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Málaga for Comenius


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Published in: Education
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Málaga for Comenius

  1. 1. MÁLAGAMiguel Carrillo DuranLivia Fernández Pérez
  2. 2. GEOGRAPHY-LOCATIONMalaga is located in south of Spain.Malaga is in the autonomous communityof Andalusia.The population of Malaga is 600,000Inhabitants.Malaga is the most popular city inAndalusia and the sixth largest in Spain.There are important villages near Málaga like Torremolinos, Rincon de la Victoria, Benalmadena and Marbella.
  3. 3. Information about MalagaThe mayor of Malaga is Francisco De la Torre.Malaga was founded in the 8th century BC.The football team of the city is Malaga FC and Unicaja is the basket team.
  4. 4. AlcazabaA palatial fortification in Málaga. It was built by the Hammudiddynasty in the 11th century.In the entrance of the Alcazaba there is a Roman Theatre dating tothe 1st century BC. The Alcazaba of Málaga is built on a hill in thecentre of the city.The Alcazaba of Málaga is the prototype of military architecture inthe Taifa period.
  5. 5. CathedralPiedad’s Image The Cathedral was built between the 16th and 17th century. The Cathedral has The choir a Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style. The most important of the Cathedral is the choir, the two organs and the side chapels. There are a lot of images, paintings and sculptures that served the people to understand the Bible. They weren’t many books because a lot of people didn’t know to talk ant write. One of the Organs
  6. 6. CathedralThe cathedral had interruptionsand incidents when it wasbuilding. In fact the Cathedralhas not completed one of thetowers because the money wasused to complete the Roads ofAntequera and Velez. For thisreason it is also called theCathedral ‘Manquita’. Somepeople think that must be buildthe tower. In my opinion I think it The One-Armed Ladyis better to leave it like that.
  7. 7. Important PeopleIn Malaga, there are important people that represent the city.The most important person is Pablo Ruiz Picasso who died in1973, he was an important painter.- Antonio Cánovas del Castillo was a Spanish politician andhistorian known principally for serving 6 terms as Spanish PrimeMinister.- Antonio Banderas is a film actor, film director, film producerand singer.- Pablo Alboran is a singer. In 2011, he was nominated forthree Latin Grammy Awards. The singer has released a studioalbum, a live album, four singles, four music videos and variousmusical collaborations.
  8. 8. GastronomyThe gastronomy of Malaga is very rich andit is influenced by other Mediterranean’scountries.-Seafood, meat, lovely soap, nicevegetables……-Fish: ‘Espetos de sardinas’-Meat: black pudding, oxtail-Fast food: the most typical food in therestaurants are the ‘camperos’-Sweets and desserts: churros and ‘Roscosde Antequera’-Vegetables: ‘Patatas a lo pobre’
  9. 9. MusicThere is an importantorchestra in Málaga. LaOrquesta Filarmónica deMálaga (OFM, MalagaPhilharmonic Orchestra) isa symphony orchestracreated in the Spanish cityof Malaga. It belongs tothe Spanish Association ofSymphony Orchestras(AEOS). At present, theartistic and director isEdmon Colomer.
  10. 10. FiestaThe two most important holidays are EasterWeek and Fair of Malaga.The Malaga Fair (La Feria de Málaga) iscelebrated in the first 15 days of August.The traditional Fair takes place in theevening. There is also a ‘Fair Day’ in themorning for young people. They go todance, sing and drink. During the eveningyou can go to fair ride.Easter week is a religious holiday that iscelebrated between March or April. There are a lot of thrones, Nazarenes,bands and bearers. This week representsthe death of Jesus.
  11. 11. THE ENDLivia worked the transparencies5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. Miguel workes the transparencies 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7.