GTA Proposal (Final)


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Mock franchise proposal document for Grand Theft Auto. Document part of franchise assignment for Kevin Sandler's Entertainment Industries class at Arizona State University. Proposal is for educational purposes only.

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GTA Proposal (Final)

  1. 1. ! GRAND THEFT AUTO FRANCHISE PROPOSAL FMS 482 March 3, 2011 Cody Ballentine, Michael Bennett, Josh Brown, Andrew Finch, Zac Helm, Andy Jeffreys, Ryan Ossalear, Eric Psihoules, Sandra Sanchez
  2. 2. 2Warner Bros. Pictures presents!GRAND THEFT AUTO …Only the sinful survive.Genre: Action/Crime/ThrillerRating: R (for pervasive language, violence, drug use, and sexuality)U.S. Release Date: August 2012Cast: Gerard Butler, Olivia Wilde, Benicio Del Toro, Teresa Palmer, Chris !Ludacris" Bridges, Michael ImperioliDirector: Guy RitchieProducer: Joel SilverScreenplay by: William MonahanBased on the game series by: Rockstar Games --- Proposal Contents Press Release……………. 3 Story Outline…………….... 5 Marketing Elements……... 6 Marketing Plan…………….7
  3. 3. 3 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ‘GRAND THEFT AUTO’ ANNOUNCED: VIDEO GAME ADAPTED! FOR THEATERS WITH SUMMER 2012 RELEASEBURBANK, Calif., March 2, 2011 – Rockstar Games’ enormously popular video gameuniverse comes to life when “Grand Theft Auto” hits theaters in 2012.Warner Bros. Pictures announced today they are moving forward with a film based on ascript by William Monahan (“The Departed”, “Body of Lies”). Gerard Butler will beplaying Claude, a criminal who gets tied up between two gangs and is trying hard tosurvive among vice and betrayal in the big city.This is the first chapter in a proposed trilogy for Grand Theft Auto, unleashing a new eraof filmmaking through the partnership between Rockstar and Warner Bros., which iscontracted to release the upcoming films.“Grand Theft Auto has been the subject of media attention for over a decade, but fansof the series understand that at its core, it’s more than just senseless violence. Rockstarhas developed incredibly complex stories to pair with their state of the art graphics, andwe want to maintain that superior quality when translating the game onto the bigscreen,” said Alan F. Horn, President of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.Butler is set to star in the film, teaming up once again with director Guy Ritchie(“Sherlock Holmes”, “Snatch”). The pair worked together on Warner Bros. action thriller“RockNRolla” in 2008.“It’s hard to think of another video game that has been more embedded in popularculture over the last decade than Grand Theft Auto,” Ritchie said. “The game itself iscinematic, and it’s my pleasure to guide new audiences through the corrupt, sexy, and
  4. 4. 4dangerous world of Liberty City. Just like the game did when it first appeared in 1997,we plan on breaking new ground and turning some heads.”“We trust in Guy Ritchie’s ability to convey the Grand Theft Auto universe through hisunique vision and style,” Horn said. “We’re supremely confident that he won’t let eventhe most loyal fans of the series down,” Horn said.The story takes place in fictional Liberty City, which very closely mirrors New York City.Olivia Wilde, Benicio Del Toro, Teresa Palmer, and Michael Imperioli are also set to starin the film.Principal photography is scheduled to begin this spring.Targeted for release in August 2012, the Grand Theft Auto movie will be distributedworldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. ###About Warner Bros EntertainmentWarner Bros. Entertainment – a fully integrated, broad-based entertainment company –is a global leader in the creation, production, distributions, licensing, and marketing of allforms of creative content and their related businesses, across all current and emergingmedia and platforms. The company stands at the forefront of every aspect of theentertainment industry from feature film, TV, and home entertainment production toworldwide distribution to DVD, digital distribution, animation, comic books licensing,international cinemas and broadcasting.For more information, please contact:Sandra Sanchez,Media Relations, Feature FilmsWarner Bros. PicturesEmail:
  5. 5. 5 GRAND THEFT AUTOSYNOPSISBy Michael BennettThe film begins on a dreary and stormy night; torrential rain-pour covers the streets untilan image of a bank is revealed. An explosion occurs with Claude and Catalina fleeingthe scene. Presumed lovers, Catalina betrays Claude by shooting him and leaving himfor dead at the scene of the crime. Claude survives, but is arrested and taken to jail. Ashe is being escorted to prison in a police van with other criminals, a gang of thugs takedown the van in an attempt to rescue a fellow member, enabling Claude to escapealong with a fellow convict known only as 8-Ball.8-Ball listens to Claude"s tale of Catalina"s betrayal and offers to gain him a meetingwith one of Liberty City"s most powerful figures for helping him evade prison. Claudemeets Joey Leone and Tony Cipriani who make Claude show his loyalty by killing a manand disposing of his remains a dump-yard. After these tasks are completed, Claude isallowed to meet Salvatore Leone who reveals to Claude that Catalina sided with aJapanese gang with an opportunity of greater finances. Salvatore asks Claude to drivehis daughter, Maria Leone home, in which a passionate romance ensues. Claudeproclaims his love for Maria, and tells her he must speak with the Japanese Yakuza todiscover why Catalina betrayed him.Upon proving his loyalty to the Yakuza crime lord Kenji by killing an adversary, Kenjireveals Salvatore Leone set Claude up and admits Catalina was working for him theentire time. Claude rushes to Salvatore"s residence in pursuit of the truth only to beconfronted by the Italians who are aware Claude knows what really happened. Claudebutchers his way through Salvatore"s men until he ends facing Leone one-on-one.Before Claude savagely kills him, Salvatore reveals he is using his daughter as bait,who is being held captive by Catalina. Fearing for her life, Claude speeds to Maria"srescue. With the assistance of the Yakuza on his side, (after a very deadly fight with theremaining Italians) Claude eventually gets the best of Catalina. He rescues Maria andembarks with her (in a fast vehicle) into the great unknown.
  6. 6. 6 GRAND THEFT AUTO DIRECTED BY Guy Ritchie PRODUCED BY Joel Silver SCREENPLAY BY William Monahan THE CAST Claude……………………Gerard Butler Catalina…………………..Olivia Wilde 8-Ball……………………..Chris !Ludacris" Bridges Joey Leone………………Stephen Graham Tony Cipriani…………….Michael Imperioli Salvatore Leone…………Benicio Del Toro Maria Leone……………..Teresa Palmer Kenji……………………...Ken WatanabeGerard Butler – Known for his strong presence in action films. He"s a lead withcredibility for the male audience and sex appeal for the female audience. Also can sellprior experience with director.Olivia Wilde – Expanding more into films. A vicious, sexy female antagonist with bothmale and female fans.Chris !Ludacris" Bridges – Has immensely succeeded in similar roles. His addition tothe soundtrack plus his proven acting skills make him a great fit.Stephen Graham – Italian-looking English actor, successfully portrayed gangsters inthe past and is currently on HBO"s Boardwalk Empire.Michael Imperioli – Known for his Mafioso character on HBO"s The Sopranos.Benicio Del Toro – An appropriately sinister and menacing villainTeresa Palmer – Sexy, rising starlet, with scene-stealing capability.Ken Watanabe – Japanese actor, very recognizable to audiences, current.MPAA RATINGR – language, violence, drug use, sexuality.Cultural RelevanceGrand Theft Auto is consistently a top selling video game, topping sales each year anew installment has been released. The graphic and explicit content has always been ahighly controversial topic.
  7. 7. 7 GRAND THEFT AUTOPrimary Demographic: Male (18-35)Secondary Demographic: Female (18-35)Due to the R rating of our film the key demographics will be a mature audience.TRADITIONAL MEDIAPosterThe movie poster closely resembles the video game covers. This also gives fans acreative freedom to make their own posters, which we will encourage.EventsOur franchise will appear at major events leading up to its release in the summer of2012. These events will include E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in June of this yearto present a teaser trailer and draw interests around the film. We will also make anappearance at Comic Con of this year with Guy Richie, Gerard Butler, Olivia Wilde, andother cast for Q&A and to draw more interest to the film. The follow year (release year)will we attend both these events again showing a drawn out exclusive trailer at comiccon right before the films release in August 2012.TelevisionOne of the main channels we will be advertising our film on is Spike, a channel thatattracts our major demographic. We will also be advertising on MTV to reach our femaledemographic. Other possible channels include FX and TNT for the action demo. We willalso be partnering with Spike/UFC to buy mat space on UFC Pay-Per-View events andsponsor the fights getting in event pugs and we will also show a trailer in between thefights.Video GameWe will be partnering with Rockstar games to rerelease Grand Theft Auto 3, along withour film. The game will be redone and include multiplayer. We will host special eventsonline with Gerard Butler and cast, where players can play online with the cast and crewof the film.Club EventsWe will be hosting multiple Club events around the U.S where people can meet andtake pictures with Gerard Butler and Ludacris. GTA shot glasses, beer mugs, T-shirts,coasters will be used and available at the event.PrintWe will be partnering with Maxim Magazine to cover the film with Olivia Wilde andTeresa Palmer in an exclusive interview and photoshoot.
  8. 8. 8MusicLudacris will write and record a song that will be featured in some of the films trailers.Product Tie-insWe will be partnering with: • Rockstar Energy drink to sell a Grand Theft Auto labeled Rockstar. • Harley Davison for a Grand Theft Auto/Harley advertising deal. • 1800 Tequila using 1800"s spokesman/supporting GTA actor Michael ImperioliNON-TRADITIONAL MEDIAFacebook GameModeled after the games like College Town and Mafia Wars, we will have a game thatallows you to build your own Grand Theft Auto city and share with other users.TwitterWe will establish a main twitter for the film that tweets details about upcoming eventsand release info. The Twitter account will also send out clues to the Hidden PackagesScavenger hunt. Along side the main twitter we will also have separate character twitteraccounts. They will tweet just like the actual character in the film would.“Make Your Own Poster”By using the main Grand Theft Auto poster as a template, we will have a section on arewebsite and mobile app that allows fans to replace the images in the original posterswith their own pictures. We will then provide a link t allow the users to send their newposters to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.Scavenger HuntUse the new Google maps to add Google places. Take photo"s at iconic, GTAesquespots with memorabilia from the film. Place your picture in the missions part of the GTAapp. Hidden packages are located across the US; special limited items can be receivedwhen searching area"s like the Brooklyn bridge.Mobile AppThe mobile app will consist of different sections that relate to the game. For example wewill have a link to the Twitter feed of each main character in the film. We will also have avideo and photo section that displays different things from the film. We will have a tabthat allows you to see info and show times. One of our biggest sections will be a Radiosection. It will let users listen to the actual radio stations from the game and the onesused in the film. Finally we will include a Google location app that helps you with thescavenger hunt game that we have set up.Text ServiceThe text service will allow people without a Smartphone to have opportunities to receivedownloads. Some examples of downloads would be wallpapers of Gerard Butler, OliviaWilde, and Teresa Palmer. Also people could download the Ludacris song that will bemade for the film. We will advertise this service at the end of the trailer, late-nightcommercial spots on certain channels like Spike and MTV, and on billboards aroundtown.Billboards in the GameWe will have the same billboards that we used for our traditional media billboardsinserted into the billboards in the release of Grand Theft Auto.