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Technology lesson 1


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Lesson 1 for AS Media

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Technology lesson 1

  1. 1. To become familiar with technology
  2. 2. AS Media – what is it?  50 % Foundation Production Sept – Feb half term The pages of a music magazine  50% examination Jan – May Section A – TV Drama. Section B: Audiences and institutions.
  3. 3. To become familiar with technology  Logging on to a Mac  Have you used a mac before?  All the macs have extensions for USB’s and do not need to be turned round!  If we are waiting for your user name, log in as mac . Password: media
  4. 4. To become familiar with technology  Internet : Google Chrome or Safari  The bottom tool bar shows shortcuts.  The first blue folder is the folder you can keep files in to use on PC’s downstairs in the common room.
  5. 5. To become familiar with technology  Finder - on the left shows you devices and areas.  Applications Word
  6. 6. To become familiar with technology  You need a google email address.  If you don’t have one, set one up now.  Record your user name and password in your journal.  You also need to register with Flickr. After you register ask to join the Vale Media group.
  7. 7. To become familiar with technology  Also register with 1. Prezi 2. Slideshare 3. Wordle [ may not work here] 4. Record your user names and passwords in your journal. Give these to Mrs B who will also keep them private for you.
  8. 8. To become familiar with technology  Create a blog using  All of your work will go on this blog so give it a sensible name and a clean professional design.  This blog address will go to OCR!  Record your user name and password and your blog web address and your blog title/ name in your journal. Give it all to Mrs B.
  9. 9. To add a post Write your brief  Respond to the brief…. What are your initial ideas about the brief?  Check your spelling and grammar! Check it’s well presented.  Post it!
  10. 10. Vale Media Blog   This is YOUR home hub! It will have links to all units and your hwk on it.  Go on it now. If you click the page links at the top, it will take you to support and resources for that unit of the course.
  11. 11. USB  Have a USB just for Media. You cannot use it on a PC! You cannot use an encrypted USB on a mac.