The Teylers Challenge: Working Together from Shared Ideals


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Presentation by Geert-Jan Janse (Teylers) & Sandra Fauconnier (Wikimedia NL) for the GLAM-Wiki conference, April 2013, British Library, UK.

The Dutch chapter of Wikimedia and Teyler Museum organised a writing challenge from January till June 2012 to expand the coverage on various topics related to Teylers Museum and its rich collections. Curators and Wikipedians have successfully worked together, resulting in over 300 new articles in more then 13 languages, including Esperanto,Catalan and Volapük. Why did this project take place, how was it organised, what were our experiences, what are the lessons learned and how do we hope to continue our fruitful collaboration?

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The Teylers Challenge: Working Together from Shared Ideals

  1. 1. THE TEYLERS CHALLENGEGeert-Jan Janse, Project Manager Digitisation, Teylers Museum Sandra Fauconnier, Volunteer, Wikimedia Nederland
  2. 2. MissionIn perpetuation of the ideals of the Enlightenment, Teylers Museum wishes to serve society by stimulating people to discover the world for themselves and to find pleasure in art and science. -Teylers Museum-Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.Thats our commitment. -Wikimedia-
  3. 3. Oval Room Teylers Museum(1784) = Wikipedia 18thcentury
  4. 4. Why a competition?•  Inspiring example: Wright Challenge: http:// Multilingual_Challenge•  Long tradition of Essay Competitions Teyler Societies teylersuniversum/index.php? m=narratio&id=39&nvlng=en•  Competition could attract new volunteers for Wikimedia
  5. 5. The Challenge
  6. 6. Project Timeline21 Jan 2012: New Year’sreception WMNL at Teylers;Kickoff with guided tour +Speed dates curators28 April: edit-a-thon16 June: award ceremony Photo: CC-BY-SA Ziko van Dijk
  7. 7. Kickoff
  8. 8. Prizes 
  9. 9. Photo Requests
  10. 10. Inspiring Examples•  Contributions from all over the world•  Active Catalan community around 17 year old student DavidPar•  Online Discoveries: letter of John Adams on medal in Teylers collection: Johann_Georg_Holtzhey•  Original Articles of scientific value•  Better use of online museum resources
  11. 11. New Contributors
  12. 12. Some StatisticsAt the end of the Challenge: ca. 600 articles on Teylers related subjects in 13 different language wikipedias = 100% increase in article coverage (300 > 600)
  13. 13. Translations
  14. 14. Lessons learned•  Competition does work!•  Discussion within Wikimedia NL community: Conflict of Interest ?•  Difficult to attract and retain new volunteers/editors•  Specialized topics > few contributors•  Significant media coverage
  15. 15. Museum Experience•  Kickoff: new visitors;great atmosphere•  Challenge easesdecision on CC-0 useimages forWikiCommons• Difficult to get curators Editathon, Wikipediansto actually work as and curators working togetherWikipedia editors!
  16. 16. What’s next?•  Wikipedian in Residence?•  Follow-up in correspondance with Rembrandt exhibition > Wiki loves Rembrandt??•  No COI but a new mode of collaboration between GLAM institutions & Wikimedia
  17. 17. First Prize for Lodewijk Gelauff;second prize for DavidPar - Sentby mail to Barcelona!
  18. 18. Questions? Remarks?Geert-Jan Janse GJ.Janse@teylersmuseum.nlSandra Fauconnier