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7th EUROPE - LCE session form I bim 2012 - 2013


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7th EUROPE - LCE session form I bim 2012 - 2013

  1. 1. Código GS-FR-084 C QUARTERLY EVALUATION Fecha de Versión 2011-09-22 Elaboró: Edith Ceferino Revisó: Luis Fernando Contreras Aprobó: Edith Ceferino Cargo: Coordinadora Cargo: Coordinador Gestión de Calidad Cargo: Coordinadora Académica Primaria Académica Primaria Fecha: Sept. 22 de 2011 Fecha: Sep. 22 de 2011 Fecha: Sept. 22 de 2011DEPARTMENT: ART SUBJECT: ARTISTIC EDUCATION WEEK: October 1-2 2012 GRADE: 8th LCE SESSION (Learning, Creation, Evidence Session) PLANNERTeacher: Alejandra Diaz Quarter: II COMPETENCES TYPE OF ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY TO BE GRADED Self – Co and Hetero Evaluation format on their creative product. Check List. Self Evaluation of their own creative product and Co Evaluation of each of the other’s MD1 groups Final products MD2 x ART DISCOVERYJOURNAL
  2. 2. ART NETWORK ARTISTS’ LOUNGE Finish their Interdisciplinary Creative product as a result of all the quarter’s project IMD2 with Social Studies. “Changing Temple” C D1x CREATION LAB C D2 Visual Language Elements: Perspective and Proportion The Final Creative Product must include: • An appropriation of a Gothic Stained Glass • An appropriation of a Byzantine Mosaic • An appropriation of a Renaissance fresco (Watercolor Technique)
  3. 3. • Architectural Source of their choice All of it in a one Single Creative Product According to their planning in both Social Studies and Art class- Mixed Media Technique
  4. 4. Exhibition and Oral presentation in the two languages of their Interdisciplinary x project “Changing Temple” IMD1 Explanation of the 3 different artistic references reviewed, their creative , cognitive CTD1CULTURAL EXPERIENCE and metacognitive process in both subject- Social Studies and Art, The CTD2 Architectural Source. CD2 IMD2
  6. 6. Instructions Bullet point to take into account for their oral presentation and space for preparing CT D1 written their presentation- CT D2 X WRITTEN IMD1WORKSHOPFINAL PRODUCTS“CHANGING TEMPLE”