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  1. 1. DENOTATION & CONNOTATION • THERE IS A BIG BOAT WITH YOUNG COUPLE ABOVE IT. • THERE IS DARK COLOURS AND LIGHT COLOURS AT THE TOP. • WRITTEN ACROSS THE POSTER IS TITANIC IN BOLD LETTERS • YOU SEE THE ACTOR’S NAMES ABOVE THE PICTURES OF THEM • THERE IS WATER SPLASHING AGAINST THE BOATCONNOTATION The connotation of the two people hugging is that they are in a loving relationship together. The words ‘Nothing on earth could come between them’ also suggest that the two people are deeply in love. It’s also ironic because in the end the sea came between them.
  2. 2. DENOTATION & CONNOTATION •A YOUNG COUPLE. •DIFFERENT SHADES OF DARK AND LIGHT BLUE COLOUR •WRITTEN ACROSS THE POSTER IS NOTEBOOK IN BOLD. •YOU SEE THE ACTOR’S NAMES UNDERNEATH THE PICTURES OF THEM The words “behind every great love is a greatCONNOTATION story” implies that we need faith to hold onto love. Love is still out there and to get great love is to be patient and kind.
  3. 3. WHO IS TARGET AUDIENCE? HOW DOES THE SCENE CATER TO THAT SPECIFIC AUDIENCE? Titanic and The Notebook The target audience are mostly based on women since it’s a romance and love drama. But really the film is a movie for anyone who wants to get lost in a beautiful story, for anyone who believes romance is still alive on film. It caters to the women audience because they showpassionate, heavy emotion and contain themes that are relationship-based.
  4. 4. •Both of the movies shows intesity •Romantic •Death/Tradegy •Dramatic •DepressingBecause the movies are based on real life this inspires me toadopt the genre and use it in my piece because it appeals to this genereation.
  5. 5. Characters • Rose is difficult and has nothing inher life to inspire her. She is, therefore,a "flat" character with confused flashes of intensity and reason. •Jack is a stereotypical happy-go-lucky artist type. He is also a shady character. • He does not waste a moment with anything he encounters.
  6. 6. She represents the different types of love that exist. Allie grows and matures, so does her understanding of love. Her growth symbolizes the development of real love. Allie is able to develop as an artist, and a character, because of Noahs love for her.He is the hero. Noah represents true loveand true faith. He has a strongrelationship with family and friends andis respectful to both nature and authority.He seemingly has no faults.
  7. 7. Music/Mood •The music in Titanic sets the mood because its calm and romantic. •The main song used in Titanic is My heart will go on by Celine Dion, the lyrics near, far, wherever you are, and I know that my heart will go on, which suggest that something bad happens in the future. •This prepares the audience for tradegy. The music grows in intensity towards the end where the story itself intensifies
  8. 8. An opening scene of a beautiful sunrise over a lake is In the beginningshown together with classical sound of a piano to there is a sense ofcreate a romantic feel of the film, emphasising the expectationgenre of romance which is to be expected. because they say the titanic is the Inspires me to change the music in my opening scence biggest boat and depending on the scence that the mood is set in. doesnt sink.
  9. 9. The use of soft colours hides the characters flaws, compared to bright light which reveals flaws.It inspires me for my opening sequences that good lighting enhances themood.
  10. 10. The different type of clothes that the rich and poor wear.
  11. 11. They use great close-up to show expression on someones face. The close-up takes us into the mind of a character.close up reveals the overflow of all the emotions of reliefand of the true and endless love that was forever heldclose to both of these characters hearts. It focused around the genre of pure romance and love between two main characters within the story.
  12. 12. The camera angles are all incredibly slow and gentle, giving a more relaxing theme to Inspires me that different the film which flow easily withangles shows movement and the sound in the background gives a relaxing vibe to the which both together make the viewer. viewer much more relaxed and also gives the romantic feel to the film.