Curiosities about animals


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Curiosities about animals

  1. 1. Are you curious about animals?
  2. 2. Some animals can be really CURIOUS. Are you talking to me?
  3. 3. Did you know…?
  4. 4. FEATURES OF SOME ANIMALS Candela Acosta and Julieta Roldan
  5. 5. THE CRICKETS ⦿ ⦿ have ears in the legs. are aggressive to their enemies
  6. 6. GIANT HAIRY SCORPION ⦿ ⦿ When born it is not independent. When it is big, it abandons the mum.
  7. 7. FLAMINGO ⦿ The babies, when born, are white.
  8. 8. PEACOCKS ⦿ ⦿ They live in both wet and dry forests. There is a remarkable difference between the male and the female.
  9. 9. ANIMALS! Bautista Giannella Agustin Mattioli
  10. 10. PLATYPUS The platypus is a semiaquatic mammal.We can find it in all Australia including Tasmania. The platypus needs a lot of water to live.
  11. 11. PLATYPUS’ CHARACTERISTICS… The platypus is the only mammal that lays eggs instead of giving birth. It has a long,big and strange beak.
  12. 12. GIRAFFE The giraffe is a mammal and it lives in the African jungles. It is the tallest animal!
  13. 13. GIRAFFE’S CHARACTERISTICS… They are unusual animals, because they have the largest neck in the world and they haven’t got vocal chords.
  14. 14. TASMANIAN DEVIL The Tasmanian devil is a carnivorous marsupial and a dangerous animal! It has long and sharp teeth. It lives in Australia, on the Tasmanian islands.
  15. 15. TASMANIAN DEVIL’S CHARACTERISTICS… It is the most dangerous animal of Australia and Asia. Despite its size (like a dog) it is very dangerous and carnivorous.
  16. 16. LIZARD The lizard is a small reptile, easy to be found in all Chile. There are around 9.766 species!
  17. 17. LIZARD’S CHARACTERISTICS… The lizards can mimic the environment when they feel scared. Lizards’ tails are often different and of dramatically more vivid color than the rest of the body so as to encourage potential predators to strike for the tail first.
  18. 18. WILD ANIMALS Joaquín Aldana and Francisco Ruggiero
  19. 19. PLATYPUSES There´re the only mammals that lay eggs in the world
  20. 20. PLATYPUSES They don´t look for food with their eyes , beaks and ears when they dive into the water. They dig with their beaks to find food
  21. 21. PENGUIN It´s a bird and it can´t fly It´s a bird and it can breathe under the water
  22. 22. PENGUIN It has got special glands, so it does not need to drink water without salt. The glands help to eliminate the salt.
  23. 23. KILLER WHALE It is one of the most dangerous aquatic animals
  24. 24. KILLER WHALE There are no reports of attacks on humans only they attack the humans when they are in captivity
  25. 25. SEAHORSE This is a strange animal , because it is a horse that lives in the water
  26. 26. SEAHORSE It is like a horse and it can breathe under the water
  27. 27. ANIMALS AND THEIR CURIOSITIES By:Gonzalo Di Donato
  28. 28. THE RED PANDAS ✕ They can grow to the size of a cat
  29. 29. THE RED PANDAS ✕ They use their tails as coats.
  30. 30. TIGERS ✕ The male has more stripes that the female
  31. 31. TIGERS ✕ They can reach a speed up to 90 km/h
  32. 32. ASIAN GOLDEN CATS ✕ They are born in holes in the ground and in holes in the logs.
  33. 33. ASIAN GOLDEN CATS ✕ They can live in captivity for 20 years
  34. 34. WILDCATS ✕ They can hybridize with the abandoned cats
  35. 35. WILDCATS ✕ They have 4-5 rings in their tails.
  36. 36. Created by 6th Year students EP Colegio San Roque- Mar del Plata November, 2013