Using Social Media to support your next fundraising event


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Here are a few hints and tips to make the most of social media in relation to your fundraising events.

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Using Social Media to support your next fundraising event

  1. 1. Using Social Media To Enhance Your Fundraising Events
  2. 2. 1.28 billion monthly active users 255 million monthly active users Source:
  3. 3. Hints and tips for social media…
  4. 4. Tip #1 • Share at least one image daily on your chosen social network(s) • Try to share multiple photos per day if possible Tip #2 • Like and repin (on Pinterest) or regram (on Instagram) other images you think are relevant to your audience Tip #3 • Follow other people or charities similar to yours and, if you can, leave positive comments Tip #4 • Use tools like Pinreach and Statigram to help you easily analyse the success of your campaigns Visual Content
  5. 5. A Hashtag (word or phrase led by a #) identifies your campaign or event Any content generated with that # becomes linked Tip #1 • Great for creating a community around your event among all the noise • #s are helpful if you have an active social media account with multiple events and updates going on simultaneously • NfPs who use # on Instagram have 2x as many followers as those that don’t Tip #2 • Get your followers involved in the # with a call-to-action • #s can create user-generated content that can be useful for case studies, testimonials and other marketing material • Tools like Slidagram and Flipagram are great for creating these galleries The all-powerful #
  6. 6. In the moment reporting from your event creates buzz and excitement for family and friends of participants. Tip #1 • Use Twitter to keep the buzz going around the event (those who aren’t attending this year may be motivated to join the following year if it looks/sounds fun) Tip #2 • Add photos and videos to the mix • Always include a short caption Tip #3 • Post-event, use the content to generate slideshows/galleries for participants Live posting
  7. 7. Tools available with Blackbaud Heroix
  8. 8. Facebook
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  11. 11. To learn more about Blackbaud Heroix, get in touch! 0845 658 8590 Be sure to register for our forthcoming demo of Heroix on Thursday, June 12th at 2PM Register Here: Thank You for Attending!