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  • Wasssup 9/9

    1. 1. Wasssup? 9/9
    2. 2. Capture Everything. Share Everything.
    3. 3. Modern life. Onion style. “We have about 2400 pictures of the cigarette failing out of his hand from 14 different angles.”
    4. 4. Funny Animal = Viral. Squirrel Crasher: Amazing holiday snap goes photoshop viral ends up in The Sun & on BBC News.
    5. 5. What do you think?
    6. 6. Narrative + Choice. Interactive narrative gives knife crime advert personal, & deeper, engagement online
    7. 7. 16 comments 100 Review Everything. American Apparelʼs site even gathers reviews for brown tees and turquoise pants!
    8. 8. Ratings > Price Halfords using ADVOCACY more prominently than FREE.
    9. 9. Social Data Capture.
    10. 10. Tagging = Community UO Flickr pool grabs tagged images of people wearing their clothes. An online, real life, showcase.
    11. 11. Listen. Now.
    12. 12. Listen in to chatter. Twitter has provided a platform for brands to engage directly with their customers in real time.
    13. 13. Together Real-time. Nike host live debate with friends old and new on Facebook.
    14. 14. Virtual real-life.
    15. 15. Connect with Fanbase Poults holds a competition on twitter for his fans to play a round with him on Xbox Live.
    16. 16. Virtual lives. Same trendy. Adidas sells branded clothing for your avatar on Xbox using online currencies earned in games.
    17. 17. Creating new revenue. Britneyʼs Facebook gifts cost $2 a pop!
    18. 18. Trending Places
    19. 19. status + location + gaming @NYC = hot right now! Foursquare: a GeoTagged status game creates powerful trends
    20. 20. live reviews. local promotion. A media channel where business/brands engage and reward through localised real time coupons etc
    21. 21. Virtual meets Physical. in-phone browsers target reviews and venues so you can find/see the right place to go
    22. 22. local info & value AR apps can offer very targeted offers, and also extend digital profiles.
    23. 23. Local.
    24. 24. Local information. Community sourced. EveryBlock uses contextually tagged and sourced data to create very local news sites.
    25. 25. Local problems. Community fixed. Lewisham Council offers locals the chance to upload problems & see when they are fixed
    26. 26. Local life. Interesting content. Small local stories can be told and shared. Brands can bring areas to life.
    27. 27. Capture Everything. Share Everything. What do you think?: choice & reviews Social Data Capture: create content to be captured Listen. Now: by listening brands in real time, Virtual real-life: creating better fan(data)bases Trending places: communities & opportunities Local: in your neighbourhood.