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9TH, PPP self portraits. BIM1, 2012


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9TH, PPP self portraits. BIM1, 2012

  1. 1. Self -PortraitsPsychological & Realistic
  2. 2. Self - PortraitsPsychological Realistic• Intimate • Proportional• Personal • Realistic colors• Biographical • Physical traits• Physical traits • Study of one self• Psychological state
  3. 3. Jan Van Eyck1433One of the first self –portraits known in arthistory
  4. 4. Leonardo da Vinci1452
  5. 5. Albrecht Dürer1471A way toempower oneself
  6. 6. Diego Velásquez1599Self portrait aspart of a groupportrait
  7. 7. Rembrandt Van Rijn1606
  8. 8. Vincent Van Gogh1853He painted himselfthirty-seven timesbetween 1886 and1889
  9. 9. Frida Kahlo1907"I paint myselfbecause I am sooften alone andbecause I am thesubject I knowbest.“More than half ofher paintings wereself portraits.