8th grade quarterly evaluation1st quarter 2012-2013


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8th grade quarterly evaluation1st quarter 2012-2013

  1. 1. Código GS-FR-084 C QUARTERLY EVALUATION Fecha de Versión 2011-09-22 Elaboró: Edith Ceferino Revisó: Luis Fernando Aprobó: Edith Ceferino Contreras Cargo: Coordinadora Cargo: Coordinador Gestión Cargo: Coordinadora Académica Primaria de Calidad Académica Primaria Fecha: Sept. 22 de 2011 Fecha: Sep. 22 de 2011 Fecha: Sept. 22 de 2011DEPARTMENT: ________________________ SUBJECT: ______________STUDENT’S NAME:_________________________________________________DATE: ________________________________ GRADE: ________________ 8TH GRADE “FLOATING WORLDS” LCE SESSIONIMD1Gathers information about Far East traditional art to present data onaesthetic spiritual manifestationsCTD1 Recognizes the importance of spirituality in Far East traditional andcontemporary art pieces, to establish spiritual values in the Far Eastern WorldCTD2 Indicates aesthetic relationships between Far East and Western artisticmanifestations, in former and contemporary contexts to provide evidence on theincidence one has on the other 1. WRITE AN ESSAY ABOUT THE EASTERN ARTISTIC REFERENCES REVIEWED DURING THE AND ITS INFLUENCES (follow the following structure to make the essay)INTRODUCTION: Describe and Explain the Eastern Artistic Referencesseen (HAIKU- UKIYO-E CALLIGRAPHY) (Use specific vocabulary)
  2. 2. DEVELOPMENT: Explain What`s the importance of Spirituality on these ArtisticReferencesExplain the influences of these artistic references on XX century Art (givespecific examples –art movements, artists- and justifications using specificcriteria)CONCLUSION:
  3. 3. MD1 Develops different ways of appropriations and influences of Far East aesthetics related tofloating worlds to demonstrate effectiveness in self-monitoring processes through his creativelogbookMD2 Analyzes the extent to which his graphic expression complies with the project’s objectivesregarding the use of space and visual movement in ink drawing representations articulated tocultural issues and personal interests, to assess formal, conceptual and expressive artworksresults 2. MAKE YOUR SELF-EVALUATION TAKING INTO ACCOUNT YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS THROUGHOUT THE QUARTER AND EXPLAIN YOUR EVALUATION AND ARTISTIC CHOICES MADE (On your Logbook)CD1 Interprets Far East cultural and aesthetic expressions studied along the quarter related tofloating worlds to make appropriations through the use of space and visual movement in hisartwork through different mediaIMD2Arranges information on Far East traditional art through graphic media to depict everydaylife related to cultural practicesCD2 Makes ink drawing representations referring Far East aesthetics to evidence adaptable,correlated, fluent and consequent use of ideas and techniques, in terms of procedures andexpressiveness 3. LOOK AT THE PRESENTATION ON GRAPHIC NOVEL EXAMPLES 4. TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE INFORMATION AND EXAMPLES RECEIVED ON GRAPHIC NOVELS A. MAKE THE GENERAL SKETCH/ STRUCTURE OF YOUR COMIC (INTERDISCIPLINARY PROJECT ) INCLUDING THE 3 CREATIVE PRODUCTS MADE DURING THIS QUARTER, 10 SCENES, PRINCIPAL CHARACTER, CLOSE UP OF THE CHARACTER AND CHARACTER IN MOVEMENT. (only organizing in a creative way how it’s going to look like- no specific drawings) 5. Take a cardboard, arrange it in terms of shape and size according to your previous sketch and your products, and paste the 3 creative products of the quarter for their evaluation.