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A debt consolidation will provide you with the relief that you need in order to make paying your bills manageable and will allow you to facilitate the process of improving or repairing your credit rating so that any future financial purchases that you make will also cost less and therefore be more manageable.

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Debt Consolidation Loan > Consolidate Debt

  1. 1. Welcome to, the foundation for your own financial freedom. We have gathered the absolute best resources available for helping individuals get through their time of financial hardships, regardless of what they may currently be. We specialize in referring people to the best credit counseling and Debt Consolidation Company available today. They have proven results, and so do we. 2008 Copyright © 1
  2. 2. Student Loan Consolidation If you’ve got a federal or private student loan, you can consolidate them, and any credit card debt you might also have into one low easy to manage payment. Student loan debt consolidation basically means to take all your student loan debt and combining them into single loan, so that instead of making multiple payments each month, you pay just one smaller, low interest payment, to one lender. Private student loan consolidation and federal student loan consolidation are available as well. Student loan debt consolidation is not difficult to attain. Information is key, do your research and know your facts. Gather all your current student loan information making sure it is current and accurate. 2008 Copyright © 2
  3. 3. Federal Loan Debt Consolidation Federal loan consolidation is a way for students to make repayment of their federal student loans easy and uncomplicated. A federal consolidation loan allows you to effectively manage your student loan debt by combining various federal loans you may have such as Federal Perkins loans and Federal Plus loans. Doing this allows the student to reduce the number of loans they hold, and make one monthly payment instead of many. Such federal debt consolidation allows for lower payments, over a longer period of time, at a more favorable fixed interest rate for the life of the loan. One loan, one payment, one lender, as simple as it gets. 2008 Copyright © 3
  4. 4. Consumer Credit Counseling Services Credit counseling has a lot of advantages to those of you that happen to be going through some financial hardships. It can allow you to not only fix, but raise your credit score over a period of time if you stick to the plan. The economy in its current state has made the credit market a tough one to crack even now more so than ever. Working with a credit counseling professional can allow you to streamline the process and get on track to make a big difference in the eyes of your creditors. 2008 Copyright © 4
  5. 5. Credit Card Settlement We provides online credit card consolidation services to help you save money. We can provide you with a free debt consolidation quote with some of the premiere debt consolidation companies available today. These companies have helped thousands of individuals get out from under debt and have helped rebuild countless credit histories. The process is quick, simple, and targeted towards meeting your financial goal of not only becoming debt free, but staying that way. 2008 Copyright © 5
  6. 6. Debt Settlement Debt settlement is the process in where a debt settlement service will negotiate with your creditors on your own behalf in order to have them lower either the high interest rates or the total amount of debt that you owe them. You may be wondering as to why any of your outstanding creditors would dare settle for less. The reason why they would is simply because they are risking getting nothing if you file for bankruptcy and in the business world, something is always better than nothing when it comes to money. 2008 Copyright © 6
  7. 7. Debt Management By utilizing the help of a debt management company, you will be able to easily formulate a proper strategy to manage and budget your monthly finances in order to pay down the debt that you owe. The monthly payments that you will be making will be based upon what you are capable of paying, and doing this will also allow you to rebuild your credit over a period of time. If you stick to the plan that is laid out for you, you will be able to see the light at the end of that financial tunnel. Getting help is easy. Take advantage of the short form on our site and allow us to put you in direct contact with a debt management professional that can help you get out of debt. 2008 Copyright © 7
  8. 8. Consolidate Credit Card Bills Bill consolidation is a great way of improving the quality of your financial profile, while at the same time enabling you to improve your credit rating over a period of time. What bill debt consolidation is, is the process in which you combine all of your outstanding debts in the form of loans, into a single account. What this does is allow you to only have one interest rate, rather than several, and one manageable easy to budget bill to pay each month in order to become debt free. There are hundreds of bill consolidation loans provider out there that can help you make your bills much more manageable as well as provide you with the type of advice that can help you stay debt free for life. 2008 Copyright © 8