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Social Media Essentials -- Twitter

  1. 1. Social Media Essentials -- Twitter Sandra Fernandez Manager of Public Relations & Social Media Administrator Houston Public Library
  2. 2. Twitter Facts 370,000 new sign-ups daily 95,000,000 Tweets per day 175,000,000 registered users Last year, 7% of Americans surveyed used Twitter (and ExactTarget (client) research found 5% follow a brand on Twitter). This year, 8% of Americans use it.
  3. 3. Twitter Facts 140 characters  SMS Twitter is a highly targeted element, used to reach and interact with particular audiences. Twitter is a must-do customer relations vehicle for most companies.
  4. 4. Settings Username  You CAN change it  Don’t use unusual characters, underscore Email  Let others find me by my email address Tweet Location Tweet Media
  5. 5. Settings Tweet Privacy https Mobile  Direct Message Notifications
  6. 6. Set-Up Profile  Picture  Location  Web  Landing page  Bio  Personal Branding  Keywords Design Applications
  7. 7. Tweet Timeline @Mentions Retweets Hashtags  Conversations  Track topic
  8. 8. Tweeting Suggestions Read first, then share. Share photos and behind the scenes info about your business. Listen. Regularly monitor the comments about your company, brand, and products. Crowdsource – Ask questions of your followers to glean valuable insights and show that you are listening.
  9. 9. Tweeting Suggestions Respond to compliments and feedback in real time Reward – Tweet updates about special offers, discounts and time-sensitive deals. Retweet from your community. Participate in Chats. Live Tweet an event. Create a hashtag.
  10. 10. Tweeting Suggestions Thank your retweeters. Schedule Tweets. Run a contest. Hold a TweetUp. Use keywords. Your Tweets should include relevant information about what you do for a living. Use a real voice. Avoid jargon, abbreviations, pop culture.
  11. 11. Reasons to “Chat” via Twitter Make Connections. Lots of valuable information in a short amount of time. Brand building. Find a Twitter Chat:
  12. 12. One to One• Direct Messages or DM
  13. 13. Pay Attention & Segment Your Network Saved Searches Lists Listed Following Followers Favorites
  14. 14. Who to Follow Suggestions Browse Interests Find Friends Followed by You both follow Directories    
  15. 15. Things to check before you follow someone Read their Tweets Profile picture and background Favorites Active accounts Lists Mutual friends Followers Website Link
  16. 16. Searches Tweets  “Listen” for keywords and names/ids Tweets with links Tweets near you People Advanced Search   By Location  Near this place  By Topic  Words
  17. 17. Searches Google  By occupation  this exact wording or phrase: intitle:public relations * on twitter  Search within a site or domain:  By bio  this exact wording or phrase: intext:bio * public relations  Search within a site or domain:
  18. 18. Trends Top topics Promoted
  19. 19. Third-Party Tools Maintain your Twitter stream  HootSuite  TweetDeck  Seesmic  CoTweet Deliver it! Aggregate  
  20. 20. Metrics Followers Following Total Tweets Favorites Link shorteners  HootSuite 
  21. 21. Social Media Widgets &Buttons Follow buttons  Widgets 
  22. 22. Tips Read “Twitter 101 for Business” at Read Twitter’s rules for contests: Read the Twitter Rules:
  23. 23. Tips Avoid spammers. Avoid spamming applications. Don’t follow too many people at first.Your account will look like a spammer. Use a link shortener.
  24. 24. Where to find me