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Syllabus for French class 2016 2017


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French Syllabus 2016

Published in: Education
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Syllabus for French class 2016 2017

  1. 1. Your Digital French Syllabus! Teacher: Mrs. Munguia [moon --- gui----ah]
  2. 2. Please use the following information to contact me: Traditional Office Mailbox at the front office: Mrs. Munguia School email:
  3. 3. Evaluation of your progress Please use ECHO to check your grades, activities, links, projects and read announcements. Study Hall is offered on Thursday and Friday in the morning and students are expected to sign up in advance.
  4. 4. French Syllabus for Napa High School Course Description This course will provide you with the fundamentals of the French language through speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will learn basic French vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and verb usage through various instructional techniques which emphasize practical application. Topics also cover social customs, history and culture of the French speaking world. By the end of the year, you will be able to understand, speak, write and read basic French. Focus : 3 modes of communication in French which are interpersonal, interpretive and presentational communication based on ACTFL and National Standards for World Language. • You will be expected to interact with me and your classmates in French as much as possible. You will also use the NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do statements (self - assessment checklists) to chart your progress in order to meet and exceed the standards. Contact Information Please feel free to contact me. • Mrs. Munguia • • ACTFL is the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Language
  5. 5. • This is what the French teacher will follow ACTFL proficiency guidelines National Standards for World Language The official State standards for W.L are under review at this moment.
  6. 6. •Learning Continuum for the learning of another language
  7. 7. •What criteria will be used to grade student’s work?
  8. 8. •The highest level will be “intermediate”
  9. 9. Grading Scale 100%-90% A 89%-80% B 79%-70% C 69%-60% D 59% and below Your academic grade will be based on of the following:
  10. 10. This class is a college prep class where the 4 basic skills will be evaluated: listening, speaking, writing and reading. Dialogue: Skits, interviews, dialogues, poems, mini-play, recording of voice on google voice, Voki, Flipgrid etc. Narration: Presentation using posters, and technology platform: i- movie, photostory, YouTube, Google, Animoto, slideshare, Popplet, Prezi, etc. Writing messages on Edmodo, Twitter, Facebook, Google email etc. Reading from multiple sources (books, newspaper, etc) Listening to music, movies in French etc.
  11. 11. Grading Scale •A 90-100 % •B 80-89 % •C 70-79 % •D 60-69 % F Below 60.00%.............not passing
  12. 12. • A letter grade of D will give you the credits but will definitely count against you when applying to colleges, universities or other schools. • Letter grades of D and F will not allow you to move on to the next level of French. Your options are to repeat the class or choose a different language. • You must obtain at least a B+ to consider enrolling in the Honors level and discuss your goal with the teacher.
  13. 13. Material: We will have a class set and you will use an ebook at home. Access codes will be provided in class. Please responsible with your log in and passwords. Textbook: T’es Branché? (1, 2, 3) For your textbook Online support click on this link: emc The teacher will provide the ebook code during class.
  14. 14. Come prepared with your material for class: 1 planner, 1 NHS card with internet sticker, 1 Binder or section of a binder 1 folder (hole punched) that you can insert in your binder black, green, red, blue pens, pencils, highlighters college ruled binder paper for homework Crayons, and markers (You will use this!) Paperclips or a mini-stapler Glue, eraser, etc…
  15. 15. • Please visit my website to have an overview of the curriculum for level 1, 2, 3, and 4 Level 1: Who am I? , What do you like to do?, School, What do Francophone people do during the weekend?, Family, Shopping, House, Paris Level 2: How I spent my summer, Fine Art, Daily life, Autrefois (I used to…), On the road, Music and Literature, la Province (the country life) vs. City life
  16. 16. Discipline and expected behavior: we will follow all the rules&policies of Napa High School. We will also become aware of the 3 rules: BE SAFE! BE RESPONSIBLE! BE RESPECTFUL! We will revisit the rules often and will discuss what it means ….. All the students will be expected to be in the classroom before the bell rings. Keep food and chewing gum & candies outside the classroom. You can have your beverages with you in class but no food as the smell could bother others. Smartphone and tablets will be used for educational purposes only when indicated by your teacher in class. Always ask me first though…. Be courteous, nice, and polite to others and avoid foul language. Raise your hands when you want to talk Keep your voices down when collaborating with your classmates. Be nice to all students and encourage each other to be successful! Stay in your assigned seat
  17. 17. • Time out of a maximum of 15 minutes may occur if student can not control him or herself. • Calls to parents and referrals to administration will take place if a student disrupt our learning environment at any time. • Students can be asked to move to a different seat at any time. • Students will be escorted out if not following the rules or the authority of the teachers.
  18. 18. • Please talk to your child about respect and work ethic at school. • Profanity is not tolerated. • Any plagiarism will be documented and the teacher will let the administration handle the situation. • We expect students to cite their sources for all work and all presentations.
  19. 19. Name ____________________________________Period: __________ Date ____________ Cell Phones in Class Acceptable Use Policy Part 1 1. Students will talk on their cell phone only to complete assignments that are related to the instructional lesson when given permission and announced by teacher. 2. Students without cell phones may be asked to pair up with another student who does have a cell phone. 3. Students will keep cell phones turned off and in their bags/purse when they are not being used for instructional purposes to be in accordance with school rules and teacher’s permission. Bags/purses must be on the floor during class. 4. Teacher will announce when it is ok to use cell phone during class activities. 5. Teacher will confiscate cell phone when used without permission.  until the end of the class  or the end of the day. AT teacher’s discretion. 6. Students will keep their cell phones in their bag/jacket or pockets but not on the table. 7. Call to parents and detentions/referral will be given to follow up. 8. Failure to turn in cell phone to Ms. Schocher will result to a campus supervisor escorting student to the office with referral to the principal of NHS Ms. Franco.  No cell phone contract during the reminder of the year.  Parents conference Cell phones will be confiscated by the teacher for the reminder of the class period or day in case students do not follow these rules. Student's signature __________________________________________________