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Why is there so little digital art on Wikipedia?


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Sandra Fauconnier, art historian and active Wikipedian, would like to write more articles about the history and protagonists of digital art on Wikipedia. But at this moment that’s still quite difficult. Sandra will give examples, and explain how institutions and artists could make this easier.
Her tips are very closely aligned with general best practice guidelines for archiving, preserving and documenting digital art in general.

A presentation for the conference Future Proof!?, Schiedam, 8-9 February 2017.

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Why is there so little digital art on Wikipedia?

  1. 1. Why is there so little digital art on Wikipedia? Sandra Fauconnier Future Proof!? 9 February 2017
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  5. 5. ‘Hierarchy’ of sources general reference work (e.g. art encyclopedia) ----- peer-reviewed article publication at reliable publisher externally managed online database (e.g. RKD) ----- art institution’s own website blog artist’s website mailing list post tertiary secondary primary 👍 👌
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  9. 9. WHAT HELPS? ✅
  10. 10. Jan Schoonhoven vs Daan Roosegaarde
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