Are you Internet Fit?


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In the 21st century the first impression is made online. People (current and potential: employers, employees, clients, colleagues, friends, business partners) google, bing & yahoo us on a daily basis. What they find will or will not give you a second chance for a first impression!

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Are you Internet Fit?

  1. 1. Are youInternet Fit™? And what does that actually mean?
  2. 2. Have you ever googled a person you know?Or were about to meet?
  3. 3. You think.... ...youve never lost a client just because of that party picture on FB? didn’t get that job only cause of your average CV?
  4. 4. You think... … nobody ever searches for you on the Internet? … creating your professional online profile is a waste of time?
  5. 5. Think again!
  6. 6. In the 21st century, the first impression is made online.People you interact with “google, bing and yahoo you” on daily basis. What do they find when they search for YOU?
  7. 7. Worried yet?
  8. 8. Your Internet Fitness™ can bemeasured in 3 categories: 1. Professionalism That is how professionally you are perceived by others based on the search results they find. Do you write a blog? Is your profile picture adequate? Are your comments valuable?
  9. 9. 2. Visibility How visible are you? How easy is it to find information on you?3. Connectivity That is how connected you seem to be. Does the quantity reflect quality?
  10. 10. How do you get in Internet Shape?
  11. 11. Internet Fitness Training™ We help you build up all the online profile muscles you need, to later carry you on through the marathons of professional presence on the Internet: picture tag linecareer history educationprofile summary
  12. 12. Option #1 – Do it yourselfUse the free material on our website!Option #2 – Internet Fitness Workshop™You work in small groups directly on your laptop craftingyour perfect online profile with the help of your InternetFitness Trainer™. You will write your profile summary,clear all doubts you have and ensure it is 100%flawless!Option #3 – Internet Fitness 1on1 Session™You work 1on1 with our Internet Fitness Consultant™individually.
  13. 13. Irrespectively, your profile picture should be:authentic, up-to-date, professional, inviting, good quality, smiling... Short: the best possible natural version of yourself!
  14. 14. Prepare yourself for an intense training that will leave you without one pound of unprofessionalism online! To register go onto our website orcontact our InternetFit™ Team at for more information
  15. 15. CreditsThank you very much for sharing under CC license:Slide 3: 4: 7: 8: 9: 10: 14: free to share this presentation withoutaltering it!Are you Internet Fit? by Sandra Bichl is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.June 2011