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  1. 1. Identification <br /> <br /> Name of School: <br />Escuela Normal Superior Del Distrito de Barranquilla<br /> Educativos Level: <br />3ro<br /> Teacher in Training:<br />Santiago Pérez Gutiérrez <br />  Teacher Advisor: <br />Analida Carvajal<br /> <br />Knowledge area.<br /> <br /> Generator Unit:<br />Thanksgiving Day <br /> Competence and Standards:<br /> understand the value of Thanksgiving Day <br /> activities where the student identifies the holiday or tradition <br /> oral assessment <br /> <br />77724022225<br />Knowledge area<br /> Achievements / Progress Indicators. <br /> main features of the Thanksgiving Day <br /> Define precisely the concept <br /> <br />Knowledge area.<br /> <br />Conceptual reference. <br /> <br />The Thanksgiving Day is a traditional celebration of the United States and Canada. In the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, but originally was made ​​last Thursday. In Canada, meanwhile, held the second Monday in October. Usually at this festival come together around a table family and friends to share a feast. Although religious in origin, is considered a secular holiday. <br /> <br />28194034290<br />34671003048000<br />Methodological process <br /> <br />Steps, steps or actions for the construction of knowledge:Explanation of Item: Define and explain the concepts with clear examples and sub-themeActivities:exercise written on the subjectDynamic and fun exercises that the child would be easier to understand.Classes WorkshopsTasks for the homeEvaluation Dalliance<br /> <br />701040206036<br />