to help determine if any proposed project meets the needs of the community residents and businesses.
  18. 18. Imagine…What comes to mind when you think of “SantanaRow”?Do you sense the◦ atmosphere◦ culture◦ expectation of successful businesses & restaurants◦ Inviting outdoor meeting and entertainment spaces where community and public can gather?This is the kind of image that a Gateway should helpprovide
  19. 19. Imagine…Now imagine entering downtown Los Altos through one of the four gateways. What do you see and sense? What do you hope to see in the future?
  20. 20. How do we design andevaluate gateway projects toensure they fulfill their role?Your Job: ◦ Assess and communicate community wants and needs ◦ Develop evaluation skills, using a set of common criteria for reviewing proposed gateway projects. ◦ Get involved in the public review process – attend: Architectural review meetings Planning commission meetings City Council meetings
  21. 21. Gateway Analysis Toolkit:Proposed Evaluation Criteria What common evaluation criteria do architects, designers and planners commonly use to review a potential gateway project?
  22. 22. Criteria #1 Arrival ZonesWhat is your first visual impression upon arrival,by car, by bicycle or by walking?What do you see first? a primary architectural feature? A community outdoor meeting space? Landscaping? A parking lot? The back of a building? Open space? Monument or signage?
  23. 23. Criteria #2: General Site DesignIdentify the primary view corridors forarrival.Are the building elements oriented in sucha way to give a sense of arrival?
  24. 24. Criteria #3:Building orientation and view corridorsEvaluate building site plan in context of◦ neighboring view corridors,◦ arrival zones◦ Usable outdoor open space
  25. 25. Criteria #4: Parking RequirementsIs adequate parking provided onsite forthe intended uses?Does it meet required parking ratios?Does the site dimensions allow thecreation of efficient parking layouts?Should additional parking be required forother off-site uses or public benefits?
  26. 26. Criteria #5:Architectural elements and building massingIs the building massing and articulation of ascale that introduces you to the downtown?Is the architectural style conducive to the imageof the downtown?Does proposed style create diversity or continuityin architectural styles?Are the architectural elements responsive tousable public outdoor /pedestrian spaces?
  27. 27. Criteria #6: Usable Public outdoor/ pedestrian spacesAre the outdoor public spaces large enough to befunctional?Can we have an outdoor café and leisureseating?Is there enough room for music and/or othersmall scale entertainment?Are the outdoor spaces shaded or in full sun?Does the building’s configuration and orientationprovide these usable outdoor spaces?
  28. 28. Criteria #7:Usability of interior building spaces Is the building configuration conducive to active, leasable store fronts of appropriate size to attract the most desirable retailers? Are the upper level office spaces of appropriate configuration and size?
  29. 29. Criteria #8:Additional Public BenefitCan additional parking be provided to benefitother existing or proposed projects?Can the developer be given incentives to provideadditional improvement?Can specific uses be identified as public benefitsand incorporated into the design?Can the City provide additional amenities toenhance the proposed design?
  30. 30. What other criteria can we add to the toolkit?Criteria #9
  31. 31. Discussion: Public vs. Private GatewaysWhat’s the difference between a gateway onprivate property and one on public property?Should the public have more input andcontrol over a gateway on publicly ownedproperty?Can we expect more public benefits from aGateway project on public property?Who pays for the public benefits?
  32. 32. First and Main Project◦ On this public property, the City has… “…an obligation to promote sound development, to promote a high level of design which will enhance the City’s downtown area, and to provide an environment for the social, economic and psychological growth and well-being of the citizens of the City.” -Los Altos City Option Agreement with the developer for First and Main Gateway Project How do we interpret this obligation?
  33. 33. Proposed Site Plan for Firstand Main Gateway Project
  34. 34. NEXT STEPSWhat to expect at our next meeting◦ Apply toolkit criteria to proposed design submitted by developer◦ List areas where design meets criteria◦ List areas where refinements are needed◦ List questions for developer and city leadersClosing Questions?Discussion