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Organisasi sosial yang peduli akan anak yatim di Surabaya

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Bfo community profile

  1. 1. 1 Be The Light of The World COMMUNITY PROFILE [Issue] :: [Title] Why We Care In Indonesia, many graduates are not working according to the major that they took at the university they have been pursuing for 4 years. Not that it was completely waste of time; but the time wasn’t used effectively. Those people can be a lot more if their potential talent had been identified a lot sooner and focused on maximizing it. Inside HISTORY The story of community called Blessing For Orphans. 2 ACTIVITIES Done with so much activities, but never give up to do something new! 5 A child potential has to be detected as early as possible; that’s the inspiration taken from the books by Max Lucado. Education system in Indonesia forces students to study too much of everything. In average a student will need to learn 16 different subjects in a year. Most would become indolent in their study and won’t grow optimally in their talent to lead a life as what God has purposed them to. Like a seed fallen between rocks, it won’t grow perfectly well. Follow me to Page 4
  2. 2. 2 1 [Issue] :: [Date] 2013 Lorem Ipsum Dolor HISTORY By Sandra Olga Create A Community to Caring The Kids That night just like many nights before, I couldn’t sleep well, my head was filled with many thoughts. When I was attending the church, the face of orphans and their projected future came to my mind. I was very confused on what could I do to improve their life. My thoughts and views on what should be done for the orphans. I prayed and prayed, “God tell me what You want to do. Make it clear for me to see. If You wanted me to create the community of Blessing for Orphans, show me Your way.” One fine day, I made a social visit to an orphanage with a theme of “Manner Class”. I made a trial before creating the new community. I invited all my friends through blackberry contact as general to see the response. Quite a number of people had joined, but there is one that caught my attention. MQ, my friend, invited IA; IA is the wife of one of the most influential person in Indonesia. She is still very young and has a huge social spirit. During D-Day, unexpectedly my BBM broadcast had reached to one reporter that I knew, and told 2 fellow reporters. There were about 4 media that did a spread on our activity: Surya, Radar Surabaya, and other online media. Those reporters did an interview on me. For me, what I said and promised to man is also a promise to God. During that time I talked about the movement of young people to care for the orphans, thus the community of Blessing For Orphans (BFO) was officially created and our eyes are on those lost children
  3. 3. Issue [#] :: [Date] 2013 Lorem Ipsum Dolor PRICINPLE OUR VISION Bless to Blessing for The Orphans to Make a Better Generation OUR MISSION Fulfill Their Need: Love, Character Building, Education & Skill, Every Children are born with their own unique blessing with the purpose of fulfilling His will. Every children have the right to live and receive adequate education to equip them in reaching their dreams. We realize that children are the generation of the future. God blessed life had led us to be blessing for the others. Parents are responsible to raise their children with love and to build their characters, to educate them, as well as to lead their spirit. The orphans though, they have no parents in their life. We unite to be the helping hand for them. To fulfill their need of: Love, Character Building, Education & Skill; so they will all have the Appropriate Life. Healthy, Household & Food. 3
  4. 4. 2 Lorem Ipsum Dolor Continued from page 1 Let’s look at the western way. In the western countries, in their earliest age they already know what they want to be in the future. Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example, found his passion and dream since the age of 14; that was as bodybuilder, actor, and politician. Started early, He got the most out of it all. To know each child potential talent and to know their purpose in life by God is the job of the ones closest to them, the job of every parents. [Issue] :: [Date] 2013 Mission Statement 1 Parents hold the biggest part to develop their children’s talent and mentality. In this technology era, nowadays, parents are competing to put their children in renowned schools, teach them to embrace the technology early as to entrust them with gadgets for them to learn. 2 This is the current reality: “The rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer. In the end, the income gap is getting bigger thus creating social and economic problem which will increase criminality rate.” Who have the potential to get the inequality? The poor. Who will determine the growth of the country in the future? The children. Who don’t have the chance of developing their talent because of their limitation? The orphans. And who can make a difference, by helping them find their true potential and develop their talent; so that they will have adequate life and career? You and me; The Blessing For Orphans. We will give them their future as what is set by Him 3 4 4
  5. 5. Lorem Ipsum Dolor ACTIVITIES We have done with so many activities. Minimum Twice a week we make some activity. We can visit the orphanage, give some help and donation to the operation or build the orphanage, teach to the orphans, and help the poor children around Indonesia. We has a big plan and idea. Last time we gave 15 libraries to the 15 orphanages and community in Surabaya. Not only that, we help the orphanage in Ambarawa and Medan. We also give some education stationary and house hold stuff to the people on Pahawang Island, Lampung. This is our list of the activities that we already done. Issue 2013 [#] :: [Date] PAHAWANG ISLAND WINNER OF BUSINESS CLASS GOES TO JAKARTA - 29 November 2013 - 1 December 2013: BFO Goes to Pahawang Island - 16 November 2013: Zero to be Hero (Karunia Orphanage) - 4 events in Oktober 2013: 15 Mini Library Surabaya Orphanage Project - 14-16 Oktober 2013 (Winner of BFO Entrepreneur Class Goes To Jakarta) - 4-5 Oktober 2013 BFO Goes to Ambarawa - 23, 25 September, dan 7 Oktober 2013 (Fellowship BFO Member) BFO GOES TO AMBARAWA - 14 September 2013 (Entrepreneur ClassImmanuel Kendiding Lor Orphanage) - 6 September 2013 (Shopping with The Orphans-Kasih Agape Orphanage) - 4 September 2013 (Kunjungan ke Baby Daniella-Kasih Agape) - 24 Agustus 2013 (Music Class) 5
  6. 6. Lorem Ipsum Dolor [Issue] :: [Date] 2013 Continued From Page 5 COOKING CLASS - 24 Agustus 2013 (Music Class) - 28 Juli 2013 (Survey Yayasan Anak berkebutuhan khusus) - 23 Juli 2013 (International Business Class-Immanuel Bala Keselamatan Orphanage) - 20 Juli 2013 (Survey dan sumbangan Glen-Panti Ahe) - 20 Juli 2013 (Dream Class- Immanuel Kendiding Lor) HOLIDAY WITH THE ORPHANS - 11 Juli 2013 (kunjungan 2 panti asuhan) - 29-30 Juni 2013 (Holiday with Orphans) - 17 Juni 2013 (Visiting Orphanage at Manado) - 11 Juni 2013 (Watching Movie) - 08 Juni 2013 (Cooking Class) DONATE THE OPERATION & DOCTOR - 22 Mei 2013 (Taiwanesse visit the orphanage) - 21 Mei 2013 (Business Class) - 16 Mei 2013 (Visit Orphanage with Pelita Kasih Community) - 13 Mei 2013 (Architecture Class) - 07 Mei 2013 (Manner Class) 6
  7. 7. DONATE Donation is being categorized into two: v Education in classes (under 1 million): for snack & gift (reward in and after class) and material class (glue, pot, etc). BCA account: 6750320871; name: Wong Yuanita Wongso Hadi. v Health & Building (over 1 million): for the operational cost of the orphanage, school fee, renovation or renewal of orphanage facilities, etc. BCA account: 5120214561; name: Sandra Olga. For donators, it is advised to always notice us by mail by sending the transfer receipt to to be booked by our accounting and administrators (it is our principle to ensure transparency of the donation so that it would be acknowledged by all members of the community and it would arrive at the right hands). LoremIpsumDolor [Issue] :: [Date] 2013 FINANCIAL REPORT: CONTACT PERSON Prapen Indah Timur 3 AB/5 Surabaya, East Java, 60299 Sandra Olga: Yuanita W.: Elizabeth: Kartika Dwi: 08111120999 0817322615 089606165050 08133098278