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i-doc talk for ESoDdoc 2013


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This is the talk that I gave to ESoDoc on September 2013. Feel free to get inspired, but do reference me if you use it!

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i-doc talk for ESoDdoc 2013

  1. 1. by Sandra Gaudenzi i-docs: why, how and how much
  2. 2. A linear documentary is a creative treatment of actuality An i-doc is non linear interactive
  3. 3. Defining i-docs Any project that intends to document the real, and that does so by using digital interactive technology, can be called an i-doc.
  4. 4. i-docs as a proposition to enter into a dynamic world and to change it to a certain degree (depending on the level of agency given to the user) From: One millionth Tower, NFB, 2012
  5. 5. Agency ‘the satisfying power to take meaningful action and see the results of our decisions and choices’ (Janet H. Murray, Hamlet on the Holodeck,1997:126)
  6. 6. Agency satisfying power choices
  7. 7. Agency power + choices = change feed-back loop
  8. 8. the feed-back loop of interactivity goes beyond the user-computer ... and so does your i-doc!
  9. 9. The Living documentary 1. effect/impact does not stop at user- computer 2. not human centred approach, but systemic 3. levels of aliveness = levels of doing (impact) 4. aptitude to self-organize, to adapt to their environment, and to change it 5. life and death of an i-doc
  10. 10. i-doc as a relational & living entity Put the emphasis what it makes you DO (rather than what it SAYS to you)
  11. 11. How to create an i-doc?1/3 PRE-PRODUCTION: 1. Ponder if interactivity is necessary. What is it adding? What is its purpose? 2. Include interactive strategy from start. 3. Minimum team:  Film maker (content producer)  interactive designer  Coder  MORE: social media manager, story architect 4. Brainstorming sessions (all included) 5. Feasibility study (technical & financial)
  12. 12. DEVELOPMENT: 1. Story architecture & platforms 2. Budget 3. Storyboarding & look and feel 4. Content mapping & production schedule 5. Coding (tailor made or choice of tools) 6. Testing (iterative prototyping) How to create an i-doc?2/3
  13. 13. LAUNCH: 1. Marketing strategy 2. Social media strategy 3. Launch strategy (beta, soft, progressive…) LIFE: - Moderation - Social media communication - Analytics - Changes DEATH: - Designing for an end How to create an i-doc?3/3
  14. 14. TOOLS • Zeega • PopcornJS • 3WDoc, Klynt, Djehouti • Storyplanet • Wix • Korsakow • Conducttr (see TMtoolkit or i-Docs)
  15. 15. FINANCE 1/3 THE BIG PLAYERS: - EU Creative Europe 2014 (ex Media Fund) up to Euros 150,000 - TFI New Media Fund $50,000 to $100,000 (6 non- fiction, social issue media projects which go beyond traditional screens) - Co-produce with NFB or Arte - National entities: CNC (Fr), Arts Council (UK), Creative England (UK) etc…
  16. 16. THE NEW PLAYERS: - Online Magazines/papers (Le Monde, The Guardian and Firestorm, NYTimes and Snowfall or Highrise) - YouTube (see Life in a Day) - Google (think Google glasses) - Kickstarter & IndiGogo (see Tmtool kit for more on crowdsourcing) FINANCE 2/3
  17. 17. ALTERNATIVE ROUTES: - NESTA Digital R&D Fund (up to £125,000 for International academic research attached to a project) - City Festivals & exhibitions (ex: Geneva) - Partner with digital companies (ex: Defense d’Afficher) - Sponsoring relatd to the topic (ex: Las voces de la memoria) THE FUTURE: - The i-Doc entrepreneur - New business models (apps, I love your work booking model etc…) FINANCE 3/3
  18. 18. SMALL budget examples 1/4 done with Storyplanet
  19. 19. SMALL budget examples 2/4 done with tumblr
  20. 20. SMALL budget examples 3/4 made with Zeega
  21. 21. SMALL budget examples 4/4 made with Popcorn
  22. 22. Must check links: - i-Docs and i-Docs Resources - The Transmedia Resources Kit • NFB/interactive - a portal through which to browse all of National Film Board of Canada’s i-docs projects to date. • DocShift – the most comprehensive archive of i-docs to date, by the Documentary Organization of Canada. • idfa DOCLAB - show-casting the amazing international range of webdocs presented at idfa DOCLAB so far. • TFI Sandbox – all the projects sustained by the Tribeca Film Insitute… and more. • Arte Webproductions - the entire collection of webdocs produced by Franco-German television Arte.
  23. 23. Thank you