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11th, MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART. TECH TOOL WORKSHOP: Photography 20th century. BIM III. 2013


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11th, MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART. TECH TOOL WORKSHOP: Photography 20th century. BIM III. 2013

  1. 1. Photography of the 20th century
  2. 2. 10 Photographers• Henri Cartier- • Cindy Sherman Bresson • Manuel Alvarez• Ansel Adams Bravo• Edward Weston • Man Ray• Richard Avedon • Leo Matiz• Diane Arbus • Dorothea Lange
  3. 3. “The secret to becoming agreat photographer is tosurround yourself with thebest photography available.”
  4. 4. HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON FranceHenri Cartier-Bresson had an appreciation forcapturing life. He loved the artistic side of itand had a candid eye. He most prominentlyknown for capturing some of the largestevents in our world’s history. His photos aretaken in the “perfect instant”, never plannedbefore hand. The magic of his photos is thetiming: always in the perfect place at theperfect time.
  5. 5. ANSEL ADAMS U.S.AAnsel Adams is a prominent photographerprimarily known for his work throughoutYosemite National Park. He was also wellknown for his scientific accomplishments inthe field of photography. He searched tocapture landscape in an artistic manner,finding an accurate composition that includedbalance and emphasis in each photography.
  6. 6. EDWARD WESTON U.S.AEdward Weston portrayed objects, food andfemale bodies, always searching to expresssuggestive and erotic characteristics inwomen. He planned and composed hisscenes, calling this “pre-visualization”. Westoncontrolled the effects of light, atmosphere,and movement in order reveal the object in itsdeepest moment of perception and sensuality.
  7. 7. RICHARD AVEDON U.S.AThroughout his career Avedon has maintaineda unique style. Famous for their minimalism,Avedon portraits are often well lit and in frontof white backdrops. Avedon’s ability topresent personal views of public figures, whowere otherwise distant and inaccessible, wasimmediately recognized by the public and thecelebrities themselves. Avedon was a break-point in fashion photography.
  8. 8. DIANE ARBUS U.S.AA controversial figure in contemporarydocumentary photography, Diane Arbus’photographs are explicit and direct, portrayingpeople who live on the edge of societalacceptance. Prostitutes, transvestites andpimps were commonly used models in herportraits, as well as people that werecommonly denominated as “freaks”. Her shotsare straight-forward, posed, but always in theperson’s intimate and personal space.
  9. 9. CINDY SHERMAN U.S.AIn Shermans distinctive self-portraits she is dressed up and made up to portray hundreds of different women and occasionally men, but never herself. Her art deals with female stereotypes and how society perceive women. Another part of her work are the “film stills” which are scenes that seem to be part of a movie, but actually it is a set up made by the artist. Her scenes are all planned and posed.
  10. 10. MANUEL ALVAREZ BRAVO MexicoÁlvarez Bravos work was often political,referencing the Mexican Revolution, andemphasizing on local identity. He focused oncapturing the essence of Mexican culture andits people.
  11. 11. MAN RAY U.S.APerhaps best described simply as a modernist,he was a significant contributor to both theDada and Surrealist movements, although histies to each were informal. Best known in theart world for his avant-garde photography, ManRay produced major works in a variety of mediaand considered himself a painter above all. Hewas also a renowned fashion and portraitphotographer. He is noted for his photograms,which he renamed "rayographs" after himself.
  12. 12. LEO MATIZ ColombiaMatiz studied and worked in the studio of LuisB. Ramos who was known as the father ofmodern Colombian photography. In 1939 hebegan his first tour of Colombia as adocumentary photographer. He then movedto Mexico, and by the end of 1949 Leo Matizwas recognized as one of the ten best livingphotographers in the world.
  13. 13. DOROTHEA LANGE U.S.ADorothea Lange has taken some of the mostrecognizable and humanist pictures of all time.She is well known for capturing theconsequences of the Great Depression. Herworks portray sadness, hunger, despair,suffering, and a general human grief during thewar and depression of her country.