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Support for the AS G321 Evaluation


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Making links back to research & planniing

Published in: Education
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Support for the AS G321 Evaluation

  1. 1. How to write a good evaluation Use all your previous hard work! You should be able to show how you have used your planning to develop creativity.
  2. 2. Q1: forms and conventions in relation to production Indie Magazine Conventions and Findings • After choosing my magazine genre and completing research I have learnt about the following: Conventions: Masthead takes up normally around 1/6th of the front page - often in red, blue or green I did not completely adhere to this convention: my masthead is 1/6th however, it is in black. I decided to do this as it stood out more on a shelf. To maintain my TA’s chosen colour scheme I used blue in the features text and red as a background colour. I believe this worked well to a certain extent. The masthead certainly stands out however, I am still not 100% happy with the back ground. In A2 or at degree level, I would spend more time on this convention. • Colours used are pink and blue - appeals to both genders Again , I did not fully adhere to this. I used blue but failed to use pink. It could be argued that this was not completely the right decision, the blue certainly appealed to the male gender however, there seems to be less representation for females. However, it could be argued that “stereotypes are not simple” [Perkins] and use of these colours would have bee too stereotypical. The images certainly provide a female gaze as I created a start image for the boy band. • Font colours are usually white, blue, black or pink – I adhered to this convention and am pleased with the result. • Cover stories - main article is always about a specific singer or band. – I adhered to this convention and featured SFNH. Ironically I used blue for Sapphire although she is a female singer. This developed synergy with the colour scheme, challenged traditional female representation but also symbolically represented the colour of the gemstone sapphire. Overall I am pleased with this decision. THIS WOULD THEN NEED SCREEN GRABS ADDING TO VISUALLY SHOW WHAT KAYLEY IS TALKING ABOUT! Remember to try and add theory – really show your learning and your journey.
  3. 3. Q 4 & 5 appealing to the TA and who is the TA? • TA Research Results – evaluation of how I used this research to appeal to my TA. • Following the survey I analyzed the results and they were: Front cover 87% of people preferred the masthead to be at the top of the cover. • 64% of people said that there should not be a black banner behind the mast head. 89% of people agreed that there should be a photograph of the band on the cover. 100% of people agreed that there should be advertisements. 91% of people said that there should be exclusives. 53% of people said that the background should be a dark blue/black. I used all of these to appeal to my TA. I think this was the right decision, the style suits the genre and I was able to add additional social media links and logos “Ticket Master” that would be familiar to my TA. LISA WILL NEED TO ADD SCREEN GRAB CUTAWAYS TO THIS TOO!
  4. 4. Q4 Evaluating the TA Profile Initially I identified my TA as a range of boys and girls, all aged between 16-19. I did not fully meet this planning and the creative choices I made resulted in a more male gendered magazine. Upon reflection I would change this to ensure an appeal to both genders and therefore widen my audience. I had planned to reflect their own individual indie style, they would maybe wear clothing such as beanies, oversized shirts and skinny jeans. I believe I successfully achieved this. I think a typical indie person would eat out at a take away, Mc Donalds or at a restaurant. Andindie teen would most likely be found at festivals such as 'Y not' or 'Leeds festival' Although I didn’t include lifestyle products such as Subway or MacDonalds I did include festivals and still therefore believe this to be a defining feature of my TA. During research and planning I found words related to an Indie Person; • Bullying , groups , high school, independent, indie girl, indie guy, indie music, indie people • Music, peer pressure, poser, secondary school, stereotype, style I included some of these but not all. I made this decision as I didn’t believe that all of them would actually represent positively my TA profile . THIS ORIGINAL POST COULD BE EASILY COPIED/ PASTED/ ADDED TO / CHANGED/ RESPONDED TO IN THIS WAY AND SCREEN GRABS ADDED.
  5. 5. In your note to moderator please include the following: • My blog has ...... research posts, ...............planning posts................. And teh remainder are drafts, final pages and answers to the evaluation questions. In total I have................ posts.
  6. 6. Homework • Using your individual sheet & blog: respond to all targets and comments. • Due Monday 2nd March for final marks.