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Finding the source of pain part 2 - The elements of personality

Part of finding out what is causing your pain is to know yourself. This will help you to assess which elements of your personality could be a contributor to your pain problem.

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Finding the source of pain part 2 - The elements of personality

  1. 1. • What are the elements of your personality? • How do they affect your health? • Can they cause you pain? THE ELEMENTS OF PERSONALITY
  2. 2. Personality tests are used by people that are trying to figure out why they act the way they do; why they have or lack the success they desire; or what is causing them anguish; and sometimes, they take a test like this to understand their relationships or how to relate to other people better. THE PERSONALITY TEST
  3. 3. Psa 73:16 When I thought to know this, it was too painful for me; Pain can come from thoughts, and in fact, this is a big factor in pain problems. Therefore, it stands to reason that knowing oneself is paramount to finding the answers. An excessively honest self analysis is necessary in order to find the Elements of your personality and character that could be adversely affecting your body and health. When the Elemental types can be seen, then the body can be better assessed. UNDERSTANDING ONESELF
  4. 4. Elemental Type 1 Advantages • seeks challenge and pushes to the limit • enjoys and does well under pressure • admires speed, novelty, and skill • loves action, movement, and adventure • likes to be first, best, and only Typical Problems • intolerance and impatience • volatile emotions • extremist, in either external or internal way • headaches, muscle spasms, high blood pressure, nerve inflammations, migratory pain • abuse of stimulants and sedatives The Pioneer Clearly there is a physical relationship between the character and thoughts, and the body and pain. Signs of this are already evident in each of the personality type. This information is only touching upon the physical relationship. Go to for more info on pain problems and how to eliminate them.
  5. 5. Elemental Type 2 Advantages • relishes excitement and delights in intimacy • keenly intuitive and passionately empathetic • believes in the power of charisma and desire • loves sensation, drama, and sentiment • likes to be hot, bright, and vibrant Typical Problems • anxiety, agitation, and frenzy • bizarre perceptions • nervous exhaustion and insomnia • palpitations, sweating, hypoglycemia, rashes, palsy, nerve inflammations, migratory pain • abuse of stimulants and sedatives The Wizard
  6. 6. Elemental Type 3 Advantages • wants to be involved and needed • likes to be in charge but not in the limelight • agreeable and accommodating: wants to be all things to all people • seeks harmony and togetherness • insists upon loyalty, security, and predictability Typical Problems • worry, obsession, and self-doubt • meddling and overprotective • overextended and inert • lethargy, unruly appetites, water retention, muscle tenderness • unrealistic expectations and disappointment The Peacemaker
  7. 7. Elemental Type 4 Advantages • likes definition, structure, and discipline • respects virtue, discretion, authority • seeks to live according to reason and principle • holds self and others to the highest standards • reveres beauty, ceremony, and refinement Typical Problems • indifference and inhibition • autocratic, strict, and persnickety • formal, distant, and unnatural • stiff joints and muscles, dry skin and hair, shallow breathing, sensitive to climate, poor circulation • self-righteousness and disillusionment The Alchemist
  8. 8. Elemental Type 5 Advantages • articulate, clever, and introspective • self-contained and self-sufficient • penetrating, critical, and scrutinizing • seeks knowledge and understanding • likes to remain hidden, enigmatic, and anonymous Typical Problems • emotionally inaccessible and undemonstrative • isolation and lonelines • tactless, unforgiving, and suspicious • hardening of the arteries, deterioration of teeth and gums • backache, chilliness, loss of libido The Philosopher
  9. 9. Elemental Type 1: The power of Wood comes from the capacity to rapidly expand and build up pressure. Wood types need to modulate their intensity and stay flexible, to be able to retreat and yield as well as surge forward and be undaunted. Elemental Type 2: The power of Fire comes from the capacity to liberate heat and light and realize joy and fulfillment. Fire types need to temper their chemistry and contain their fervor, conserving as well as sharing their resources, withdrawing and separating as well as embracing and merging. Elemental Type 3: The power of Earth comes from the capacity to link, nurture, and sustain. Earth types need to balance their devotion to relationship with solitude and self-expression, developing self-reliance as well as building community. Elemental Type 4: The power of Metal comes from the capacity to shape and refine. Metal types need to compensate for their rationality, self -control, and meticulousness with passion, spontaneity, and social involvement. Elemental Type 5: The power of Water comes from the capacity to conceive, concentrate, and conserve. Water types need to offset their toughness, bluntness, and detachment with tenderness, sensitivity, and openness, risking softness and contact, exposure and attachment. IDENTIFYING THE ELEMENTS
  10. 10. To take the test: http://longevity- questionnaire/ For more information on how these elements can affect your health, or on finding & eliminating your pain problem see FOR MORE INFORMATION