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7th quarterly evaluation 1st quarter2012-2013


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7th quarterly evaluation 1st quarter2012-2013

  1. 1. Código GS-FR-084 C QUARTERLY EVALUATION Fecha de Versión 2011-09-22 Elaboró: Edith Ceferino Revisó: Luis Fernando Aprobó: Edith Ceferino Contreras Cargo: Coordinadora Cargo: Coordinador Gestión Cargo: Coordinadora Académica Primaria de Calidad Académica Primaria Fecha: Sept. 22 de 2011 Fecha: Sep. 22 de 2011 Fecha: Sept. 22 de 2011DEPARTMENT: ________________________ SUBJECT: ______________STUDENT’S NAME:_________________________________________________DATE: ________________________________ GRADE: ________________ 7th GRADE LCE SESSION INTERDISCIPLINARY PROJECT “CHANGING TEMPLE”Prepare your oral presentation, explaining your “Changing Temple”(Use this worksheet to prepare your presentation)The presentation should be in both languages (English and Spanish) one member of thegroup will present it in English and another one in Spanish (you decide whom)(The presentation should not last more than 8 min. in both languages.)Bullet points to take into account for your oral presentation (you MUST explain) Why and how your Gothic stained glass is Gothic? (visual language elements, artist’s lounge, technique, etc.) Why and how your Mosaic is Byzantine? What is your Architectural Source? Justify your answer Describe and explain ALL your cognitive process (creative process, stages, interdisciplinary processes, etc.) CREATIVE PRODUCT: IMD2 CD1 CD2 ORAL PRESENTATION: IMD1 CTD1 CTD1 SELF-CO-HETERO- EVALUATION: MD1 MD2 ON YOUR LOGBOOK