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Glass house KWMC


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Presentation for glass House at the Bristol Architecture Centre

Published in: Design, Technology
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Glass house KWMC

  1. 1. Knowle West Media Centre Community Led Design Mission statement: To achieve cultural, social and economic regeneration by involving the community in media activity, education and action.
  2. 2. The Archimedia Project
  3. 3. The Archimedia Project
  4. 5. Working with local people and partners Reducing social exclusion
  5. 6. Arts programme
  6. 7. Tools for empowerment Improving services
  7. 8. Encourage and support local initiatives and leadership
  8. 9. Green and Digital - project example: Edible Landscapes Movement • Working with local people and partners • Engaging people with digital technology • Empowering local people • Supporting local initiatives and encouraging leadership
  9. 10. How digital connects everything together  
  10. 11. Knowle West Media Centre, Leinster Avenue, Bristol, BS4 1NL 0117 903 0444 Twitter: @knowlewestmedia [email_address] [email_address]