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L3T in English - A short introduction in a project writing a textbook on TEL



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An English introduction about a collaboratively written textbook on learning and teaching with technologies (in German language), more:

L3T in English - A short introduction in a project writing a textbook on TEL

  1. 1. L3T in English 0) -2 08 0- 01 (2
  2. 2. „L3T“ is an acronym for a collaboratve project on writng a textbook for learning and teaching with technologies L3T will be published with open access and will be additonally available as book (in spring 2011) …sorry, it is in German language :-)
  3. 3. The project started in April 2010 with a call for chapters – available as pdf version and as a youtube video, called the „coolest educatonal call for chapters ever“...
  4. 4. … more than 130 experts wanted to partcipate as authors ...
  5. 5. …and were ted together in teams, most of them writng about 50 chapters collaboratvely, using google docs, etherpad etc. ...
  6. 6. … the chapters are currently reviewed by more than 70 peers (in a structured, but not anonymised process)...
  7. 7. L3T and its contributors are highly engaged in Social Web tools such as Facebook, Twiter, and so on...
  8. 8. … additonally, cartoons, photos and illustratons are collected FlickR, bookmarks are shared at Zotero, videos collected at Youtube...
  9. 9. … and last but not least one scientfc work already deals with L3T as a collaboratve writng adventure!
  10. 10. Thanks to all contributors!! .... see more (in German) at htp:// or contact the initators and editors Martn Ebner and Sandra Schafert (via