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List of vers virtual class


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List of vers virtual class

  1. 1. 331 most common English verbsThese are the top 331 verbs from the 3500 most common words in native English, according to the Macmillan Essential Dictionaryaccept care could enjoy happen lead open reduce settle teachaccou carry count examine hate learn order refer shake tell ntachiev catch cover exist have leave ought reflect shall tend e act cause create expect head lend own refuse share test experien add change cross hear let pass regard shoot thank ce shouladmit charge cry explain help lie pay relate think daffect check cut express hide like perform release shout throwafford choose damage extend hit limit pick remain show touch remembagree claim dance face hold link place shut train er aim clean deal fail hope listen plan remove sing travelallow clear decide fall hurt live play repeat sit treatanswe climb deliver fasten identify look point replace sleep try rappear close demand feed imagine lose prefer reply smile turn improv understaapply collect deny feel love prepare report sort e nd represenargue come depend fight include make present sound use tarrang manag commit describe fill increase press require speak used to e earrive compare design find indicate mark prevent rest stand visit complai influenc ask destroy finish matter produce result start vote n e completattack develop fit inform may promise return state wait e
  2. 2. avoid concern die fly intend mean protect reveal stay walk disappea introdu measur base confirm fold prove ring stick want r ce e be connect discover follow invite meet provide rise stop warn mentio beat consider discuss force involve publish roll study wash nbecom succee consist divide forget join might pull run watch e dbegin contact do forgive jump mind push save suffer wearbeliev sugges contain draw form keep miss put say will e tbelong continue dress found kick move raise see suit win contribubreak drink gain kill must reach seem supply wish te supporbuild control drive get knock need read sell wonder t supposburn cook drop give know notice realize send work e surviv buy copy eat go last obtain receive separate worry e recogni call correct enable grow laugh occur serve take would ze encoura can cost handle lay offer record set talk write ge end
  3. 3. Spanish Verb English Counterpart Ser to be Estar to be haber to have tener to have llegar to bring up venir to come ir to go trabajar to work estudiar to study ver to see escuchar to listen hacer to do - to make mirar to look at comer to eat vestir to dress andar to walk comprar to buy hablar to speak - to talk empezar to start dar to give buscar to look for encontrar to find escribir to write coger to take vivir to live creer to believe poner to put saber to know salir to go out traer to bring decir to say oír to hear pensar to think pedir to ask for beber to drink leer to read escribir to write dormir to sleep tomar to take gustar to like llamar to call
  4. 4. Regular Verbs ListThere are thousands of regular verbs in English. This is a list of 600 of the more commonregular verbs. Note that there are some spelling variations in American English (forexample, "practise" becomes "practice" in American English). accept allow applaud add amuse appreciate attach admire analyse approve attack admit announce argue attempt advise annoy arrange attend afford answer arrest attract agree apologise arrive avoid alert appear ask back beg boil brake bake behave bolt branch balance belong bomb breathe ban bleach book bruise bang bless bore brush bare blind borrow bubble bat blink bounce bump bathe blot bow burn battle blush box bury beam boast brake buzz calculate choke compare call chop compete cough camp claim complain count care clap complete cover carry clean concentrate crack carve clear concern crash cause clip confess crawl challenge close confuse cross change coach connect crush charge coil consider cry chase collect consist cure cheat colour contain curl check comb continue curve cheer command copy cycle chew communicate correct
  5. 5. dam deliver disapprovedamage depend disarm dressdance describe discover dripdare desert dislike dropdecay deserve divide drowndeceive destroy double drumdecide detect doubt drydecorate develop drag dustdelay disagree draindelight disappear dreamearn end exciteeducate enjoy excuse explainembarrass enter exercise explodeemploy entertain exist extendempty escape expandencourage examine expectface fetch flashfade file float forcefail fill flood formfancy film flow foundfasten fire flower framefax fit fold frightenfear fix follow fryfence flap foolgather grab grin guardgaze grate grip guessglow grease groan guideglue greet guaranteehammer harm heat hughand hate help humhandle haunt hook hunthang head hop
  6. 6. happen heal hope hurryharass heap hoveridentify increase intendignore influence interest inviteimagine inform interfere irritateimpress inject interrupt itchimprove injure introduceinclude instruct inventjail jog joke jugglejam join judge jumpkick kiss knit knotkill kneel knocklabel learn lighten loadland level like locklast license list longlaugh lick listen looklaunch lie live loveman matter milkmanage measure mine movemarch meddle miss muddlemark melt mix mugmarry memorise moan multiplymatch mend moor murdermate mess up mournnail need nod noticename nest note number
  7. 7. obey obtain offer overflowobject occur open oweobserve offend order ownpack permit pop preventpaddle phone possess prickpaint pick post printpark pinch pour producepart pine practise programpass place pray promisepaste plan preach protectpat plant precede providepause play prefer pullpeck please prepare pumppedal plug present punchpeel point preserve puncturepeep poke press punishperform polish pretend pushquestion queuerace refuse remove rhymeradiate regret repair rinserain reign repeat riskraise reject replace robreach rejoice reply rockrealise relax report rollreceive release reproduce rotrecognise rely request rubrecord remain rescue ruinreduce remember retire rulereflect remind return rushsack shiver soothe stopsail shock sound storesatisfy shop spare strap
  8. 8. save shrug spark strengthensaw sigh sparkle stretchscare sign spell stripscatter signal spill strokescold sin spoil stuffscorch sip spot subtractscrape ski spray succeedscratch skip sprout suckscream slap squash sufferscrew slip squeak suggestscribble slow squeal suitscrub smash squeeze supplyseal smell stain supportsearch smile stamp supposeseparate smoke stare surpriseserve snatch start surroundsettle sneeze stay suspectshade sniff steer suspendshare snore step switchshave snow stirshelter soak stitchtalk thaw trace trottame tick trade troubletap tickle train trusttaste tie transport trytease time trap tugtelephone tip travel tumbletempt tire treat turnterrify touch tremble twisttest tour trick typethank tow tripundress unite unpack useunfasten unlock untidyvanish visit
  9. 9. wail waste whirlwait watch whisper workwalk water whistle worrywander wave wink wrapwant weigh wipe wreckwarm welcome wish wrestlewarn whine wobble wrigglewash whip wonderx-rayyawn yellzip zoom
  10. 10. Irregular VerbsIrregular verbs are an important feature of English. We use irregular verbs a lot whenspeaking, less when writing. Of course, the most famous English verb of all, the verb "tobe", is irregular.What is the difference between regular verbs and irregular verbs? Base Form Past Simple Past ParticipleWith regular verbs, the rule is simple... finish finished finishedThe past simple and past participle always end in -ed: stop stopped stopped work worked workedBut with irregular verbs, there is no rule...Sometimes the verb changes completely: sing sang sungSometimes there is "half" a change: buy bought boughtSometimes there is no change: cut cut cutOne good way to learn irregular verbs is to try sorting them into groups, as above.