Distributing companies


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Distributing companies

  1. 1. A Film Distributor –is a company or individual responsible for releasing films to thepublic either theatrically or for home viewing (DVD, Video-On-Demand, Download, Television Programs through Broadcastsyndication etc). A distributor may do this directly (if thedistributor owns the theaters or film distribution networks) orthrough theatrical exhibitors and other sub-distributors.
  2. 2.  Universal Pictures (sometimes called Universal City Studios or Universal Studios for short).It is one of the oldest American movie studios still in continuousproductionThey distribute in the UK and USThe are mostly known for doing comedy filmsThey are one of the sixth major movie studios
  3. 3. Examples of Films, Genre and Budget for Universal Studio Film Genre Budget $99,000,000 Back to the future Comedy Despicable Me Comedy $69 million $55 million Meet the Parents Comedy
  4. 4. Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., also known as Warner Bros. Pictures orsimply Warner Bros. (though the name was occasionally given in full formas Warner Brothers during the companys early years) Is an American producer of film and televisionentertainmentThey also known for doing comedy moviesOne of the major film studiosWarner Bros. has several subsidiary companies,including Warner Bros. Studios, Warner Bros.Pictures, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment,Warner Bros. Television, Warner Home Video, etc.Warner owns half of The CW Television Network.
  5. 5. Examples of Films, Genre and Budget for Warner Brothers Film Genre Budget The Hangover Comedy $35 million Police Academy Comedy $4,500,000 Looney Tunes Comedy $80,000,000
  6. 6. Paramount Pictures Corporation; Paramount is consistentlyranked as one of the largest (top-grossing) movie studiosIs an American film and television production/distributioncompany.It is Americas oldest existing film studioIt is also the last major film studio still headquartered in theHollywood district of Los Angeles.
  7. 7. Examples of Films, Genre and Budget for ParamountPicture Corporation Film Genre Budget Paranormal Activity Thriller $15,000 Friday the 13th Horror $19,000,000 The Godfather Drama $6,000,000
  8. 8. Revolver Entertainment is a marketing-lead, all rights film distributioncompanyFounded in 1997, the company has operations in both London and LosAngeles.They are known for drama films based on teenage audienceIt has won many British awards
  9. 9. Examples of Films, Genre and Budget for RevolverEntertainment Film Genre Budget Kidulthood Drama £600,000 Shank Action and Sci-Fi £385,000 Sket Crime $1,000,000
  10. 10. I think Revolver Entertainment would work best with our film because...The films they distribute on are based around are openingsequence dues to the fact they are based around drugsMost film they distribute were filmed in LondonThe distribute films based around young teenager characterThey have flexible budgetRevolver Entertainment would work successfully with our film