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Matters to decide when building a securities portfolio


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Matters to decide when building a securities portfolio

  1. 1. Building a PortfolioMay 3, 20131Building my portfolio of ...long-term savings1. Formulating the Long-range goals of the client.2. Portfolio design: where to find 15% growth per year. Where will i invest mymoney, in search of growth stories?My five-year plan: ________________My ten-year plan: _________________How much, would i like tohave, by retirement age?.......How much is tuition peryear. __ House payments?How much, per month?Approximately ....:________
  2. 2. Building a PortfolioMay 3, 201323. Where am i likely to find 15% - 25% annual growth in retirement assets:a. Asia b. Europe c. Africa d. North America e. South America4. Which method suits me? Encircle your choice—what fits your personality.a. Yes, this is for me. Ican do this, easily.b. Oh, no...Will i havethe discipline...?Active ?orPassive?*Either one is good..Encircle the likely options. Start apersonal study program to find out thegrowth potential for these economies &stock markets. Choose from below:
  3. 3. Building a PortfolioMay 3, 201335. What percentage for mutual funds, what percentage for my selections.6. what is my objective : volatile capital gain, or stable cash dividends?How much of my money canbe invested LONG-TERM, >ten years?_______%Short-term: money that isneeded for use One year’s time: ___in Two years’ time: ___in Five years’ time: ___If i have a strong hunch on a stock, i buy it directly. If i have no particularpreference, i park the funds in a mutual fund. Let them figure out, what is thebest buy, for the day / week / month.Either way, it requires thesacrifice of “NOTSpending”...
  4. 4. Building a PortfolioMay 3, 201347. yes, i want to be informed about the porfolio management. But am idetermined to retain “control”? it may mean, micro-management.a. I am a control freak. I must micro-manage my portfolio.b. I don’t know surgery. I will select a skilled, trusted, surgeon. I will let him do his work.8. Can i trust the mutual fund, to know how to do this: selling the expensivestocks, and transferring the money to the less expensive stocks? Yes or No.I will place _____ percent, instocks that grow fast.I will place _____ percent, instocks that pay 3% to 8%cash dividends.Can i subcontractthis task, to amutual fund?
  5. 5. Building a PortfolioMay 3, 201359. Encircle the result you want, at retirement age.10. What are the good sectors for investment.Place a check mark, if you agree with the percent allocation.If you happen to disagree with my percent allocation, please cross out theitem or the percent numner, and write out a new answer...Exercise : encircle the end result, that you want.what you save percent % 10 20 30 yearsthis year >> Amount 10 31 81 209 THOUSAND1000 /MONTH 12 15 49 196 795 THOUSAND000 20 74 460 2,849 THOUSANDpercent % 10 20 30 yearsAmount 12 373 1,158 3,595 THOUSAND10k/MONTH 120 18 628 3,287 17,204 THOUSAND000 24 1,031 8,864 76,178 THOUSANDpercent % 10 20 30 yearsAmount 12 745 2,315 7,190 THOUSAND20k/MONTH 240 18 1,256 6,574 34,409 THOUSAND000 24 2,063 17,727 152,357 THOUSAND
  6. 6. Building a PortfolioMay 3, 2013611. When i am ready to invest abroad, how much would i place in thesestocks? If you agree with the percent allocation, place a check mark. If not,cross out the item or the percent number, and write a better item or number.USA stocks, 15PhiL stocks, 25Singapore, 15Malaysia, 15Thailand, 15Indo, 15
  7. 7. Building a PortfolioMay 3, 2013712. How about owning some businesses in the other side of the globe. If youagree with the percent allocation, place a check mark. If not, cross out theitem or the percent number, and write a better item or a different number.