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Theory of mind


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Descripción de la teoría de la mente.

Published in: Education
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Theory of mind

  1. 1. Sandra Fontanas; Raluca Dan; Raquel Ortiz THEORY OF MIND
  2. 2. DEFINITION: { Complex cognitive skill that allows a person to attribute mental states to oneself and others.
  3. 3. { People have an automatic ability to attribute: - Wishes - Intentions - Emotions - Knowledge states - Thinking
  4. 4. { 1 year: Remember emotional and facial expressions. { 2-3 years: Identifies simple mental states (desires, emotions and intentions) and comprises games fiction. { 4 years: The child difference perfectly between their mental states and others. { 6-7 years: Thinking of others can influence them in different circumstances. { 12 or more years: Recursive reasoning appears: "I think, that you think, that I'm thinking” THEORY OF MIND IN CHILDREN:
  5. 5. THE THEORY OF MIND Our relationship with people is conditioned by
  6. 6. THE END