Effects of social networking


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Some good and bad effects of social networking sites on the society. Hope you find the facts interesting. Thank you.

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Effects of social networking

  1. 1. EFFECTS OF SOCIAL NETWORKING By Sandipan Samaddar
  2. 2. What is Social Networking Social Networks is defined as ‘social space’ for people who want to expose themselves among others and staying connected with each other.
  3. 3. Arrival of Social Networking Sites  Geocities (1994)  THEGLOBE.COM (1995)  AOL Instant Messenger (1997)  SIXDEGREES.COM (1997)
  4. 4.  Friendster (2002)  MySpace (2003)  Facebook (2004)  Twitter (2006)
  5. 5. Reasons for Popularity  Social Interaction  Educational Applications  Business – Connecting with customers  Business – Networking  Marketing  Entertainment
  6. 6. Positive Effects on Teenagers          Educates Hastens communication Builds bridges over barriers Strengthens relationships Encourages community participation Boosts confidence Battles depression Helps them find their identity Unleashes potential
  7. 7. Negative Effects on Teenagers  Always connected  More comfortable, less sensitive  Constant comparison with others  Identity Crisis
  8. 8. Some Weird Effects of Social Media on Our Brain  It might make you spend more money: New research suggests that heavy social media use might be correlated to lower self-control, which marketing experts believe could lead to higher spending.
  9. 9.  It alters your appetite: One study suggests that even looking at food images after a meal can trigger hunger.
  10. 10.  It messes with your ability to think independently : Subjects were more likely to change their minds about "liking" certain things if enough time had passed and they could see that the other side was even moderately popular.
  11. 11.  It hurts your self-esteem: Researchers discovered that one in three people surveyed felt worse after spending time on Facebook, often due to perceived inadequacies when comparing themselves to friends
  12. 12. Contributions to Society
  13. 13.    It’s a form of political influence Social media has given a true voice to the people. Social media is a powerful force for change and it has potential to influence the outcomes of political decisions
  14. 14.    It revolutionized brand engagement Social media transformed the marketing industry Brands have the ability to personally engage with customers like never before
  15. 15. Keep It Under Control….      Don’t get addicted Be careful what you post Be selective in choosing friends online Use it for a good purpose Try spending more time in the real world instead of staying in the virtual world of social networking!!
  16. 16. Conclusion As with most things in life there are positive and negative sides to social networking, both of which we have now explored. Our ultimate belief is that social networking sites are neither evil or a Godsend. They’re somewhere in between.
  17. 17. Thank You