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Afp designed sunset & vine historic apartments at hollywood ca


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Advantage Fitness Center (AFP) was tasked with creating a fitness complement for Sunset & Vine apartments that would support the high expectations of residents and enhance their overall experience as valued tenants.

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Afp designed sunset & vine historic apartments at hollywood ca

  1. 1. Advantage Fitness Products Designed Sunset & Vine Historic Apartments atHollywood CAKey Stats • Experience Series Treadmills and Ellipticals • 12-Piece Paramount Strength Training Circuit • Free-Weight Area • Ambient and Personal Viewing Screen EntertainmentFacilitySunset & Vine Fitness CenterLocationHollywood,
  2. 2. The Sunset & Vine apartments are considered the premier apartment complex in Hollywood.Thus, the facility is loaded with the upscale and sleek amenities one would expect within thestyle-conscious and trendsetting culture of Hollywood. This fitness center is no exception.Offering the latest and greatest in today’s exercise equipment, with design elementsnecessary to maintain the overall look and feel of the entire complex, Sunset & Vine’sfitness center is "all the rage" with its tenants.Facility Description:Developed in the heart of Hollywood California and taking full advantage of the physical"renaissance" that the historic Hollywood Boulevard is experiencing today, Bond Companieshas created something special for today’s Hollywood. Considered Hollywood’s premierupscale apartment complex, Sunset and Vine consists of more than 750,000 square feet ofretail, residential, and parking covering an entire city block.Three hundred urban apartments enjoy Sunset & Vine’s first-class fitness center. The fitnesscenter is consistent with the wide array of upscale amenities for Sunset & Vine tenants thatcharacterize this unique multi-dwelling complex.Project Summary:Prior to its development, the vision behind Sunset & Vine was to create the preeminent andmost exclusive upscale apartment complex on the famous Hollywood Blvd. Thus, everydetail needed to reflect the upscale tastes, style and state-of-the-art amenities that onewould expect with Hollywood and the trendsetting style culture that characterizes it. Thecomplex’s fitness center was certainly no exception.Advantage Fitness Center (AFP) was tasked with creating a fitness complement that wouldsupport the high expectations of residents and enhance their overall experience as valuedtenants. One look at the facility reveals the strategic decisions made to ensure that theupscale standards of the Sunset and Vine complex were carried out in this facility.Equipment, color options, layout and facility flow were top priorities. Personal viewingscreens for all cardiovascular equipment were specified. A custom rubberized compositefloor and embroidered Sunset & Vine Slip covers on all strength training equipment wereadded. The facility would become a picture of stylish form combined with cutting-edgefunction. And if that wasn’t enough, stunning 360-degree glass walls provide one-of-a-kindviews of Hollywood Blvd.
  3. 3. Results:The Sunset & Vine fitness center has consistently yielded rave reviews from tenants, and isa key component to the complex’s distinction as the premier apartment complex inHollywood.Advantage Fitness Products (AFP) is currently consulting on the revitalization of theRenaissance Hotel located directly behind the property as well as what will be the largest"multi-dwelling" development on Hollywood Blvd – the eagerly anticipated W Hotel andLofts, Hollywood.