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Welcome to the Mountain West Digital Library: The Power of Partnership


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Webinar from the Mountain West Digital Library
Sandra McIntyre, MWDL Director
Rebekah Cummings, MWDL Assistant Director/Outreach Librarian

The Mountain West Digital Library (MWDL) provides a central search portal to over 800,000 digital resources from memory institutions in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, and Hawaii. As a program of the Utah Academic Library Consortium for the last twelve years, MWDL brings together 122 partners, including academic libraries, public libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, and government agencies, to share expertise and resources for digitization, hosting, and aggregated search. As one of the first six service hubs to the Digital Public Library of America, MWDL provides the on-ramp for DPLA participation to memory institutions in the Mountain West.

Sandra and Rebekah will talk about how the MWDL network came together and how partners work together across the region. They will also discuss how to join the Mountain West Digital Library, what it means to be an MWDL partner, and the benefits of partnership.

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Welcome to the Mountain West Digital Library: The Power of Partnership

  1. 1. Welcome to the Mountain West Digital Library The Power of Partnership
  2. 2. Overview • • • • • • • The MWDL Collaborative Resources of a Region Working with an MWDL Hub Sharing Regionally Interoperability Digital Public Library of America Open Invitation
  3. 3. Mountain West Digital Library • Formed in 2001: A program of the Utah Academic Library Consortium
  4. 4. Mountain West Digital Library Goals:  Help more organizations to digitize materials about our region’s history and cultural heritage  Maintain a public portal to digital collections in the Mountain West region – – – – Make content accessible to everyone Offer local control Keep it low cost Standardize for interoperability
  5. 5.
  6. 6. MWDL Staff • Sandra McIntyre Director • Rebekah Cummings Assistant Director/Outreach Librarian • Anna Neatrour Digital Metadata Librarian • Nick Hayen Web Portal Assistant
  7. 7. MWDL Infrastructure Support • J. Willard Marriott Library at University of Utah • Occasional help from other partner institutions
  8. 8. Partners • Academic libraries • Academic departments • Archives (counties, states, etc.) • Historical societies • Museums • National heritage areas • Natural history associations • Public libraries • Publishers • Academic presses • State Libraries • Other state agencies
  9. 9. Partners In these states: • Utah • Nevada • Arizona • Idaho • Hawaii • Soon: Montana
  10. 10. Governance and Consultation • • • • UALC Council of Directors UALC Digitization Committee Advisory Committee (in formation) Broader input groups
  11. 11. Funding • UALC funding • DPLA grants through Fall 2014
  12. 12. Digital access RESOURCES OF A REGION
  13. 13. Types of resources in MWDL • • • • • • • • • • Photographs Maps, plans, and drawings Artworks Scholarly documents (“institutional repository”) Music, other sounds Videoclips, animations, Powerpoint presentations Books Minutes, log books, plans, bills and ordinances Birth and death records Finding aids (“series guides,” “inventories”)
  14. 14. Pioneers Uintah County Library
  15. 15. Settling the West University of Nevada, Reno Library
  16. 16. Great Salt Lake University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries
  17. 17. Brigham Young University Harold B. Lee Library
  18. 18. Basque Idaho State Historical Society
  19. 19. African-American Utah State Historical Society
  20. 20. Greek Utah State Historical Society
  21. 21. Latino/Latina Raul H. Castro Institute
  22. 22. Japanese-American Internment Camps Topaz Museum
  23. 23. Militarization Delta City Library
  24. 24. Use/Abuse of the Land Brigham Young University Harold B. Lee Library
  25. 25. Managing Scarce Water University of Nevada, Reno
  26. 26. Freely accessible on the Internet
  27. 27. Searchable metadata
  28. 28. Access • More accessibility of resources: Free, round-the-clock, round-the-world access • Increased discoverability of items • Less wear and tear on fragile items
  29. 29. Digitization and hosting WORKING WITH AN MWDL HUB
  30. 30. MWDL Hosting Centers (“Hubs”) Salt Lake Comm. College Utah State Archives Univ of Utah Dvsn Univ of Idaho Nevada Arts & Nevada State Reno Museums Utah Arizona Las Vegas Archives Memory State Library Project Northern Arizona Univ Weber State Univ Univ of Idaho Utah State Univ Family Search Utah Valley Univ LDS Church History Souther n Utah Univ Montana Memory Stacks (Idaho) BYU Univ of Utah Snow College Mountain West Digital Library Boise State
  31. 31. Digital Assets Management Systems NW Digital Archives: Utah EAD Files BYU Finding Aids Repository
  32. 32. Tiered Services • • • • Distributed network Flexible and scalable Consolidates equipment and expertise Reinforces standards
  33. 33. Tiered Services Hub Hub Hub Hub MWDL Hub
  34. 34. Tiered Services Hub Hub Hub Hub MWDL Hub
  35. 35. Services from Hubs • Matched to a hub in your geographic or organizational area • Fee-based services: – Digitization – Training in assigning metadata – Online hosting in digital assets management system – Metadata shared for MWDL harvest – Long-term preservation (some hubs)
  36. 36. New collection
  37. 37. Metadata harvested into MWDL SHARING REGIONALLY
  38. 38. Infrastructure: Ex Libris Primo • • • • • An integrated discovery system Powerful harvesting of digital collections Powerful searching and faceting “Did you mean...?” suggestions Online delivery via pointing to link
  39. 39. International Protocols • Open Archives Initiative (OAI) for transmitting metadata over the Web – Based on XML – Commonly used for harvesting
  40. 40. New collection
  41. 41. MWDL Services • • • • Additional training for partners Metadata aggregation Powerful central search Sharing metadata for Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) harvest • Collaboration on standards and technology • Advocacy and funding
  42. 42. Working together to make it happen INTEROPERABILITY
  43. 43. Record in DAMS
  44. 44. Dublin Core record via OAI
  45. 45. Results in MWDL
  46. 46. Standards and Policies
  47. 47. Standards and Policies • Mountain West Digital Library Partnership Agreement – Partner retains control – Partner sets digitization priorities – Partner ensures privacy and other legal considerations – Partner selects the ‘branding’ for its collections
  48. 48. Standards and Policies
  49. 49. Standards and Policies • Bibliographical Center for Research (BCR) document: Digital Imaging Best Practices
  50. 50. Standards and Policies • Qualified Dublin Core • Metadata mappings to QDC from other systems • 8 required fields; 2 other mandatory-ifapplicable fields • Preservation fields recommended
  51. 51. Standards and Policies
  52. 52. Current initiatives • Digital Assets Management System Interest Group • Geospatial Discovery Task Force • Training and Outreach subcommittees • Scanning events: “Pioneers in Your Attic” • Linked Data Task Force – new! • Digital Preservation Task Force – new! • Data Curation Interest Group – new!
  53. 53. Participating on a national stage DIGITAL PUBLIC LIBRARY OF AMERICA
  54. 54. What is the DPLA? The Digital Public Library of America will make the cultural and scientific heritage of humanity available, free of charge, to all.
  55. 55. National partners • • • • • • • • • • • • Institute for Museum and Library Services Smithsonian Institution National Archives & Records Administration Harvard University New York Public Library Biodiversity Heritage Library ARTStor Univ. of Virginia Libraries Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Cham. Library Internet Archive Hathi Trust Creative Commons Executive Director Dan Cohen
  56. 56. Digital Hubs Pilot Create the on-ramp for memory institutions – libraries, archives, and museums – to contributing content to the Digital Public Library of America
  57. 57. Digital Hubs Pilot Service Hubs 1.Digital Commonwealth (Massachusetts) 2.Digital Library of Georgia 3.Kentucky Digital Library 4.Minnesota Digital Library 5.South Carolina Digital Library 6.Mountain West Digital Library
  58. 58. Jumping on board OPEN INVITATION An invitation to an inspection and wetting-down party. Brigham Young University – Hawaii Campus.
  59. 59. Invitation to repository managers 1. Open up your metadata for harvest 2. Link to MWDL and DPLA on your web pages 3. Collaborate on standards and controlled vocabularies 4. Be curious about new opportunities for cooperation and sharing
  60. 60. Invitation to collection managers • Contact: Rebekah Cummings MWDL Assistant Director (801) 587- 8893 • Not quite ready? We can help you get there! – New partner interview – Hub services – Training and support
  61. 61. Winter Webinar Series • Every two weeks, November – March • Two series: Partner Series/ Digital Tech Topics • Check for updates Month November MWDL Partner Series Partnering with the Mountain West Digital Library Date* Thursday, 11/21 11:00 am None December MWDL as a Service Hub for the Digital Public Library of America: Update and Plans January Digital Tech Topics Date* N/A Thursday, 12/5 11:00 am Harvesting Using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol: What can your OAI stream tell you? Tuesday, 12/17, 11:00 am Hosting Hubs Update: Services, Pricing, and Highlights Tuesday, 1/7, 11:00 am Digital Asset Management System Options: Report of the DAM Review Task Force at the University of Utah Libraries (Kinza Masood) Tuesday, 1/21, 11:00 am February Partnering with the Mountain West Digital Library Thursday, 2/6 11:00 am Geospatial Discovery: Initial recommendations from the task force (Kristen Jensen/Liz Woolcott) Thursday, 2/20 11:00 am March Cultural Heritage Initiatives: Arizona Memory Project and Montana Memory Project (Jen Birnel/Richard Prouty) Tuesday, 3/4, 11:00 am Geospatial Interfaces: Examples of innovative front-end interfaces (Michelle Olsen and the geospatial interface sub-group) Tuesday, 3/18 11:00 am *Dates subject to change. Check website for updates.
  62. 62. Hubs Meeting • March 2014 (Exact date/location TBD) • MWDL decision-making – Partnership Agreement – Price list – Future services • Opportunity to connect with regional hub managers – Share best practices – Find out what other digital libraries are doing – Discuss important digital library topics
  63. 63. Questions? • Sandra McIntyre Director (801) 585-0969 • Rebekah Cummings Assistant Director/Outreach Librarian (801) 587-8893