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Ihrm vs. hrm


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Ihrm vs. hrm

  1. 1. DIFFERENCE BETTWEN INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT & HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT<br />Sr. NoIHRM HRM 1It deals with a very broader perspective It deals with the very narrow perspective – looks only for the domestic country HR 2It considers the global laws prevailing across the world. It considers the laws prevailing in the country where company is having its headquarters.3More involvement in employees lives happens There are standard policies for every employees working in the country. 4External influences & factors affect the company. There are not much of external influences affecting to the company. 5Work force i.e. people from different culture works together. Generally, people from the home country works. 6There is a risk factor involved i.e. Terrorism, crisis, etc. A minimal of risk is involved as compared to international perspective. 7There is a complexity involved in handling different people from different countries. It is relatively easy to handle the employees as they belong to same country. 8Attitudes of senior management people differ as it involves dealing globally. Attitudes generally tend to be the same with all employees. 9Involvement of different cultures do affect the organization’s cultureAs employees are generally from same country, adoption of culture is very feasible. 10IHRM also includes all functions of HR but to carry them out the techniques and methods are different. There is a standard technique and method to carry out the HR functions in organization. <br />