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Job Description: key for recruiting an employee


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Job description act as a building block in the process of hiring an employee. Check out various job description samples given in this presentation. In this presentation, you will find sample of job description for CEO job, business analyst job etc. Take a glance on this video for more job description samples.

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Job Description: key for recruiting an employee

  1. 1. JOB DESCRIPTIONS Key for recruiting an employers
  2. 2. WHAT IS A JOB DESCRIPTION? used by an employer of an organization when there is vacancy in a company. t plays very important role in process of hiring an employee with good talent. hile writing a job one should be clear with its duties and responsibilities.
  3. 3. CRITICAL SECTIONS FOR JOBDESCRIPTIONS he most important section of job description are as follow:- esignation: Mention the post name for which there is vacancy in your organization. Education Required: Include the eligibility criteria in terms of education. Certification if any: If an organization is looking for certified person then include it while writing description for job. Experience: Specify here if you are looking for fresher or experience candidate. Job Role and Responsibilities: Clearly specify role of a candidate in a company.
  5. 5. JOB DESCRIPTIONS FOR SPECIFICJOB Here are list of some job description samples for specific job:- ccountant Manager Job Description ashier Job Description usiness Analyst Job Description ata Analyst Job Description
  6. 6. Thank YouFor more information on job description click here:-