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New zealand jeopardy


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New zealand jeopardy

  1. 1. New Zealand "Land of the Long White Cloud"                 By: Junyoung, Max, Sandra, & Tyler
  2. 2. New Zealand Jeopardy Language Culture Clothing/Religon Contributions 10 10 10 10 20 20 20 20 30 30 30 30 40 40 40 40 50 50 --- ---
  3. 3. (10) Which of these two languages are the official languages of New Zealand? a. English and Dutch    b. English and Te Reo Maori    c. English and French    d. English and Welsh
  4. 4. (20) About 50% of the population in New Zealand can speak Maori.   a. true    b. false 
  5. 5. (30) Pronounce this Maori phrase that means: Greetings to you all "Tēnā koutou"
  6. 6. (40) Jeopardy Lesson Maori is made up of 5 vowels (a,e,i,o,u) and 10 consonant sounds (p,t,k,m,n,ng,wh,r,h,w). *note: 'wh' is pronounced 'f' Now try pronouncing these: ngahuru <---autumn whānau <---family   rangi <--- sky, day
  7. 7. (50) Jeopardy Lesson continued Try pronouncing this: Tēnā kōrua e tama mā    (it means: hello, greetings to you two boys)  
  8. 8. (10) New Zealanders have a traditional warrior dance called the Haka (which they perform before rugby matches) a. true    b. false
  9. 9. (20)The Maori culture is partly derived from British roots.   a. true    b. false
  10. 10. (30) How did the indigenous Maori people arrive to New Zealand? a. by airplane   b. swam    c. by canoe   d. by kayaking
  11. 11. (40) The Maori people of New Zealand immigrated from Australia   a. true    b. false
  12. 12. (50) A traditional Maori greeting is called a powhiri which involves a hongi. Hongi is ....   a. pressing noses   b. a kiss on the cheek   c. a handshake   d. a hug
  13. 13. (10)Which of the following dolls is wearing traditional Maori clothing? a.                 b.                     c.
  14. 14. (20) The most popluar religion in New Zealand (by the 2006 census) is:   a. Roman Catholic    b. Buddist     c. none/ unspecified    d. Baptist
  15. 15. (30) Facial tattoos are symbolic to Maoris, what are two ways that they are applied? a. piercing with a tattoo comb b. tattoo stickers   c. pigmentation of the skin   d. acryllic oils
  16. 16. (40) Maori traditions and customs are passed verbally from generation to generation. a. true b. false
  17. 17. (10) A New Zealander named Colin Murdoch invented this useful and common medical device that is used to inject/withdraw matter in a patient.   a. a disposable syringe     b. tweezers    c. a pump   d. an IV system
  18. 18. (20) Which of the following scientists was from New Zealand, and discovered the actual size of the atomic nucleus? a. Joseph J. Thomson    b. Robert A. Millikan     c. Ernest Rutherford    d. Albert Einstein
  19. 19. (30) Which of these following men climbed Mount Everest in 1953?   a. Sir Edmund Hillary   b. Lord Henry Edwards   c. Percy Harrington Jr.   d. Prince William
  20. 20. (40) Economy: New Zealand's agriculture thrives in the following areas except for....   a. dairy   b. wheat   c. meat   d. wood