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6th quarterly evaluation 1st quarter 2012-2013


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6th quarterly evaluation 1st quarter 2012-2013

  1. 1. Código GS-FR-084 C QUARTERLY EVALUATION Fecha de Versión 2011-09-22 Elaboró: Edith Ceferino Revisó: Luis Fernando Aprobó: Edith Ceferino Contreras Cargo: Coordinadora Cargo: Coordinador Gestión Cargo: Coordinadora Académica Primaria de Calidad Académica Primaria Fecha: Sept. 22 de 2011 Fecha: Sep. 22 de 2011 Fecha: Sept. 22 de 2011DEPARTMENT: ________________________ SUBJECT: ______________STUDENT’S NAME:_________________________________________________DATE: ________________________________ GRADE: ________________ 6th GRADE LCE SESSION OPINIONS ON CONSUMERISM1Gathers information on USA advertisement that represents popular culture to present data on consumerism3Analyses the incidence USA consumerism and popular culture have reassigned to Colombian culture in order toestablish the influence of United States advertisement4Justifies, based on his personal aesthetic appreciation, how consumerism and popular models are significantlyaffecting artistic manifestations to corroborate the visual development carried out by urban popular culture 1. TECH TOOL WORKSHOP PRESENTATION ON PROPAGANDA-ADVERTISEMENT 2. ACCORDING TO THE INFORMATION PRESENTED MAKE A SHORT WRITTEN WORKSHOP EXPLAINING: - WHAT IS ADVERTISEMENT? - WHAT IS SUBVERTISEMENT? - WHAT IS STREET ART? - WHAT IS PROPAGANDA? - WHAT ARE VINTAGE ADS? - MAKE A CRITICAL PHARAGRAPH LINKING THE INFORMATION RECEIVED AND THE ARTISTIC REFERENCES REVIEWED DURING THE QUARTER (STREET ART AND SUBVERTISEMENT)
  2. 2. 2Translates into advertisement pieces visual codes related to consumerism and popular culture in order to decodesocio cultural manifestations of United States, assimilated in Colombia5Interprets USA cultural and aesthetic expressions studied along the quarter related to opinions on popular cultureto make appropriations through the use of space and emphasis in his artwork through different media6Makes Drawings and Stencils referring USA aesthetics to evidence adaptable, correlated, fluent and consequentuse of ideas and techniques, in terms of procedures and expressiveness 3. MAKE A VINTAGE AD INCLUDING YOUR OWN TAG (STREET ART) AND A SUBVERTISEMENT CONCEPT.
  3. 3. 7Develops different ways of appropriations and influences of USA aesthetics related to opinions on popular cultureto demonstrate effectiveness in self-monitoring processes through his creative logbook8Analyzes the extent to which his graphic expression complies with the project’s objectives regarding the use ofspace and emphasis (focal point) in Drawings and Stencils articulated to cultural issues and personal interests, toassess formal, conceptual and expressive artworks results 4. ART DISCOVERY JOURNAL CREATIVE LOGBOOK MAKE THE SELF-EVALUATION EXPLAINING AND JUSTIFYING YOUR ANSWER TAKING INTOACCOUNT ALL THE QUARTER.