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Circulation: Over 12,500                                                                                                  ...
❖ Midnights at the Hive Mind

                                                                             I   tʼs been a ...
Providing Prompt & Reliable Service ... Just in Time for Fall To Enjoy the Outdoors
Advertising in Our Town
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Lads ʻNʼ Ladders
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"Our Town" "Waterford Lakes" Orlando Area Direct-Mail Advertising:
"Our Town" "Waterford Lakes" Orlando Area Direct-Mail Advertising:
"Our Town" "Waterford Lakes" Orlando Area Direct-Mail Advertising:
"Our Town" "Waterford Lakes" Orlando Area Direct-Mail Advertising:
"Our Town" "Waterford Lakes" Orlando Area Direct-Mail Advertising:
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"Our Town" "Waterford Lakes" Orlando Area Direct-Mail Advertising:


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"Our Town" "Waterford Lakes" Orlando Area Direct-Mail Advertising:

  1. 1. Circulation: Over 12,500 September 2009 Established 1995 Mailed monthly to Waterford Lakes and surrounding areas (407) 366-8696 Fax (407) 359-2118 Y OZE N OGU R Florida Coastal Cleanup Volunteers, mark your calendars for Saturday, September 19, from R S of t Ser v e Ice Cream 9 to 11 a.m., for the City of Orlando waterway cleanup event of the fall season! In 2008, more than 32,000 Floridians cleaned nearly T T F 2,000 miles of shoreline and collected 409,000 pounds of garbage! F r e s h F r u i t To p p i n g s Locations: Lake Ivanhoe, Lake Underhill, Lake Adair, Park Lake, and LaCosta Wetlands. Dress for a mess! Free T-shirt! Register at FREE s ! le a specific location: 407-246-2752 or Samp i•Kiwi Orlando ICE CREAM CAKES Available Same Day! AIRPORT PARKING ........................... Certificate New Flavors Weekly GUARANTEED Parking Space with this coupon! 5 407-365-1881 4250 Alafaya Trail, Oviedo $ 95 PER DAY CAR & TRUCK RENTAL Corner of McCulloch Road & Alafaya Trail (in the Publix Shopping Plaza Across from WalMart) AIRPORT PARKING FAST, FREE Shuttle Buses Semoran Blvd Goldenro Na rc To & From The Airport!! $1.00 OFF $2.00 OFF oo OT0909 ss d Rd ee Rd CAR & TRUCK RENTAL Bee Line Expy 528 minimum purchase of $3.00 minimum purchase of $10.00 Orlando International Airport With coupon. Not valid with any With coupon. Not valid with any 407-888-4446 7640 Narcoossee Rd., Orlando 32822 other offers. Exp. 9/30/09. other offers. Exp. 9/30/09. BRAND NEW FACILITY • FULLY PAVED • OPEN 24/7 • SECURE • GREAT RATES CARPETS STEAM CLEANED Hot Summer by PREMIER CLEANING SERVICES Sizzlers! You Have Tried The Rest With The Promise’s That You Didn’t Get, NOW Try The Best With The Promise’s You Will Get, GUARANTEED 10% r THIS OFFER INCLUDES: • Free Demo Of Corrective Cleaning CARPETS 5 ROOMS UPHOLSTERY LOVE SEAT o SOFA CLEANED Seni unt • Full Carpet And Home Analysis $ 6.95 $ 34.75 AS LITTLE AS CLEANED o AS LITTLE AS Disc • Color Brighteners • Dust Mite Control ANY SIZE WITH FREE HALL $ 29.95 • Furniture Moved And Replaced • Professional Workmanship ROOM ANY SIZE ROOM MOST FABRICS $ 23.50 • 18 Years Proven Experience HALL, STAIRS & LANDING CLEANED AIR DUCT CLEANING Est. 1990 CERAMIC TILE & 50% ! OFF WOW HARDWOOD FLOOR 25.95 9P • Customer Satisfaction $ Under 13 Steps $ BEFORE PAYMENT! Minus $2 Per Step CLEANING ER DUCT WHY NOT HAVE YOUR WE ALSO OFFER: Corrective Cleaning Method for Heavily Soiled Carpets 22¢–30¢ per sq. ft. • Commercial Rates • Dupont Teflon • Oriental Rug, FREE Pick-up & Delivery • Pet Odor Control • Truck Mount Available • Carpet Repairs • Berber 20¢ sq. ft. HOUSE OR DRIVEWAY PRESSURE WASHED 24 HOUR FLOOD DAMAGE AND RESTORATION FOR AS LITTLE AS FOR TRUSTWORTHY, RELIABLE SERVICE $ 79.95 CALL TODAY…407-677-0464 PROUD MEMBER We have an “A” rating QUALITY WORK ALWAYS ASSURED • REGISTERED AND FULLY INSURED, FLORIDA REGISTRATION # G04194900150 with this agency 1
  2. 2. ❖ Midnights at the Hive Mind I tʼs been a strange summer for me, sleep-wise. Iʼve been working at home, and without an external structure, my sleep cycle has evolved to a schedule usually seen only in teenagers and the severely jet- lagged. I sleep so late that I canʼt bring myself to admit the hour to anyone — it shames me just to have the dog know what time I get up! But I try to redeem myself by working at the computer long past midnight, which is when I find myself visiting online forums populated by friendly young men. Now, please donʼt stop reading there, Valid for those who have not because itʼs truly not what it sounds like! attended Jazzercise in the last 6 months. Not valid with any Website development is what Iʼve been working other offer. Valid only 9/30/2009. on, stuff like XHTML, CSS, Javascript and CMS Where you’re already a configuration. This is not actually programming, my MEMBER with son informs me, but itʼs close enough for an old broad like me. Fortunately, when I get stuck, there is help just NO JOINING FEE! a click away at any hour, day or night. It turns out that Center Pointe East Orange Renaissance Sr thereʼs a sort of “hive mind” always buzzing at online Church Community Center Center message boards on these topics, and all the bees are 9580 Curry Ford Rd 12050 E Colonial Dr 3600 S Econ Tr young men, giving each other helpful suggestions like, 407-929-1051 Bldg B 407-929-1051 “Dude, in the index.php, try adding style = ʻposition: 407-977-1384 relativeʼ to one of the divs in the hornnav module.” Sure, thereʼs an occasional young woman, or an old guy (my age, that is) on the board. But from my TILE ROOF RESTORATION observations, it appears that I am the only over-50 female on the planet engaging in this type of late-night CALL FOR YOUR FREE ROOF INSPECTION code wrangling. And thatʼs a shame, because I think a SAFE ROOF CLEANING lot of empty-nested women with insomnia would love Broken Tile Roof Painting Roof it. Fiddling around “under the hood” of a website is as Tiles? Leaks? compelling as a knotty crossword puzzle or Sudoku, Roof Sealing plus it gives you something to show for your effort. The dearth of females in this area is as mystifying to me as our under-representation among finger-style Services guitarists, National Geography Bee contestants, and late night talk show hosts. I think itʼs time for a change. CLEANING • SEALING • PAINTING So, hereʼs to new interests at any age and time PROFESSIONAL STAFF • REASONABLE RATES of day, and without preconceived notions of gender Painting Exteriors & Pool Decks suitability. Maybe, when I get done with my current CLEANING: Pool Enclosures projects, Iʼll pick up the guitar. Or maybe Iʼll create a Exteriors 6 Drives/Walks 6 Gutters late-night workshop, something like “Wacky Women PAVER INSTALLATION Weaving Websites.” Because this is just way too much Patios • Drives • Walkways fun to leave to the boys. Natural Stone Pathways • Travertine Thanks for reading, and hang in there, folks... Wet-Look Sealing summerʼs almost over! Iʼll let you know when the new DECORATIVE CONCRETE COATINGS Our Town website is up — I hope youʼll visit it and Pool Deck Resurfacing 6 Acid Staining say, “Wow! An old broad did this?” Licensed & Insured 407- 963-8312 Your publishers, Mark Lipten and Sandy Bailey Lipten 2
  3. 3. Providing Prompt & Reliable Service ... Just in Time for Fall To Enjoy the Outdoors Bonded & Insured A+Home Screen Repair, LLC Same or Next Day Service on Most Repairs 6 Screen Repairs FREE ESTIMATES! 6 Complete Re-Screening 10% Don’t Delay, Call Today… 6 Door Repairs & Tune Ups Discount 407-333-0770 6 Home Window Screens 6 Pet Doors on All Re + pairs with this A Home Sc ad Serving: Seminole, Orange & reen Repair Osceola Counties 6 Complete Enclosure Inspection 407-333- 07 70 (OT0 9 0 9 ) Price + Quality + Service = Guaranteed Satisfaction Home Renovation Specialists W.W. WELSH CONSTRUCTION, LLC “Relax… • Painting • Decking We’re Professionals” • Sheetrock • Tile • Texturing WILLIAM WELSH • Concrete • Framing 407-468-9987 • Windows • Truss Certified Residential Contractor • Doors Lic.# CRC1329929 Fire & Water Damage Specialists FREE $ 3 Off Haircut Haircut with any (Reg. $13) chemical service new customers only CT Hair Salon • 407-275-9320 CT Hair Salon • 407-275-9320 With this coupon. Cannot be With this coupon. Cannot be combined with other offers. combined with other offers. Expires 10/31/09. Expires 10/31/09. 12478 Lake Underhill Rd. Orlando, FL 32828 FREE 20% Off Experienced Professionals Specializing in Haircuts, Eyebrow Wax First Time Visit Color and Perms with haircut & shampoo OR OR $20 purchase Any Product Purchase (407) 275-9320 CT Hair Salon • 407-275-9320 With this coupon. Cannot be CT Hair Salon • 407-275-9320 With this coupon. Cannot be combined with other offers. combined with other offers. Expires 10/31/09. Expires 10/31/09. 3
  4. 4. Advertising in Our Town Deadline for October: $ 20 OFF Your Next Sat., Sept. 12 Call 407-366-8696. Irrigation Service Call ■ BUSINESS LINE ADS: Products, service, real estate rentals/sales. Up to 6 lines (about 40 words) of text only—no logos, art or centering—with top line in bold type. (This is not the rate for business card size “display ads” – please call for those rates.) • $30 for 1 month/1 area, $37 w/ blue border • $80 for 3 months/1 area, $100 w/ blue border • $150 for 6 months/1 area, $185 w/ blue border Additional lines: $5 • Landscape design • Clean-up work • Hardscape ■ FOR SALE ADS (Other than real estate): Private • Installation • Mulch (rock work) parties selling pre-owned items. (Real estate: see above) • Full irrigation & repair • Drainage control • Butterfly gardens Up to 20 words (must fit in 3 lines): $10 per month • Landscape lighting • Sod installation • Property maintenance Additional words: .50 each. Border: $5 FREE Estimates! ■ COMMUNITY NOTES: Free (space allowing) for non-profit meetings, special events or volunteer needs. Bryan Blake (407) 339-4990 RATE INFORMATION - DISPLAY ADS American Please call us for rates and procedures at 407- 366-8696 MasterCard Express or visit our website at MID-FLORIDA HOW TO PLACE YOUR LINE AD PRESSURE CLEANING, Inc. MAIL your ad and payment to: 23 Years Experience Our Town A+ wRatie g s n & Reputation! P.O. Box 4548 ith th Busines Betterureau B SAFE Licensed & Insured Winter Park, FL 32793 OR FAX 407-359-2118 or EMAIL ROOF CLEANING us with wording, then send a check. Questions? 8 All Types of Roofs Call 407-366-8696, Visit 8 Plant Protection or E-mail: 8 Manufacturer Approved Process Our Town is mailed in one monthly bulk mailing to selected postal NO DAMAGING PRESSURE! carrier routes. Unfortunately, we are unable to mail single copies if your address falls outside the bulk mail area. All material in this publication, both editorial matter and ad design, PRESSURE CLEANING is the property of Our Town and is not to be reproduced without • Home • Screen Enclosures • Driveways written permission. We are sorry that we cannot accept responsibility • Pool Decks • Sidewalks • Gutters for the performance of our advertisers or confirm that they are PLEASE CALL properly licensed. Please ask for references! Occupational licenses Protect your assets! Please demand!!! can be verified by calling the appropriate county. Worker’s Compensation Insurance Certificate. Don’t forget our other editions! FREE ESTIMATES 10% • Winter Park/Maitland • College Park/Selected Orlando 407-331-4436 OFF with this ad • Sweetwater/Heathrow • Tuscawilla/Winter Springs EMPLOYING OFF-DUTY FIREFIGHTERS & PARAMEDICS • Oviedo • Baldwin Park/East Winter Park 4
  5. 5. � ����� ����� ����������� �������������� ����� ���������������� � � ������� ������������ ����������������������������������������� ������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������� ����������������������� ��������������������������������������������� ����������������������������� ������������������������ ������������� ������������� ������������� ������������� ������������������� ������������������� ������������������� ������������������� Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria ������������ Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria ������������ Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria ������������ Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria ������������ ��������������������� ��������� ������������������������� ��������� ���������� ����������� ������������������ ������������������������� ����������������������� ������������� ���������� ����������������������� Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria ��������� ���������������� ������������������ ���������������������� ������ ������� ������������ ����������� ��������� ������������ ����������������������������� ������������ ������������ ��������������������� ��������������� ����������������� ��������������������������������� �������������������������������� ����������������������������������� ��������������������������� � ��������������������������� 5
  6. 6. Lads ʻNʼ Ladders WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE • Professional & Experienced Choose from Select Windows • Every Window Hand Washed to a Complete Window (No messy, ineffective hoses) Cleaning Package • Residential & Commercial (No job too small or too big) ƒOutside &/or Inside Windows • Licensed, Insured & Bonded ƒTracks, Frames, Screens Call Lads ‘N’ Ladders $ 20 Off When you mention 407-679-6243 this ad For FREE Estimate Ladʼs ʻNʼ Ladders is a subsidiary of ROYAL MAID SERVICE E & T Drywall And Paint, LLC All phases of drywall, painting, carpentry, etc. We do it all! RECESSION SPECIAL - UP TO HALF PRICE OFF! BRICK PAVERS & STUCCO Also ask about our Senior discount. Residential/Commercial. Licensed/Insured. Lic.# 1816-524381. Free Estimates. Residential & Commercial • Licensed & Insured 28 years experience. 407-290-8068 • 407-763-8137 Pools • Walkways • Driveways Patios • Repairs • Retaining Walls TOTAL LAWN AND TREE 407-298-1324 Your Full Service Lawn and Landscape Provider. Fax 407-296-7815 FREE 20% off lawn maintenance for all new customers. Estimates Licensed and Insured. Residential and Commercial. 321-297-5392, ❈ ❈ ❈ Book Now Published – “Miss Ann’s Art” Visit and click contact for book info. DIRT BUSTERS NASCA Carpet, Upholstery & Tile Cleaning POWERFUL TRUCK MOUNTED EQUIPMENT • NO HIDDEN COSTS • All prices include the deep scrubbing method • We’re honest – No bait & switch • Certified technicians • Licensed & insured • Family owned & operated Tile & Grout Cleaning New Age Solutions SINCE 1984 for Computer Applications Before After Web Applications, Network Installations, Customized Please 407-696-7777 Applications, Business Software, Support & Training for: American Express Call MasterCard CARPET CLEANING n Accounting n Human Resources ANY 3 AREAS CLEANED ANY 5 AREAS CLEANED ANY 7 AREAS CLEANED n Catalogs & Product Management n Project Management $ 6500 Includes Steam Cleaning, $ 10500 Includes Steam Cleaning, $ 13500 Includes Steam Cleaning, n Inventory Management n Payroll Deodorizing & Pre-Treatment Deodorizing & Pre-Treatment Deodorizing & Pre-Treatment Living Room, Dining Room, Combos, Stairs, over 250 sq. ft. count as 2 areas. n Order Processing n e-Commerce, e-Stores UPHOLSTERY ONLY AIR DUCT CLEANING TILE GROUT CLEANING CLEANING SOFA & LOVESEAT 8500 $ Includes Steam Cleaning, $ 2500 per vent Includes Vacuuming, Sanitizing & 35¢ sq.ft. 200˚ Heat, 1,000PSI FREE CONSULTATION @ 407-965-6808 Deodorizing & Pre-Treatment Sealing. 5 vent minimum. No Mess 6
  7. 7. A -SCREEN REPAIR, Inc. Your Local Company “Ole Reliable” RESCREENING SPECIALIST Storm Damage Specialist The Original “A” … Not “A” This or “A” That! Don’t Be Fooled By Copycats “Ole Reliable” Since 1975 Full Rescreen Pool Enclosure Repair FREE ESTIMATES! Single Panel Repairs Patio Repairs Warranty On All Work Maintenance Porch Repairs YES…We are the company Quality Work Screen Door Repairs with the Insurance Work Welcome Pet Doors Installed RED TRUCKS you see all over town 407-977-1101 10% OFF STATE coupon 407-831-1811 CERTIFIED with this ad Member Licensed • Bonded • Insured Always ask for proof before work begins! 1513 West Broadway Glass Tinting Saves Energy Block the Sun, Not the View! Present this ad for a 15% SAVINGS on Installation Expires 12/31/09 Protective Glass Coatings of Central Florida, Inc. Protecting Central Florida Since 1993 Power Company Without Solar Window Film Protection: With Solar Window Film Protection: Rebates • UV Rays destroy your homeʼs furnishings • UV radiation is reduced 99.9% • Infrared Heat wastes precious energy dollars • Reduce up to 80% Solar Heat Gain FREE ESTIMATES • Dangers of broken glass are forever present • Greatly reduces the unsightly glare • Uncomfortable hot spots • Poor TV viewing from unsightly glare • Increase comfort by cooling hot spots • Lifetime Warranty 407-332-1968 • High Energy Bills • Shields you from broken glass WWW.SAFEWINDOW.NET 7
  8. 8. C E N T R AL F LORI DA Hosted by the Conway United TA BL E Methodist Church 3401 S. Conway Rd. C TENNIS L U B Orlando, FL 32812 407-854-6301 OPEN PLAY Fridays from 6:00 to 10:00pm HUGE $4.00 Admission • $2.00 Members FACILIT Y! Stiga Pro Tables • Pro Coach on Staff Oil Portraits A Perfect Services, Inc.– We Clean Windows & More by Weʼre not perfect, but we always make an “A”! Robert L. Dellinger $3.95/standard window, gutters, air ducts & A/C systems. Pressure Washing. Raking. Screen Repairs. Auto Detailing. Handyman Services. Serving Central FL since 1988. FREE ESTIMATES. 407-327-2350 or 1-800-891-2365. Phillip R. Hestbeck License #1816-0103296 • Insured Your Re-Paint Specialist RESIDENTIAL REPAIR & PAINT, LLC 407-658-6217 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Painted from photos taken by the artist • Interior Painting • Stucco Sealing • Exterior Painting • Ceilings/Walls/Trim/Doors For an estimate or to see portfolio: • Pressure Washing • Drywall & Texture 407-695-3107 • Repair: Water Damage, Termite/Pest Damage (Prices start at $300 for 16” x 20” portraits) Install: Crown Moulding, Chair Rail, Doors & All Trim 8
  9. 9. P.H.D. SERVICE TODAY! (Professional Hair Designer) ILLS AIR INC. Color Specialist ~ Advanced Stylist Deborah Mangham formerly of Beauti-Works M DebStylist 407-353-5618 AIR CONDITIONING 448 S. Alafaya Trail, Ste. 13 Orlando, FL 32828 20% off your first visit with this ad! & HEATING Honesty Is Our Best Policy Casket Gallery & Cremation Service We Service All Brands “Going Home With Dignity” • Cremations • Urns • Vaults • Caskets Caskets starting at $595, Cremations $530 special by mention of ad. Residential • Commercial 6584 University Blvd., Winter Park 407-679-2275, SERVICE • REPAIR REPLACEMENT • INSTALLATION -State Certified Contractor- Additions, Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling, Screen 100% FINANCING AVAILABLE Enclosures, Fire & Flood Restoration, Flooring, Painting, FREE 2nd OPINION Crown Molding and More. Licensed, Bonded and Insured. 90 Days Same As Cash Many References. CRC#1329849. 407-312-6430 ~ FREE Estimates on Replacement Units ~ ~ All Work Guaranteed ~ BUYING AMERICAN HISTORICAL ITEMS SERVING CENTRAL FLORIDA FOR OVER 20 YEARS World War Two uniforms, medals, photos, letters, helmets, bayonets, patches, swords. All Military items & old guns. SERVICE Also buying antique furniture, photos, books, postcards, framed art, paintings, Indian items. Estate Buy-Outs. SPECIALS ! 15 OFF Service $ Call Dan 407-810-2399. (with repair over $100) FREE DIGITAL THERMOSTAT WITH ANY NEW SYSTEM ($240 VALUE) Learn to cook without meat and dairy products! Free Vegan Cooking Classes and Delicious Vegan Samplings, MasterCard STATE CERT. Sunday, Sept. 13 and Sunday, Oct. 4 from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. #CAC056779 Cooking classes and delicious samplings afterward provided by Orlandoʼs award winning Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant. Classes at Central Church in the Hillcrest Community and Learning CALL 407-277-1159 Center in downtown Orlando. For more information 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE or to register, call 407-841-7510. Carson’s Computer Repair choice Fire Equipment Professional Service At Competitive Prices We Come To You For All Your Computer Needs yearly required maintenance Call For A sales & service Free In-Home Diagnosis: mobile recharging • exit & emergency • battery & bulbs JOE CARSON Scott Harms: 407-862-6690 407-284-9461 9
  10. 10. WATERWORKS PROFESSIONAL EXTERIOR CLEANING Quality Work at $200 HOUSE, DRIVE & WALK Limited Time Offer! Size Limits Apply. Reasonable Prices FREE Low Pressure Roof Cleaning ESTIMATES Brick Paver Restoration John Miller Safe Roof Manufacturer Approved Owner / Operator OFF DUTY FIREFIGHTER Licensed & Insured (407) 376-9526 & Sealing We can also load or unload your truck! BECKER HOME SERVICES - Home / Office SEBASTIAN MOVING Maintenance & Repair • Roof Leak Repair • Home Improvement • Handyman Services and MUCH more! • FREE ESTIMATES. Professional Furniture Movers • 20% OFF 1ST SERVICE • Senior Discounts. No Job Too Small. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Licensed & Insured. Lic.#1816-1062708. • A Few Items or an Entire Household Call Today! 407-484-3636 • • Apartments, Homes and Offices • Specializing in Real Estate Transactions • Over 10 Years Experience Florida Mover Window Cleaning Medics MasterCard Reg. No. MEMBER 407-466-6455 IM977 “Clean windows STAT.” Now that the kids are in school itʼs time to get those windows cleaned, FINALLY. Customer Satisfaction is my #1 Goal! CENTRAL FLORIDA Windows in/out, tracks and screens. Licensed and Insured. FREE Over the phone estimates. 407-334-0174, WILSON KNOTT'S TREE (and LAWN) SERVICE • Now Offering Lawn Mowing • Tree Trimming • Tree Removal • Tree Installation • Stump Grinding • Light Tractor Work • Landscaping • Firewood Serving Central Florida With Over 20 Yrs. Professional Experience • Over 27 Years Experience • Competitive Prices • Call For Free Estimate: 407-568-1661 or 407-924-2807 Cell. SMART DEAL, SMARTER AIR CONDITIONER Musical Theater for Kids! FREE $ 1500 Central Fl. Performing Arts begins their new semester on with HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, JR. for 4th grade & up! Special Diagnostic Fee Tax Credit on qualifying systems program for younger performers also! CFPA is non-auditioned, with Repair everyone is welcome, age 3 yrs. to high school! Director is a Residential only. Juilliard grad and Disney entertainer. Private voice lessons Tune-Up 65 available also! Call Delisa at 407-740-8612 or go online: $ Special Whatever it takes. The Computer Guy Computer Problems? Call us and weʼll come to you with our same or next day service MasterCard ® Heating & Cooling Systems for all of your commercial and residential computer needs. Computer repair, upgrades, virus/spyware removal, backups, (407) 737-3435 networking & training. Call Patrick at 407-655-8445. Honest • Reliable • Family Owned & Operated • Guaranteed Hot Tub For Sale Satisfaction • Licensed & Insured • State Certification CAC058591 Fiber Optic Waterfall and Therapy Jets. Never used, in crate! $1995. Dealer: 407-831-1322 10
  11. 11. Ready to Paint & Make Other Improvements? Professional Ask us about Service Discounts this Since 1989 month! ACCURATE PAINTING PROFESSIONAL HAIR SERVICE FOR Interior/Exterior Custom Painting 5 Pool Deck & Garage Floor Coatings MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN Drywall Repair, Carpentry 5 Pressure Cleaning Crown Molding, Doors 5 Baths & Kitchens 5 Haircuts Flooring 5 Gutters 5 Hair Styling Licensed, Residential & Bonded & Insured Call for a FREE Estimate Commercial 5 Hair Color 5 Highlight 407-628-4868 5 Perms 5 Hair Straightening 5 Hair Extensions 5 Eyelash Extensions 5 Make-up/Up-do Does Your Pool Leak? Stop wasting water and chemicals! Residential pool and spa leak detections. Servicing all of Central Florida. (407) 277-7548 Call Leak Detective at 407-756-6005. WATERFORD TOWERS 504 N. Alafaya Trail #114, Orlando, FL 32828 Have a boat you want to sell or need to store? (same building with Buffalo Wild Wings and Fuji Sushi restaurants) We are running out of boats to sell – let us sell yours for you! Consignment sales (Sail and Power), Storage with 24 hour security. Lake access, Rentals, Repairs and Sailing Lessons Lake Fairview Marina – 407-295-0117. LOREN’S DRAPERIES Fabric Decor for every room in your home. Whatever your style, taste or budget. $4 OFF FREE Haircut with purchase of any $100 Draperies • Window Treatments • Custom Shades • Blinds All Styles • Commercial • Residential your next haircut chemical service Call for an in-home consultation, 407-538-7899. No expiration. No expiration. BUSINESS HOURS Always Buying Gold & Silver FOR CASH Mon.–Sat. 9AM–8PM • Sun. 10AM–5PM • Old Coins & Watches • Antique Furniture • Paintings • Old Guns • Persian & Oriental Rugs • Pottery • Glassware • Clocks • Junque & Costume Jewelry • American Indian/Military Items • Old Postcards • Old Toys, Dolls, Trains • Weird & Unusual • Most Anything of Value • Please call John Salamon 407-765-4802. Everything Screen Repair, Inc. Quality work at a competitive price! Need help with Math/Science? • Full pool enclosures & porch re-screening Graduating UCF biology student will provide one-on-one • Single panel replacements FREE HOME tutoring for any middle or high school math or science class, in • Installation of doors, kick-plate & pet doors ESTIMATES your home or at a library or coffee shop. Mature, friendly, great • Adjustments of doors (due to pavers) ! at explaining things. I can give you great rates because you donʼt • Porch screen fill-ins have to go through a tutoring service! Good references, too. Fully Insured & Professionally Licensed Please call Steve Illsley at 352-284-4873 or e-mail Free 30-minute needs analysis! MasterCard (407) 365-9600 American Express 11
  12. 12. Real Estate LET US HELP! Over 30 Years Experience and 4,000 Homes Sold Want To Rent Your Home? Let Us Help! Sell for as little as 3.5% Looking For A Rental? Let Us Help! Flat Fee Listing Program $399 WE CAN FIND YOUR NEXT HOME! Full Service...YES! 954-559-5844 Realtors® - MLS...YES! Office: 407-429-2022 Experienced...YES! Penny Brokers John Penne Licensed Real Estate Broker! 407-896-5520 Winter Park Home For Sale Danny Veal, Realtor GRI, CLHMS (407) 496-2662 One block from the Winter Park Racquet Club! 2060 Sharon Road YOUR HOUSE LYNN KUSCHMANN, BROKER/ASSOCIATE COULD BE In Business since 1974 HERE! RE/MAX 200 Realty Only $29/month 321-277-0522 407-366-8696 Torres & Mercado Enterprises, LLC INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER LAKE FAIRVIEW 888-587-6387 MARINA INC. P.O. Box 141098 Featuring Orlando, FL 32814 Sail & Power Boat Sales Hunter Marine Carmen Torres Amy Mercado New • Used • Consignment Com-Pac Yachts Sailing Lessons Precision Boatworks WHAT WE OFFER: Tohatsu Outboard Motor • Prescription Benefits - The LibertyRx Prescription Plan Boat Rentals • Dental Benefits - Aetna Dental Access ® Plan Pontoon, Sail, Electric Boats Laser Performance • Vision Benefits - Coast to Coast (CTC) Join today 4503 N. Orange Blossom Trail Repair & Service • Chiropractic Care for just (Just South of Lee Rd.) • Trailer Repairs & Parts $59.95 • The Liberty Legal Plan per month 407-295-0117 • Sailboat Repairs • The Liberty Guardian Plan • Full Mechanical Services Let us sell that boat thatʼs on the side of your house! 12
  13. 13. ARVEY’S Appliance Repair Service Forme Se r All Brands Technars ician State Cert. #CCC1326679 • Washers & Dryers • Stoves • Dishwashers • Garbage Disposals • Water Heaters ars 15 Yeience Expe r Quality Work • Competitive Rates Reasonable Rates • Free Estimates • Licensed & Insured 407-282-1364 “ALL ROOF TYPES” New Roofs, Re-Roofs, Roof-Overs Specializing in All Types of Leak Repairs, Brownie Air Service LLC Chimney Leaks & Skylight Leaks Service, Equipment, and Duct Replacement. Full Inspection Services • Dump Trailer Rental Lic.# CAC 1814569. Free Estimates. Visa and MasterCard Accepted. (407) 696-7663 American Express Call 407-453-4481, MasterCard (888) 612-ROOF J & S Tree Service Plus Lawn Maintenance. Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Lawn Maintenance & more for a low price. Licensed & Insured. REAL ESTATE Please call for your Free Estimate. 10% Off with this Ad. "I Am The Vine You Are The Branches" JOHN 15:5 407-384-0127 or 407-218-0595. ABSOLUTE Quality Painting Interior & Exterior Residential Re-paint Specialist. APPRAISALS Pressure Cleaning • Light Drywall Repair / Texturing No job too small. 20 years in your area. Licensed & Insured. Quality is job one. Home: 407-695-1413, Mobile: 407-310-2762 Pool Table For Sale Gorgeous, all wood with 1 inch slate, leather pockets. New in crate. Cost $4k, Sell $1350. Dealer: 407-831-1322 FHA • Bankruptcy • Divorce • Refinance Specializing in appraisal services on all residential Just Gutters properties including Single Family, Townhomes, Duplexes, Condos, Vacant Land and more. SEAMLESS Covering all of Central Florida (Orange, Seminole, Lake, Polk, Osceola & Volusia Counties) 407-466-0020 ERIC MCGAULEY RD6479 Licensed and Insured Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser Email: Specializing in Single Story Residential Ph: 407-595-9605 13
  14. 14. PHONE FAX 407-657-6266 407-657-0198 TLC Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, P.A. Thomas A. Lacy, M.D. Sally Elias, M.D. BAKERY • RESTAURANT • CATERING • Delivery Available • Great Breakfast Items Phone: 407-380-9115 • We Offer Full Service Catering • Homemade Gourmet Soups Fax: 407-380-9189 • Breakfast & Lunch Under $6.00 • Exotic Salads • 25 Flavored Bagels • Spectacular Wraps “I will always treat your children as if they were my very own” • 25 Different Spreads & Gourmet Salads • Piled High Deli Sandwiches er 11715 Orpington Street, Suite A, Orlando, FL 32817 We Offvice r Full Sering Cate Monday–Thursday: 7:30–5:00 • Friday: 7:30–12:00 • Saturday: 9:00–12:00 Visual Vogue Cleaning Casselberry Commons House and office cleaning. 10 years exp. Family owned and Corner of operated. We like what we do and so do our clients. We are 100% Howell Branch & Hwy. 436 honest, professional, and reliable. We go the extra mile. We 1455 Semoran Blvd., Suite 113 always have the same cleaners. We are a small business with a big Casselberry, FL 32707 reputation. References. Lic./Ins. Meet our happy staff! 407-207-7004 1/2 OFF 1/2 OFF Robert E. Hester Painting and Drywall Contractor Drywall and Plaster Repair Specialist. Breakfast Lunch Popcorn, Knockdown, Sand finish. Water damage or repair Purchase 1 Breakfast & 2 Purchase 1 Lunch & 2 damage caused by plumbing and electrician repairs. Beverages, Get 2nd Breakfast Beverages, Get 2nd Lunch Apt. and Hotel Renovations. Lic. #0002818. Insured. (of equal or lesser value) (of equal or lesser value) Call 407-467-3691. 1/2 OFF. 1/2 OFF. Not combinable with other offers or Not combinable with other offers or specials. With coupon. Expires 9/30/09. specials. With coupon. Expires 9/30/09. B & B Enterprise SPECIALIZED SERVICES - Trauma/crime cleanup - Waste EGG & CHEESE TORNADO Removal - Vehicular Accidents - Animal Biohazard Remediation. BAGEL SANDWICH RESTORATIVE SERVICES - Carpet Removal - Pet Odor WITH GOURMET TUESDAY Removal - Smoke/Odor Deodorizing, Neutralizing 407-538-3433 Insurance covers many of these services. COFFEE 18 bagels $3.75 to the dozen For Rent With coupon. Expires 9/30/09. With coupon. Expires 9/30/09. Room(s) or homes for rent starting at $450. Utilities included. Call 407-760-0768; MacDoctor Stop by the MacDoctor for the finest in Apple- certified MacintoshTM inc. computer accessories and service. 407-671-7477 With over 25 years of computer repair 2054 N. S.R. 436, #124 experience, let the Winter Park, FL 32792 Doctor assist you with all your MacintoshTM computing needs. ® Authorized Sales & Service 14
  15. 15. ❖ Community Notes & Volunteering For Lease More Community Notes on pages 17 & 19! Free Older Adult Fitness DVD’s Chantilly Court Ideal Location For Medical, CPA Or Other Professional Use In honor of Active Aging Week, beginning September 21, the • Winter Park address without Winter Park rates. Winter Park Health Foundation (WPHF) will distribute free • Prime, highly visible location on Howell Branch Rd. DVDʼs featuring exercise programs geared toward older adults. • Easy access to I-4, the Greenway & other major arteries. The DVDʼs feature five 30-minute programs recently produced • Ample, on site parking directly in front of individual suites. by Orange TV. They will be distributed from a variety of sites in Winter Park, Maitland and Eatonville. Call Lynn Carolan at WPHF, Suite Sq.Ft. Rate/SF Medical/Prof. Office 407-644-2300, ext. 234, for site information. A-1 4,041 $ 14.50* • Corner Location Direct Access to Suite • Build to Suit St. Joseph’s Church Carnival 2009 Can split into two offices (2,091 sq.ft. & 1,950 sq.ft.) Rides, games and food! Flea market, arts & crafts, and prizes galore! 50% discount ride tickets on sale through October 15 in the church Suite Sq.Ft. Rate/SF Medical/Prof. Office office. Location: Alafaya Trail and Highway 50. Dates: Friday, C-206 1,190 $14.50* • Hard to Find Small Space October 16, 5 to 11 p.m.; Saturday, October 17, 12 to 11 p.m.; Sunday, *Gross Rate. NO Pass Thru Charges. October 18, 1 to 8 p.m. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY Genealogy Program Investor Realty Services, Inc. The Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Orlando (JGSGO) Licensed Real Estate Broker invites you to participate in their “JGSGO INSIGHT 2009-10 PROGRAM” at 1 p.m. at Congregation of Reform Judaism (CRJ) Phone: (407) 277-3880 928 Malone Dr., Orlando 32810. As genealogists, we do a lot of research and collect it and then say to ourselves: “HOW TO,” “WHERE TO,” “WHAT TO,” “NOW THAT I HAVE ALL THIS INFORMATION…NOW WHAT?” They are hoping that with the help of some of their member experts and attendees, they will be able to answer these poignant questions. For information or directions, contact Doris Frank 407-323-9728 or Historical/Botanical Walk For Haiti Volunteers and participants are needed for a 5K walk to benefit David M. McDonald Lawn Maintenance Landscaping the St. Isidore Parish area in Southern Haiti. The walk through Mow, edge, trim, blow, sod, irrigation repair, mulch, old Winter Park will feature historical and botanical information landscape design and installation. Licensed and insured. about the route. It will begin at St. Margaret Mary Church, Dependable. Quality Work/Reliable. Since 1986. 526 N. Park Avenue, on Saturday, October 31 at 9 a.m., with References available. Free estimates. registration from 8 to 8:45 a.m. All are welcime. To volunteer or for 407-568-3231, 407-716-6212 - All calls returned promptly! more info, contact Justine at 407-677-5449. Seminar for College Bound Singers and Their Parents This seminar, lead by nationally renown instructor Priscilla Bagley, is designed specifically to aide young singers who aspire to major ROOF LEAKS! ROOF LEAKS! WE FIX ROOF LEAKS! in music in college, and to better inform parents on how to guide NEW ROOFS! NEW ROOFS! WE INSTALL NEW ROOFS! and help their child through this often overwhelming process. The seminar will cover the most important aspects of college preparation, selection, admission and audition. Sub-topics include resume building, repertoire choices, GPA, choosing a voice teacher and scholarships. Space is limited, so reservations are suggested. Since 1964 For more information, email This seminar has relocated from Orlando Opera to the University of Central Florida. A. Larsson & Sons ROOFING Remaining Seminar Date: November 7, UCF, Colburn Hall #148, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Lupus Foundation of America The Lupus Foundation of America offers support for lupus patients • State Certified Roofing Contractor and their families. A free support group meets the second Saturday • All Types of Reroofing and Repairs of every month at Winter Park Memorial Hospital in the Library • Insurance Assistance Available Building (off Mizell Avenue). Information is offered through talks from healthcare professionals as well as mutual support and understanding. Visti or call 407-339-9648. Senior Discounts Available State Cert. #CCC057071 407-880-3160 15