Assignment 14 draft_3


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Assignment 14 draft_3

  1. 1. Preliminary Task PlanDraft 3 Kaya, Gia, Rahel and Sanel
  3. 3. Two shot at the tableGirl keeps looking back around Somethings behind her her Match on action shotThings walk when opening the doorbehind her Rough Idea’s on Over the shoulder the task shot when having the conversationScared/frightened facial expressions Extreme close up shot of her hand turning the door handle Close up shot of facial Establishing the location by Talks to friend about what she expression camera movement following think is happening to her the character
  4. 4. Kaya180 degree rule!What is it?It is a basic guideline that characters in a shot should always stay to their left or rightposition with each other. When the rule is broken the characters will constantly changeposition which cannot be broken or it will destruction continuity of a film. If this rule is brokenit will cause loss of focus with the audience, disorientation in shots and scenes, confusionwith the audience and shift eye line match for the actors if in conversation .For example… If a shot is filmed from a 360 degree rule or no imagery line… Both actors will be looking from the same perspective and view point and it will confuse the audience.
  5. 5. Kaya 180 degree rule!If filming is You can’tfilmed from change side ofthe left side the cameraof a room because thethe position ofcharacter characterswould then would behave right flippedand leftpositionstherefore …
  6. 6. KayaHow are you considering it in your preliminary task?We will be filming the character in a conversation to keep their left and rightpositions, therefore to keep this rule we will not be filming from the other side ofthe table. We wont be filming the character conversation over the red line therefore our characters keeping their right and left positions
  7. 7. Match on action! KayaWhat is it?When there is an act or movement films in different shots and angles at differenttimes, however edited to look like it was all done in one shot from one complete movement.How are you considering it in your preliminary task?We will be showing the character open the door from one side of the door then comingthrough it on the other side as if to be one movement though shot from an extreme close upshot to a mid shotThe movement of the There is a full body Low angle from Him on the groundman jumping onto lower as if he had just shot of him underneath of himground looks like one jumping into the in the air dropped from themovement withcontinuity although… air air
  8. 8. Kaya Camera shots and angles! Extreme Over the Establishing Close up close up Two shot shoulder shot shot shot shot Visual Showing the To establish a To show characters reaction To show place or to tell the something or from the something or To show audience someone in more What is it something about someone with detail to give emotional perspective of the other so they greater meaning reactions being used the place, this is and greater message to between two audience can see it so the audience audience and from how they for and can be aware and concentration on show some little people to display would standing something to what kind of why? maybe convey a show meaning details not usually relation ship they there possibly meaning and looked at for making the and emotion with have and audience feel is if emotion with the some sort of the audience they’re there too audience. importance.
  9. 9. Kaya Kaya 1 Over head plans 2 3 4 5 16 13 14 15 6,8,12 7,11 10 Overhead plan! 9
  10. 10. Rahel + Gia Script! DRAFT 1
  11. 11. RahelScript!DRAFT 2
  12. 12. Kaya Script changes DRAFT 1 DRAFT 2 ‘EBI’ CHANGES• Add shot numbers • Correct shot numbers added• Add commentary • Accurate commentary added• Alignment is • Correct the slightly incorrect alignment
  13. 13. Sanel Storyboard! DRAFT 1
  14. 14. Sanel Storyboard! DRAFT 1
  15. 15. Sanel Storyboard! DRAFT 2
  16. 16. Sanel Storyboard! DRAFT 2
  17. 17. Sanel Storyboard! DRAFT 2 18 19 20
  18. 18. Kaya Storyboard changes DRAFT 1 DRAFT 2 ‘EBI’ CHANGES• Add shot numbers • Shot numbers included
  19. 19. Sanel + Kaya Shot list! DRAFT 1 Type of shot Description Prop/costume neededGia looks around • Mid shot Gia grabs hold of the • Bangles door handle then • Jeans looks around scared • shirtGia hold the door handle • Close up shot Gia turns the door • Bangles handle • Jeans • shirtGia walks through the • Match on action Gia walks to her seat • Banglesother side of the door • Establishing shot • Jeans • ShirtGia sits there waiting • Extreme close up Gia sits there waiting • Bangles shot • Jeans • ShirtSanel holds the handle • Close up shot Sanel hold the • Bangles • Match on action handle then walks to • Jeans a seat • Shirt
  20. 20. Sanel + Kaya Shot list! DRAFT 1 Type of shot Description Prop/costume neededGia is talking • Mid shot Gia talks to Sanel • Bangles about whats • Jeans happening to her • shirtSanel is talking • Mid shot Sanel is talking to Gia • Necklace trying to convince • Jeans her its not true • shirtSanels reaction to what • Over the We see Sanel from • NecklaceGia’s saying shoulder shot Gias perspective • Jeans • ShirtThey converse at the table • Two shot They both sit there • Bangles talking to each other • Necklace about it • Jeans • ShirtGia points at the wall • Mid shot Gia scared points to • Bangles the wall because she • Jeans can see something • Shirt
  21. 21. Sanel Shot list! DRAFT 2 Type of shot Description Prop/costume neededGia walks to the door • Full Body Shot Gia walks to the door • Bangles and is about to open • Jeans it. • shirtGia turns her head around • Close-up shot Gia looks to see what • Bangles is behind her. • Jeans • shirtGia holds the door handle • Extreme Close- Gia turns the knob. • Bangles up • Jeans • ShirtGia walks through the • Match on action Gia walks to her seat. • Banglesother side of the door • Jeans • ShirtGia carries on walking • Full Body shot Gia walks to her seat. • Bangles • Jeans • Shirt
  22. 22. Sanel Shot list! DRAFT 2 Type of shot Description Prop/costume neededYou just see Gia’s legs (8) • Close-up Shot She reaches to her • Bangles seat and is about to • Jeans sit down . • shirtGia sits down (9) • Mid shot Gia sits down on the • Necklace chair. • Jeans • shirtSanel is at the table (10) • A reverse shot Sanel starts to talk to • Necklace Gia . • Jeans • ShirtGia is talking (11) • A mid shot Gia talks to Sanel • Bangles about what she is • Necklace seeing. • Jeans • ShirtYou see the whole room • Establishing Shot You see the whole • Bangles(12) room while Gia talks • Jeans about how she can • Shirt see someone.
  23. 23. Sanel Shot list! DRAFT 2 Type of shot Description Prop/costume neededSanel and Gia starts talking • Two shot Sanel and Gia starts • Necklace(13) doing their revision • Jeans for exam. • shirtGia stops working (15) • Mid-shot Gia looks around the • Necklace room. • Jeans • ShirtGia points towards a wall • Over the Gia points towards a • Bangles(18) shoulder shot wall as she can see • Necklace someone. • Jeans • ShirtSanel turns to see what Gia • Close up shot Sanel looks behinds • Banglesis pointing at (19) her to check • Jeans • ShirtSanel gets a reaction(21) • Extreme Close up Sanel looks behinds • Bangles shot her and see’s what • Jeans Gia see’s. • Shirt
  24. 24. Kaya Shot list changes DRAFT 1 DRAFT 2 ‘EBI’ CHANGES• Add shot numbers • Correct shot numbers added• Co-ordinate with • Storyboard, script storyboard and and shot list all linked script in order• Not enough shots • Preliminary changed slightly with more shots