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Jhon´s Daily Routine


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Jhon´s Daily Routine

  1. 1. John’s Daily Routine by Sandra Cabrera
  2. 2. I get up at half past seven.
  3. 3. I go to thebathroom.
  4. 4. I havebreakfast at quarter to eight.
  5. 5. I go to school by bus at twenty past eight.
  6. 6. My classes start at nine o’clock
  7. 7. At half past one I have lunch in the school canteen.
  8. 8. I go home at ten past five by bus.
  9. 9. When I get home, I do myhomework and play computer games.
  10. 10. Before dinner I watch TV.
  11. 11. I have dinner with my parents and my brother, Peter at twenty past eight.
  12. 12. After dinner, I brush my teeth.
  13. 13. I watch TV in the living room
  14. 14. At about teno’clock I go to bed.